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5 Significant Mens Street Fashion Trends for 2022

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As we move further into 2022, it’s only natural to start looking ahead to the next year and what mens street fashion trends might be big then. And while we can’t say for certain what will happen in the world of fashion, we can take a look at some of the trends that have been bubbling under the surface and are poised to make a big splash in 2023. From bright colors to bold patterns, here are five men’s street fashion trends to keep an eye on for next year.


Athleisure is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. This style combines comfort and function with fashion, resulting in clothing that can be worn both to the gym and out on the town. While athleisure used to be reserved for sporty styles, it has since expanded to include everything from joggers to hoodies and bombers.

There are a few key pieces that are essential to nailing the athleisure look. First, a good pair of joggers is a must. They should be comfortable enough to wear all day, but also stylish enough to pair with an appealing t-shirt or jacket. Second, you’ll need some sort of outerwear piece, whether it’s a sweatshirt, hoodie, or windbreaker. This will help you transition from your workout to your errands without having to change clothes. Finally, a good pair of sneakers is essential. They should be comfortable enough to walk or run in, but also stylish enough to complete your outfit.

With these key pieces in mind, you can start putting together your athleisure looks. Mix and match different tops and bottoms until you find what works for you. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures – there are no rules when it comes to this trend!

Oversized Clothing

Street fashion has always been about pushing boundaries and expressing yourself through your clothes. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift away from traditional sizing and an embrace of oversized clothing. This trend is all about comfort and style, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday outfit or something to wear on a night out, oversized clothing is a great option. You can find Oversized shirts, dresses, jackets, and more in any style you can imagine. And the best part is that anyone can wear them!

If you’re not sure how to style oversized clothing, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to do it. You can keep it simple with jeans and a t-shirt, or dress it up with sneakers and a blazer. No matter how you wear it, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Bold colors and patterns are making a big comeback in street fashion. Bright, eye-catching colors are everywhere, from clothing to accessories. And bold, graphic patterns are also becoming more popular. This is a great trend for those who want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their style.

Vintage and Retro Styles

Vintage and retro styles are becoming increasingly popular among young people. There are several reasons for this, including a desire to stand out from the crowd and express individuality.

These styles can be achieved by shopping at vintage stores or thrift stores, or by scouring online retailers like Etsy. To get a truly authentic look, it’s important to choose items that are in good condition and that fit well.

Another way to achieve a vintage or retro look is to DIY it. This can be done by upcycling old clothes or by creating new garments using vintage patterns. Whichever route you choose, make sure you have fun with it!

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Sustainable and ethical fashion is one of the most significant street fashion trends for 2022. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental and social impact of their clothing choices, and are seeking out brands that align with their values.

The demand for sustainable fashion has grown tremendously in recent years, as shoppers become more mindful of the negative impacts of fast fashion. In response, many major retailers are beginning to offer more sustainable options, including recycled materials, organic cotton, and fair trade products. Consumers are increasingly interested in supporting brands that are transparent about their manufacturing processes and treat their workers fairly.

Here’s How You Can Hog The Street Fashion

street fashion style men

When it comes to fashion, there is nothing more important than being comfortable in your skin. However, one of the best ways to find your style is by taking inspiration from the latest mens street fashion trends. From there, you can put your spin on the trend to make it work for you. Here are some tips on how to wear street fashion trends:

– Start with the basics

Every good outfit starts with a great foundation. Before you start adding trendy pieces, make sure you have a solid base of basics that you feel comfortable in. This could include items like a well-fitting pair of jeans, a stylish tee shirt, or a comfy cardigan.

Add in some trendier pieces

Once you have your basics sorted out, it’s time to add in some trendier pieces. This could be anything from a printed blazer to a pair of statement earrings. The key here is not to go overboard – pick one or two key pieces that will help elevate your look.

– Finish with accessories

The right accessories can help pull an outfit together. Think about adding a pop of color with your shoes or belts, or going for an edgier look with some punk-inspired jewelry.

Mens Street Fashion Trends With KRA

Mens street fashion trends are constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest styles. Thus, it is essential to keep a track of the current trends. You can also get your shackets or hip-hop bottoms and bang the streets wild with KRA’s latest men’s street fashion trends. You can check the trendiest bottoms or chicest tees at KRA. The range of streetwear options available for men is indeed impressive. KRA allows one to embrace these trends and stay ahead of the curve!

