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    The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those bloggers who are creative, optimistic, and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community. And, Yass…!!! This is my first nomination to Sunshine Bloggers Award.

    Oh, won’t it be rude if I do not offer my gratitude to my nominator?

    So, thank you so much, Rahul, the man behind this mesmerizing travel blog, Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi. This is truly overwhelming.

    But before rolling over my 11 super-duper answers asked by my fellow blogger, why not brush through the rules once?

    1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you in the blog post add their link in your post.
    2. Answer the 11 questions which your nominator asked you.
    3. Nominate up to 11 new bloggers for the award and write them 11 new questions for the same.
    4. Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.
    5. List the rules and add the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.

    And, here goes my answers:

    Q.1 Why exactly did you took to blogging?

    Ans- During my school days, I was inclined toward my grammar classes more than the other subjects. There are also instances when I failed to score even the minimum marks in the other subjects while scoring full marks in dictation and grammar.

    Gradually, I started scribbling my life events in the form of poetries and stories, adding fictional elements of interest. With time and introduction to numerous blogs, I decided to store my mind in the virtual world of words.

    Q.2 How has blogging changed you as an individual?

    Ans– Blogging enhanced my writing style. It introduced me to numerous methods, use of proper punctuations, grammar, and so on. But more importantly, it helped dispatch my thoughts to the world.

    Q.3 Name 1 blogger in your friend circle who you think has got best writing skills?

    Ans– I do not have a friend whom I can consider a good blogger. But there are many great content writers in my circle.

    Q.4 Do you plan to earn through your blogs in near future? If yes, then what are best strategies that you gonna deploy for your subject plan to be successful?

    Ans– I am already earning. However, further strategies would include maintaining my consistency in writing every day and give my viewers better content to keep them engaged.

    Q.5 How do you keep yourself motivated for writing at the time when the traffic at your blog is really low?

    Ans– That’s where the real game lies. There are times when my blog’s traffic goes extremely down. But I never get disappointed during those times. Self-motivation is the key.

    Q.6 What according to you is best and why – a blog should be unilateral (say exclusively Travel or exclusively Food) or it should be flexible with multi – categories?

    Ans– Depends on the blogger/writer whether he/she wants to keep it exclusive or be open to numerous categories.

    Q.7 What is average monthly traffic on your blog? How do you plan to increase the same?

    Ans– It keeps fluctuating. I don’t want to share it right now. ?

    Q.8 Tell a little about who you exactly are (150 words max.)


    -Sometimes sane, mostly in my dilapidated mind, wondering about things that barely matters.

    -A caffeine craver who wants her coffee and husband, hot.

    – A procrastinator who has mastered the subject

    – A layman artist who hates perfection

    Q.9 How would you rate my Blog “Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi ” on a scale on 10? Mention a few words in support of your ratings.

    Ans– 7.5. Noticed few grammatical errors and unnecessary lengthy sentences. But you have a long way to go. My best wishes for your further endeavors, dear blogger.

    Q.10 Do you plan to quit the job and take to full-time blogging? If Yes, then what are your survival plans? If No, then why not?

    Ans– I am already a full-time blogger. The initial days were brimmed with hopelessness and totally zero motivation. I was afraid to speak my mind. Precisely, was afraid of being judged by the world.

    Over time, I learned how to handle things with patience and importantly, how to face criticisms. So now, it’s all about jumping into the ocean and search for treasures (without getting drowned of course).

    Q.11 Name 3 best bloggers  (mention link to their blogs) that you have come across so far.

    Ans– I am yet to discover those three. But I really enjoy reading Living Foodz’s articles.

    And here, I nominate 11 other bloggers whose works are indeed worth reading.

    1. Style Rug
    2. Travel Food Fitness
    3. B.E. Style
    4. Brave Girl Spirit
    5. Travel my Nation
    6. Alive Shadow
    7. My Cooking Canvas
    8. Desi Travelers
    9. The Urban Minstrels
    10. Super Mom
    11. Memsahib In India

    Congratulations to all the nominees

    Please Refer to the Rules  mentioned above once again before proceeding

    Here are your questions:

    1. Why do you blog?
    2. What strategies do you implement to increase your blog’s visibility to your audience?
    3. What is important- good content or lengthy content/long post?
    4. Favorite blog post you’ve ever written
    5. Have you collaborated with any brand yet? If not, who would you like to have on board with you?
    6. What are you good at? Mention at least three characteristics
    7. How often do you update your blog?
    8. Who do you look up to as an inspiration? (Can mention blogger, friend, acquaintance, website, or anything)
    9. Which social media is best to boost your blog according to you?
    10. What is your biggest regret from life?
    11. How will you describe my blog (in a sentence or two)?

    I look forward to reading all of my nominee’s posts.

    Until next time,

    Be my friend?

    Just DM or follow, I shall revert.




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