Selfly is a phone case that works as a drone. Precisely, the 8-megapixel selfie drone is piloted with one’s phone and works as an extension for the phone camera. The Detachable Flying Camera has been designed for aerial self-portraits and can be controlled via Wi-Fi. Selfly captures high-resolution photographs and full HD video at 30fps and sends them directly to the device for sharing.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Hagay Klein quoted that the app will have onscreen control sticks as well as automatic piloting options to get specific shots. The app is developed as an open source so that others can also develop for it.

Whoa! Now you can get all your favorite captures without many hassles. The chic device is affordable and can fit elegantly in your pocket. Let us give you few more reasons to embrace the comfy device in your pocket:

Drones are not made to carry around
Selfly is a phone-case

Drones are complicated to fly
Selfly actually flies itself, you don’t need to fly it!

All smart drones cost 500$+
Selfly, by utilizing the cell-phone processor hits 100$

selfly phone drone
Get your hands on the smart device and tempt people to do the talking. But before that let us roll you through some epic features and specifications of the gadget:

– Folds into a 10mm thin phone case
– 13 MP camera, 1080p/60fps
– Fits every 4-6” smartphone
– Replaceable battery
– Compatible with both Android and iOS
– Wi-Fi controlled
– 1st pilot view
– Autonomous hovering

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