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How To Choose The Right Necklaces For Necklines

necklaces for necklies

One of the most important accessories in your wardrobe is a neckpiece. It can give you that extra bit of glamour, or just help you look more put together. But not all necklaces are created equal, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to choose which neckpiece is right for you! Necklaces are a style staple, and there are different types of neckpieces for necklines.

But what kind of necklace is right for your neckline?

This article explores the different types of neckpieces for necklines and how to choose one that best complements your outfit.

What type of necklace to wear with different necklines

When choosing different necklaces for necklines, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to determine what kind of look you want: Are you looking for something simple and understated? Or would you rather have something more ornate?

Next, think about whether or not the necklace will go well with your outfit: Will it match your shoes or hair color? If so, stick with simple chains and avoid anything too extravagant or ornate. If not, then go for a larger chain with plenty of sparkle and pizazz.

The last thing to consider is how much room there is on your neck. Many people wear their hair in ponytails or buns these days; however, wearing a piece that defines your hairstyle as well your hair length can steal the game. If you want to wear a high-top bun, accessorize with a choker or a layered necklace with lots of sparkles. Wear a neckpiece that matches the form of your top otherwise.

Choose the perfect necklace for your outfit

Whether you’re wearing a scoop neck dress, or a V-neck or low-cut dress, you’ll always want to get the most bang for your buck by pairing it with an appropriate piece of jewelry. Here are some ideas:

different types of neckpieces for necklines

Simple and layered chains all day long: A simple pendant or a layered necklace can be a gamechanger if you happen to pick the right piece. Spiritual jewelry is in vogue. You can jump on to try its different variants. If you prefer a simple and subtle look, a round-shaped Mandala Neckpiece can steal the show. These neckpieces go well with a scoop neck, boat neck, squared, V, and even with a wrap neck.

World of Ek is one such site where you have a range of quirky and contemporary yet elegant neckpieces that are great for any occasions. These modern spiritual pieces of jewelry are created to help you radiate positive energy and shine like never before. Powerful symbols like the evil eye and hamsa hand are used in World of EK’s jewelry line to bring luck, wealth, and positive vibrations into your life. They are all created with semi-precious stones and 22K gold plating.

Chokers for that extra appearance: When you wish to appear a bit more extravagant, plump for chokers. These are a perfect pick if you have an office celebration, a Diwali invite, a wedding, or just a traditional ceremony where you want to up your traditional outfit.

Bib for the occasion: As the name implies, bib necklaces wrap your entire neck. These are mostly statement elements that give an otherwise basic ensemble a broader and bolder appearance. Additionally, bibs enhance your sense of style and individuality if you are wearing a deep U-neck, boat, or sweetheart-neck dress.

Get inspired by the celebs.

Don’t you just cheese off when there is an unplanned occasion to attend and you are left with little to no choice with your accessories? Even with all the available options, nothing seems like a good fit and you go haywire to single out that one match.

Here’s a bonus. Just google the latest designs or recent events celebrities appeared and steal their look. Bingo! Or otherwise, jump on to Pinterest and type your neckline. You now have a catalog.

Know what works best for your height and body type.

Now that you know how to choose a necklace, it’s time to pick out the right one. The first thing to consider is what works best for your neckline. If you’re tall and thin, a long necklace will look better than an open-ended one because there will be more space between your jawline and the end of the piece. You can also experiment with different styles: if you’re more of a minimalist kind of girl (or boy), go for something simple; if not, try something flirty or bolder in color.

Next up: knowing your body type. Don’t just stick with one type! There are plenty of other factors involved in choosing jewelry—such as personality and budget—that determine which pieces are most appropriate for each person’s style preferences.

This is the latest trend in jewelry and style.

Necklaces for necklines exist and they have their way to add charm to your overall appearance. They can be layered and worn as an accessory, or they can be worn alone with a simple top. If you’re looking for something that will look good on all kinds of body types, experiment with different jewelry designs and styles!

If you want something more casual than a necklace, consider adding it as part of your choice of earrings or bracelets. Or if you need something more formal but still want it on the hip (and not too much), try wearing them together instead—you know how we love those “double up” looks!

By all means, don’t be afraid to play around with your look! Think about what your occasion or purpose is and experiment with different color combinations.

  • If you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans today and want to add some sparkle to them (without sacrificing comfort), go with a simple chain that matches your outfit while still being versatile enough to work with any occasion.
  • If you’re going for a more casual vibe, layer some choker chains over your favorite pendant.
  • Or if you want something more playful and fun, go for something bolder like silver or black colored metal chains.

