Humanity is dead. Take care.


    Skimming the morning newspaper and at the same time, scrolling the Facebook newsfeed is my daily bustle. As I quaff my morning tea, curiously, I asked my husband if he has any idea about what is taking both our newsfeed to a storm. I did not bother to read or click the links people had shared. When he swiped right to an office call, I leaf through the links, the shared posts, photos, and videos.

    What grabbed my attention is the word “xupadhora,” in one of the posts. Subsequently, this reminds me of those afternoons at granny’s place when she would ask me to sleep. Refraining which, she would narrate stories about a xupadhora that roams the streets during afternoons and pick kids who disobey their elders. Quite a decade and I have bumbled on this word today.

    Welcome to the rotten world of humanity

    I didn’t watch the video because I could not. Because it was atrocious, because it narrated degraded humanity, because it exhibited a blood-starved lowbrow breed of beasts lynching two faultless youths.

    Were they kidnappers? Or terrorists? Or did they rape anyone?


    Their only fault was to visit a graceful village in Karbi Anglong (Assam) that was thronged with illiterate and uncultured psychopaths.

    In conjunction, one will exasperate to learn that the duo was whipped to grave because the perpetrators “assumed” them to be (xupadhora) child traffickers.

    Gruesome, how the two budding artists had to yell their identity, had to plead for their lives in their own land. How merciless have people become!

    Wake up before time flies

    The appalling incident of Nilutpol Das and Abhijit Nath pronounces not just the bitterness people hold for their fellow beings but also the dread of fabricated social media propaganda. This is disheartening to see how a culture of fear, abuse, bitterness, and retaliation that permeates too little of harmony, have prevailed in this society.

    I will not mind if robots take over this planet in near future because humanity has given up the ghost. Those last words, “Moi Axomiya,” will haunt Assam in perpetuity.

    Today it is someone’s son, tomorrow it might be your sibling, parent, or a friend. It is never too late for a noble stand. Fight against cruelty, against hatred, against violence, not against free minds. If this doesn’t wake you up, what will?

    nilutpol Das Abhijit Nath



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