As they say, behind the prettiest smiles lay secrets deep and dark, every individual carries their own set of tragedies and despairs their way. While some resolve it with their coping abilities, others tend to suppress it amidst the veil of drugs. Although these mind-altering drugs thrill the person with a euphoric surge at one end, they hijack the brain’s reward pathway, thereby compelling the person to engage in compulsive drug seeking habits. However, in the long run, these addictive substances trigger their effects by impairing the individual’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Let’s gaze through some of the heartbreaking and powerful verses that will shock you with the emotional miseries attributed with these drugs.

This is Your Life

(A Poem About the Inevitable Cycle of a Meth User & Maker)
by Robert G.


This is your life, it’s so fucking intense;
it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t make sense.
Your mom and dad told you about the birds and the bees.
Do a fat blast and I’ll show you the feds in the trees.
Whether you snort it, shoot it, or suck a glass dick;
it doesn’t matter, it’s just fucking sick.

In your house you will stay, your friends you’ll avoid;
you’re a spun fucking monkey; straight paranoid.
Forget who you were. You’ll become a thief and a crook.
Then the best idea ever! You learn how to cook.

‘Till one day, when you’re home minding the store.
The feds come and kick in the door.
Bum-rushed and slammed on your chest;
don’t move you fucking maggot, you’re under arrest.
Now you’re in court with a public pretender;
you would be better off with your dick in a blender.
The judge says, “No deal son”, it’s twenty to life.
And your best friend is home, fucking your wife.

Crystal Meth Kills Me

by Brandon T.


Closely I watch as you claim another
Restless mind to steal its soul.
Years of pain leave me threadbare
Searching for for the serenity I once
Took for granted.

I am lost I can’t
Afford the things I need anymore, I’m
Left more sick than ever before
Making it so hard. I hate thinking of
Everything I lost no telling how much?

The ones that I depended on there
Hopelessness and choice to believe
All the lies no one can hear the cries I
Make asking for someone to stop this

Pain that flows through me. I need
Help. I need to feel the sting of rain
Entering my vein the emotions are
Dying as the stream of life drips
Into a rag I hold under my arm
Making stains as my mind is set free

I no longer fear the harm I’m causing,
Nothing helps anymore.
Even the pain I endure everyday
Know’s And leaves me alone.
Insanity is my new friend .

Light pierces my eyes and causes me to
Loose my focus on the problem. it is the
Stains on the rag I dropped on the floor
Making me do this to myself again.
Everyone knows I’m playing a game.

Black honey

By: Liliumfrost


I stole it from all the bees
I’ve emptied out every single one of my lilies
Crushing the stems
Footprints on my memories

I paid too much
And didnt get enough

I m falling down by the wayside
I m too lonely to be in love all time
Its shiny how i paint my own hell
I m dissolving under your spell

Black honey wont you be sweet to me
I dont want to feel a thing.

The Scars of Ice last for Life

by Some Chick
Poem submitted by: Yusuf L.


It’s been days since I slept
Can’t remember when last I ate
I’m consumed by anger and hate
Meth is leading me to hells gates…

Even tho I put it behind me
Everything I do constantly reminds me…

The wounds are so deep
The climb back to the top so steep
How did I ever get so deep…?

It disturbs my sleep to hear
The erratic beat of my heart
My breathing is shallow
But of no concern
I’m happy meth made me mellow…

I don’t want it to end
But I have to defend
The little morality I have
Still intact…

The dribbles run thru your head
While you lay in bed
Some good and some bad
All reminders of things you’d rather forget…

Chop it long chop it short
Be cunning enough not to get caught
Chop it fine make that line
Dnt you see the meth makes you blind?

But it’s not over yet
You’ll deceive those that care
Still challenge meth?
You better be aware …

I’ll make you cry
At times you’ll wanna die
You’ll turn on your friends & family
Love the ones you hate
for in their arms
On a plate
is da thing you crave
Yes it’s a line but it’s also a way to your grave …

You sold wat you owned
Just to get high
Still you wonder why u getting the awkward eye…

Meth is not a joke
Harsher den coke
You continue to use
Even tho you broke

It’ll make you beg borrow and steal
And never will you heal
The person you were is now dead
All that’s left is jus a thought in Ur head
So tell me now dear friend
Will you let meth lead you to the end?

30 Inch Gauge

© Emma


How were the shrooms? The Beer? The LSD?
I’ll show you something more worthwhile than weed.
I can show you how to steal and lie.
Trust me, it’s all you need to get by.

Why go to school? Don’t turn another page!
I’m so much easier, and I come in a 30 inch gauge.
Heroin’s my name, I’ve been known to destroy lives.
Takings out actors, teenagers, fathers, and wives.
People will leave you, that’s just fine.
Follow me, you’ll be all mine.
Try to get rid of me? What a joke.
Pretty soon you’ll have a needle, looking for a vein to poke.
Need some love? That’s gonna be hard to find.
But don’t worry, cause I’ll always be in the back of your mind…

Drug addiction is a serious issue that has paralyzed millions of innocent lives worldwide. Talk to your dear ones about your addiction problems and yes, don’t hesitate to reach for a helping hand. Want to share your story? We are here to listen and publish your story.

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