Transformative Power of Rare Chemistry’s Skincare Range

As “Rare” as it is!

I am an absolute skin fanatic. More than just a hobby, it’s a delightful obsession that fills me with contentment– just like eating that perfect slice of pizza with the right amount of pepperoni and cheese. My bedtime ritual? A luxurious double cleansing session that lulls me to a deep rejuvenating sleep. Yes, I am also the one who would swap everything in a blink, but never my beauty products.

In a world brimming with new skincare trends and revolutionary ingredients every day, people are often hesitant about trying out a new brand or product. But I am the fearless explorer who’d excitedly hop on to try new products. Of course, I scrutinize all products and ingredients with meticulous care before letting them touch my skin. Natural elements and ayurvedic wonders hold a special place in my heart, often steering me towards brands that truly understand the art of skincare.

Rare Chemistry’s Remarkable Formula

There’s a brand, my current infatuation, called Rare Chemistry. Trust me, it lives up to its name! As rare as a sparkling gem, their formula stole my heart from the very first try.

Rare Chemistry

With my skin playing a balancing act of mostly dry, I’ve had my fair share of moisturizer mishaps. Scrolling through pages of the Nykaa app, filtering out ingredients, and skin type to hunt down the perfect moisturizer or cream can sometimes feel like an endless quest. Winter woes? Been there, flaky skin is not a vibe at all and I’ve tried nearly 4-5 moisturizers from different brands this winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I even gave Biotique’s rice water moisturizer and mcaffeine’s Green Tea Moisturizer a whirl this winter, but alas, it now sits in the darkest depths of my shelf, waiting to see the light this summer.

Consider me head over heels in love!

For a week, I tried Rare Chemistry. And as Rare as it is! It was like a skincare serendipity for my combination skin. I am wholly in love with their formula.

Products I tried from Rare Chemistry and Their Reviews

I tried 3 products from Rare Chemistry-

  • Dewy Skin Gel Moisturizer
  • Moisture Balance Night Cream
  • Dewy Glow Micellar Water

Dewy Skin Gel Moisturizer

This is literally a game-changer. Works evenly even on my more-of-a-dry skin (although being a combination). I don’t like applying heavy greasy creams. But with the harsh winters of Northeast India, sometimes, I have no options left. I tried light moisturizers and gel moisturizers, but none worked. I feel skin pulling every time. The worst part? Between layering on concealer, sunscreen, blush, and highlighter, and battling the dust and dirt of the day, my poor skin witnesses the wrath in the evening, and my cotton pad is a witness. I always preferred a light moisturizer, and it seems Rare Chemistry heard me loud.

rare Chemistry- moisturizer

Their formula boasts a gel-like consistency that doesn’t strip away your skin’s moisture. It’s like a hydration superhero that cleverly balances your skin’s moisture levels and keeps it nourished all day long. And here’s the best part – it never feels heavy or greasy.

Moisture Balance Night Cream

True to its name, this night cream works its magic while you sleep, enveloping your skin in luxurious moisture. The morning after, prepare to be greeted by a soft, glowing complexion that will leave you in awe. I experienced visible results right from the first use, particularly when paired with my retinol serum. If you’re searching for a deeply nourishing cream, this one is a standout.

Night Cream- Rare Chemistry

With a potent blend of cucumber, avocado, and peptides, there is every reason to fall head over heels for this amazing product from Rare Chemistry. Cucumber, known for its soothing properties, not only calms redness but also helps regulate sebum production and combat acne. On the other hand, avocado swoops in to tighten pores, contributing to a refined complexion. And peptides work relentlessly to ward off fine lines, giving a dewy, healthy glow to the skin.

Dewy Glow Micellar Water

I never tried micellar water—I never felt I needed one with my extensive DIY skincare regimen. But Rare Chemistry’s fruit mist taught me I am not too old to try something new. It’s indeed the ultimate solution to hassle-free and quick cleansing, including light makeup. For someone like me (and you) who has to attend multiple meetings throughout the day and needs to look fresh and fabulous, this fruit mist is an absolute must-have in your bag.

Micellar Water - Rare Chemistry

Regular use of this fruit mist actually promotes collagen production, reduces breakouts, and even shields your skin from oxidative damage. Can you believe it? Not only does it cleanse your skin effortlessly, but it also works wonders in improving its overall health and vitality. It’s like a skincare superhero in a bottle, ready to save your skin from the effects of daily stressors and keep it looking its best.

About Rare Chemistry

Rare Chemistry is not just a skincare brand but a celebration of the enduring connection between generations. Founded on the sacred bond between Dr. Neeta and Rhea, Rare Chemistry signifies the essence of ritualistic skincare, handed down through time as a cherished tradition. With a blend of expertise and familial love, each product embraces the essence of this timeless ritual, offering a journey of self-care and connection for mothers and daughters alike.

Rare Chemistry formulates products that go beyond surface-level skincare, nourishing from within for lasting beauty and confidence.

Let’s raise a cheer to Rare Chemistry, the skincare hero that has answered our prayers for a perfect balance of hydration and weightless nourishment. Prepare to fall in love with it, just as I have, and experience the beauty and joy of hydrated, radiant skin all day, every day!

Check out their range of skincare products here Rare Chemistry.

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