The accessories that we wear on our bodies can say a lot about us. They represent our personality, identity, and style. Wear your jewelry but with confidence.

Do you have a style idea to share?

Write to me at [email protected]

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Why are Zouk’s bags an ideal choice for every trendsetter woman


Accessories within an accessory! Isn’t it just fascinating? Yes, Zouk’s bags are all about spacious compartments, elegance, and sturdiness.

Women, over time, have evolved with their possessions. They have become more precise and strident with their choices. Be it their life decisions or petty preferences, the color or quality of a particular product, they are much oriented than before.

You will hardly come across a woman who hasn’t matched her outfit with her accessories or paired her perfectly manicured nails with her jewelry. From their floral scrunchies to their motif handbags and plaid footwear, they cherish every belonging with pride. 

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, laptop bags, zouk bags

Conversely, with several prominent brands rolling in the market, there’s a gamut of options to embrace. While some may prefer contemporary quirky designs and colors, some may find classic patterns and shapes intriguing. There’s a sea of choices to favor. In any case, it has become a challenge for brands to meet the expectations and demands of their target group. 

However, Zouk’s timeless bags are unmatchable beauties. For the trendsetter woman, Zouk’s collection, ranging from pretty slings, backpacks, tote, office bags, laptop, and handbags are an absolute muse. Read on!

Zouk’s bags- the perfect piece to adorn any occasion

Create that seamless statement with the varied flo motif, Mughal motif, or abstract patterned bags that are just perfect to dazzle any occasion. Stylish yet affordable, the handbags give an absolute experience to express yourself amid the crowd. 

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, hand bags, zouk bags

Moreover, the bags are designed keeping in mind one’s daily convenience. So, don’t worry if you have to carry your beauty essentials, sanitizer, extra masks, wipes, chocolates, and more to the parties or office meetings. Zouk holds it all. 

What the modern women prefer vs what do Zouk offer

Accessories within an accessory! Isn’t it just fascinating? 

Gone are those days when women looked out for just bags to carry their essentials. Now, they lookout for a number of aspects. Of course, everyone loves pockets in their dresses and a lot more pockets and compartments in their bags!

From being the trendy pick to incorporating all the key features like being spacious, lightweight, sturdy handles, pretty designs, and having generous pockets, Zouk is simply the best choice for anyone who is looking to invest in a good handbag.

And more for the office goers

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, laptop bags, zouk bags

Most women spend their time out of home or in the office. Accordingly, a bag that is functional, sturdy, as well as elegant is something women always hunt for. This flo motif laptop bag comes with a detachable strap which makes it versatile. The padded laptop compartment inside along with front, back, and inbuilt pockets make it an ideal laptop bag, office bag, messenger bag, and daily use bag.

More about Zouk’s bags

Talking about sturdiness, Zouk’s bags are made of 100% vegan leather. That is, they are PETA-approved, completely cruelty-free, and responsible. So, when you are grabbing affordable handbags online from Zouk, you are buying ethically manufactured products that hurt no one.

Luxury to fast fashion, the trend of chicest handbags is bucking up. And Zouk, with its high-end styles in vogue, is reveling in all the attention. After all, won’t you cheer for a bag that holds your big club sandwich, a laptop, your scribble notepads, all your skin essentials, and also that pair of extra sleepwear for your weekend sleepover plan with your bestie!?

Note: Check out https://zouk.co.in for more bags and accessories.

The confident swimwear collection by LYRA

swimwear. modest swimwear

Not confident with your bikini body? Don’t worry! LYRA got you covered. 

With summer knocking on everyone’s doors, it’s time to prep up the wardrobe with adorable pairs of swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, tanks, and all the vibrant flowy dresses. But for someone who dresses modestly, it often becomes a tough task to opt for swimwear that visibly exposes parts of their body. The bathing suit anxiety often takes a toll on women, crushing them with low self-esteem. 

As women we know how difficult it is to stay head high and confident when we are not comfortable in our own skin and dress. Feeling apprehensive about wearing a bikini or exposing swimwear is common for most women. Whilst some women overcome their summer body anxiety, for some, it remains a never-ending struggle. They tend to miss out all the fun, fretting over their beach bodies. 

Here’s a collection of gorgeous and sexy yet modest collection of swimwear that will leave you celebrating every summer instead of hiding indoors with bewilderment.

