Wedding Makeup Tips: Dos and Don’ts Every Bride Must Know


The glorious time of stress and melodramatic moments are back and it is getting bigger and bulky with all the lavish shopping of hefty and lustrous jewelry, spectacular designer wear, and dandified makeups. Yes, we are talking about the Big-Fat Wedding season. And because marriage is a crucial affair of one’s life, every girl carries this wish of looking drop-dead gorgeous, wearing the most magnificent of jewelry and designer wear with the perfectly paired pair of heels. But often in the dilemma of rituals and stress, they fail to roll a check on their wedding makeup.

From fixing of the big-day date to pre-marriage shoot, mehndi, sangeet, puja, pre-marriage ceremonies, wedding, and the grand reception, it becomes a tragic phase for the bride, especially when stress tends to smile upon the skin, with the bigger than panda eyes’ dark circles. Although there are numerous ways to conceal these, prevention is always a better option in the long run.

Instead of regretting the dull looks on photographs, below are some of the expert wedding makeup tips that will help you dazzle on your D-day:

1. Start a beauty regime: Consult a good dermatologist a couple of months ahead. Regardless of what cosmetic products you use, don’t forget your intake of fruit juices and water in abundance.

Quick tip: Ditch junk food ahead of three months.

2. Choose wisely: Never compromise on your cosmetic products. Use quality products that are not only gentle on your skin but also help in defying your skin issues. Homemade masks, cleansers, toners, and face packs can be great elixirs.

3. Like a pro: Complete all the facial treatments and waxing tasks a week before and let your skin to breath. This will allow your skin to recover and retain the glow on the wedding day.

Quick tip: Take less stress at work and sleep for at least eight hours.

4. Weaving magic with wand: Be very cautious while selecting your makeup artist. Book him/her ahead of time and keep nudging the person for all your requirements like the products they will be using, or the kind of hairdo, or makeup they have thought for you. Be keen while browsing their earlier works because the magic lies in their hands, whether to make you look like a fairy or a cruel witch.

5. Flaunt your lips: In order to get long-lasting lips and a good grasp of the bridal-look, use a high gloss or perfectly matte lip-stain.

Quick tip: Use bight shades of red and orange for stunning photographs.

6. You are never fully dressed without your brows: Be careful while defining your brows because they are the one thing that you can get into shape without exercising. Select a color that best match your skin and hair color. A slight stir in one’s eye makeup can spoil the whole look if not dealt befittingly.

7. Lastly, don’t forget to wear your smile.

There will be uninvited turbulence, unwanted advice, problems, melodrama, agitation, social stress, and so on. Don’t worry. Everything will fall into its place over time. Just relax, breathe, and concentrate on how to bedazzle everyone on your big day.

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