Every woman dream of impeccable, glowing, and beautiful skin. But following a regular skincare routine might sound frantic for some. The eventful schedules and demanding lifestyle often push one to miss out on their skincare routine at times. And because of such improper cleansing, dust particles, dirt, and makeup that remain trapped, further lead to buildups, resulting in acne, dry, rough, and dull skin. 

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However, the problem becomes severe during summertime. With more accumulation of dirt and oil underneath our skin, acne breakouts and rashes are likely to crop up.

Subsequently, I tried intervening in why people tend to skip a skincare regime. And surprisingly, these are some of the reasons that I received:

  1. They are too lazy for a skincare routine
  2. They don’t have time
  3. They never felt the need to invest time in one
  4. Skincare products are expensive
  5. Harmful chemicals present in the cosmetics may damage their skin more
Considering these facts here’s an easy and effective skincare routine that’s not just affordable but also effective for treating and healing skin damages:

Step 1: Clean the pores

Use a mild cleanser to clean up the pores. A gentle cream cleanser or oil-based cleanser works well, however, you can also use a chemical-free face wash. Splash some water on your face and take the required amount of face wash onto your palm. Apply on your face and neck and lather well. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

Step 2: Scrub those dead cells out

Exfoliation is essential to scrape those dead flaky cells, deeply penetrated dirt, dust, and other pollutants that cause skin damage. Being an ardent fan of organic skincare essentials, I always check for the ingredients before making a purchase. This Hawaiian Mud and Seaweed Scrub from Myra Veda is one such product I can totally rely on when it comes to skincare.

Appropriate for all types of skin, this mild scrub not just exfoliates those dead skin cells but also leaves a refreshing effect on the skin. All thanks to the ingredients! Aside from its mind-calming fragrance, the goodness of shea butter, cocoa butter, olives, and camellia leaf gives rich nourishment to your skin.  

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Direction to use: Dampen your face and squeeze out the required amount of scrub. Massage gently in a circular motion, using upward strokes at times. You can also leave it on for 2-15 minutes as a mask (this is entirely optional). Dab a soft cotton cloth in warm water and rinse off gradually.

Step 3: A clay pack to heal

I believe in clay masks more than any other masks (although I try all of them). Mainly because I was introduced to clay and sandalwood packs during my teenage years and those worked wonders on my acne issues then. However, it’s been a long I haven’t come across a good clay pack. But this Amazonian Clay from Egypt seemed like a good investment. 

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Sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River, it helps absorb excess oil, eliminate toxins, and reduces visible pores. The soft and fine texture of the clay will leave a radiant impression on to your skin. 

Myra veda clay pack, skincare routine

Direction to use: Scoop out 2-3 spoons of Myra Veda Amazonian Clay from Egypt on a glass bowl. Mix it with Myra Veda Pure Rose Water to form a smooth paste. You can also use it with yogurt, milk, honey, or other ingredients. Apply all over your neck and face. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes and rinse off. Pat dry using a soft towel.

Step 4: Tone up the pores

A toner is a must-have in a skincare routine. Wondering why? It is because once you wash your face or clean up the pores, the pH balance of the skin shudder. To restore the balance, it is imperative to use a good toner right after cleaning the face. 

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For toner, I always prefer rose water and Myra Veda’s Pure Rose Water has been my favorite. Unlike most commercial brand’s rose water/toner it is not mixed with any synthetic chemicals like propylene glycol and other preservatives but contains 100% pure and natural rose water. You can get visible results within days of using this product religiously. 

Direction to use: Spray Myra Veda’s Pure Rose Water onto your face directly or spray on a cotton ball and apply all over your face and neck.

Step 5: Moisturize

The final step- moisturize. Yes, never ever leave out this step from the routine. Moisturizing helps nourish and protect your skin and prevent further breakouts and wrinkles. Invest in a light non-greasy moisturizer that best matches your skin. 

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I hope this skincare routine is effective in ensuring the overall health of your skin and make you glow.

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