Pretty in pastel:

This pastel collection is truly stunning. The soft hues of green, pink, coral, etc. makes the collection an irresistible pick to celebrate the summer blissfully outdoors.  

Bright and bold with patterns:

With a keen eye on style, this collection is a muse. From feeling good to looking good, this collection of swimwear holds every attribute to make one stand out. The classic colors are an elegant match with its minimal design to enhance the summer glow. Pair it with a sleek high-bun and you are all set to scream glam.

For plus-size women:

Now feel beautiful without compromising on coverage! Express your body confidently with this plus-size collection that’s precisely crafted keeping in mind the style quotient. Keep aside your self-doubts and insecurities and get swim body-ready with this plus-size collection.

About LYRA

LYRA is created through a woman’s struggle to find swimwear that’s modest, makes her feel comfortable and confident, and matches her lifestyle. For someone who loves to dress modestly and also loves outdoor, swimming, and keeping herself fit, it becomes demanding to meet every expectation, ultimately ending up compromising with one thing or the other. This is how LYRA is born; out of Ikram Zein’s enthusiasm to incorporate modesty, style, elegance, and passion.

After a year of working on ideas, designs, and more, Ikram was finally confident to launch her collection in December 2016. LYRA has all the elegance of classic Hollywood, Moroccan beach cool, and minimalist design. The swimsuits are made from light weight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with high UV protection and can be bought as a full set, or separates, including a chic turban style head covering leggings, and long line, long sleeve tops, that can create the fit and cover as per one’s wish.

The swimwear collection has also been showcased at London Modest Fashion Week. The LYRA brand appreciates that every woman is different, has a sense of what she feels comfortable in, but doesn’t want to compromise on look or feel good. Be it lounging by a poolside, kicking it on the beach, or going for a swim. LYRA looks to reflect the beliefs and values of women from all walks of life.

Check out the full collection of swimwear and accessories at https://lyraswimwear.com

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Guide to choosing the right fabric and color for any occasion

Fabcurate, product photo, fabric, beautiful fabric

When choosing our apparel or ordering our bespoke garments, don’t we ensure the fabric and color that we have picked is pairing well and right with our body tone, the occasion, and the season?

Of course, nobody would like to wear a Banarasi silk saree to the beach (Or will you?). Choosing the right fabric and color for any occasion is as important as choosing the right food for your body.

Envisaged your dress? Now what?

The kind of fabric you choose determines your overall appearance. You must have visualized your dress- whether it is going to be layered, body-hugging, or loose fit; short, midi, or a flowing gown; whether it is going to be a floral, checked, or solid colored; a silk chiffon, organza, or a sequined one?

Nonetheless, to settle with your desired design, choosing the right fabric stands first in the list of priorities. Another significant point to remember is to choose the color based on one’s skin tone. Your skin tone and the color you choose should complement each other and must in no way make you look bugged out. 

Choosing your fabric and color scheme according to season

Black Floral Digital Print Rayon Fabric from www.fabcurate.com

Now that you have envisioned your dress and the color, it’s time to stock up the fabric. Since summer is round the corner and is going put down its roots for a few more months, humidity, sweat, and exhaustion are likely to walk hand in hand. But then, summer is also the time to experiment with the myriad hues and palettes you had been storing in your mind. And attending parties with heaps of makeups and dresses sounds like a real tough play. 

Oddly, for someone like me who has accepted a cotton or a viscose tee and baggy pair of pants as her soulmate for all seasons, it’s an insanely demanding load even to think of draping a saree or putting on a gown.

Oh! If you are like me, don’t sweat! Here is how you can choose your fabric and look ravishing, even in summers.

Slay with satin

Satin is a smooth sheen weave that is popularly used to make blouses, shirts, skirts, gowns, lingerie, jackets, scarves, ties, beddings, curtains, and ballet shoes. 

Bumblebee Yellow And Green Floral Pattern Digital Print Japan Satin Fabric from www.fabcurate.com

And this bumblebee yellow and green patterned Japan satin fabric can be a great choice for a  blouson top or a high low dress or for a kimono dress to take over your summer look. Thanks to it shimmery fabric!

The lustre and sheerness of this fabric, as you glide on, will undoubtedly make you catch eyes even with a blanched makeup. But hey, dab on some pretty bold colors to highlight your lips and steal the show.

Rise with rayon

This super soft rayon fabric with rich and elegant design is definitely going to be a win-win for shawls, scarves, sarees, lingerie, suits, trousers, dresses, tops, and bottoms. 

Black Floral Digital Print Rayon Fabric from www.fabcurate.com

With better absorbing power than cotton, this textile has all the attributes to run the show for your summer needs. You can go for wide-legged or flared pants, a box pleated, or a long wrap skirt and match with your favorite pair of sandals. 

Black Floral Digital Print Rayon Fabric from www.fabcurate.com

What I love about this lustrous fabric are its dainty floral patterns that is an ideal choice for summer parties. Be it a cocktail or a wedding party, the sheerness of the shades is pure gorgeous to admire. Regardless of a daytime or night celebration, this breathable fabric and design will catch eyeballs.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with bold solid colors and some cool bling-tassel accessories.

What is Fabcurate

Fabcurate is a community of designers who believe in creating glorious art out of fabric. The community explores towns, streets, and villages to curate the best fabrics for their creation that never compromise on quality or the design of the fabric. The artisans are fully trained and empowered to create crafts like Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc. which reflect the royal Indian culture. 

Besides, one can spot a range of prints and designs ideally devised for kids, specific occasions, parties, or regular wear on their website. In fact, Fabcurate is the solution for all your fabric confusions- right from the choice of patterns to its reasonable rates.

Moreover, unlike other platforms where you have to stick to a minimum order value or quantity to place your order, here, you have the freedom to choose and pick your design and quantity according to your choice. Be it a thousand meters fabric or just one, you can fulfil your need without any terms and conditions.

Now upgrade your wardrobe without any hitch.

Check out www.fabcurate.com  for an extensive collection of fabrics, textures, and designs. 

Brighten up every occasion with ExclusiveLane’s tribal jewelry pieces

Exclusive lane. jewellery design, necklace, tribal jewellery

“ExclusiveLane’s tribal jewelry pieces are a muse that you cannot refuse.”

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. She may not be enticed by places, food, or even makeup among other things, but “I have enough jewelry,” said no women ever. Not just does a piece of jewelry represent femininity or social status, it also helps a woman feel confident. It is her prized possession.

A pretty dress and a matching pair of footwear may make one beautiful but doesn’t a piece of jewelry add instant magic to her overall look? Be it a wedding day, a cocktail dinner, or just a random day at the office, a pair of earrings or just a pretty little neckpiece always pep up the look.  

Stumbling upon ExclusiveLane’s jewelry collection

Every woman has their own distinct preferences in jewelry. While some like to keep it simple and chic with minimal bling, some like to adorn heavy jewelry pieces studded with precious gemstones or traditional motifs and designs. 

Dhokra Art, Tribal jewellery, Tribal earrings, tribal neckpiece design, jewellery photography, product photography

But for someone like me, there’s another branch of preference called “adorning based on mood.” Somedays I would accessorize myself like I am going to Cannes; other times, it is just a plain, dull look with no makeup or accessories, just an exhausted pigeon who jumped out of bed. But amid the several moods, there has never been one where I resisted myself from buying jewelry. I may not wear some of the accessories that I own in this lifetime. Nonetheless, adding them to my collection has always fancied me more than wearing them. 

As I was browsing to add a few new trinkets and bling to my treasure box, I happen to brush past some of ExclusiveLane’s tribal jewelry collection. Here are some classic pieces that bewitched me and I am pretty sure you too will love to adorn them for any of your occasions (or just add them to your collection):

“Tribal Queen Beaded” Bohemian Brass Necklace Handcrafted in Dhokra Art (Matinee):

This piece of necklace is a stunner. I love how the colors, the design, and the materials used here balance each other comely. This pretty piece depicts “The Tribal Queen Beaded,” from the collection “The Relics of Mohenjo-Daro.” 

Dhokra Art, Tribal jewellery, Tribal earrings, tribal neckpiece design, jewellery photography, product photography

Alongside the tint of brown, the color blue is absorbing me more. Of course, I have a fondness for blue but there’s more than just the colors that this neckpiece holds; it’s the amalgamation of materials, the pattern, and the finest work of craftsmanship. What actually grabs one’s interest toward this exquisite tribal piece is its graceful Dhokra Art design that is crafted by precise hands. Besides, the subtleness of the combination of colors is truly enthralling.

Dhokra Art, Tribal jewellery, Tribal earrings, tribal neckpiece design, jewellery photography, product photography

Usage: If you want to add a dash of vibrancy or a bold mood to your peaky look, this neckpiece is sure to amaze you. It will go great with any minimally designed top or tunic, a neutral solid or pastel colored saree or salwar, and will even jazz up your “confused to wear which” accessories day.

Price: Rs. 1375

Tribal Beauties” Bohemain Brass Earrings Handcrafted in Dhokra Art:

There’s not a single reason to not fall in love with this timeless beauty. Adding an antique not just enhances the look but also makes the one wearing it stand out from the rest.

Dhokra Art, Tribal jewellery, Tribal earrings, jewellery photography, product photography

This “Tribal Beauties” from the collection “The Relics of Mohenjo-Daro” is another charming piece from ExclusiveLane. What blew me is its aesthetic and subtle work of art. 

Dhokra Art, Tribal jewellery, Tribal earrings, jewellery photography, product photography

Usage: This muse is something that will pair perfectly with any look. Add it to your “everyday wear” collection or raise a subtle yet richness to define a heavily embellished saree or lehenga look.

Price: Rs. 595

A brief about ExclusiveLane

ExclusiveLane is born out of love for handicraft products. The company is desirous to handpicked the finest products from rural artisans from different parts of India. Exhibiting diversity, heritage, and authentic products to urban consumers thereby preserving traditional art has been their prime motive.

The company is headed up with the solemn goal to provide economic upliftment of the artisans that are involved in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India. 

What’s more in store

Apart from their exquisite jewelries in focus, ExclusiveLane also houses a range of marvelous collections from dining, home décor, pots and planters, lamps, diffusers, to more. Check out their handcrafted designs at www.exclusivelane.com

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Is The Fashion Industry of Assam Losing Its Glory?


The fashion industry of Assam, compared to the past decade, has cultivated quite a positive ground in Assam. Numerous fashion personnel, whether they are designers, models, or consultants, have made a mark in the international scenario. Fashion designer like Sanjukta Dutta flaunted her creations at the Cannes Film Festival this year while models like Monikangana Dutta landed for numerous international brands, commercials, and magazines.

During the 1990s or early 2000s, there were a handful of models, about 15 to 20, who had to buckle down societal prejudices, redundant stigma, and all other odds to acclaim themselves as a model or land themselves in a music video, or a movie. The scenario has evolved with time.

Raaz Matazzo, the first fashion show of Assam, curated by Vikram Rai Medhi in 1994 was one of its kind that Guwahati witnessed. The show presented models like Miland Soman, Shyla Lopez, Shamolee Verma, Rohit Roy, among several others.

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

Poor pageants and shows affecting the industry

But amid this prosperity, it is not quite easy to build oneself in this industry, especially when the invasion of substandard beauty pageants and fashion shows have deteriorated the industry. Iconic magazine pages, a circle of followers, a glamorous lifestyle, and a glaring Instagram profile packed with glitzy party photographs tempt numerous young minds to pursue a career in the fashion industry. But beyond this glitziness, is the glamor industry of Guwahati smooth enough for a person seeking a career option here?

“In Assam, the fashion industry did not win much attention a decade back or two, albeit it was in the course of progression. The ones who surpassed that phase to reach this industry were strong models who know their work and its value. But now, there’s a beauty pageant or a fashion show almost every alternate day. Everyone is a model. This, unfortunately, bemused the industry. People began questioning the credibility of the people of this industry,” retorted Medhi, a senior fashion curator.

In another instance, an established model (anonymous) narrated, “The modeling ecosystem is turning faulty every day. Most newcomer models pay the organizers to walk the ramp and nobody seems to be complaining.”

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

A career in modeling is observed as a selection of class, elegance, and excellence. Seemingly, people now looked down upon the same as a “clouded choice.”

“When the supply increases, demand drops. Similar is the situation here in this industry. Without proper eligibility or grooming, anyone and everyone have become a model and a pageant organizer these days. There should be a proper forum or an association to look into these things and safeguard the respect and identity of the ones who have been working hard for ages to build a name or help the industry grow in the true sense of the term ,” added Stuti Choudhury, former Miss North East, anchor, and an actor.

How does the payment aspect affect models’ growth

Compared to the tier I cities like Delhi or Mumbai where an established model gets up to Rs. 60,000/- per show, the payment here is mediocre. And oftentimes, it becomes difficult for an aspiring model to depend only on shows and assignments for their daily bread.


Whatsoever, Mr. Medhi further added that despite this imbalance, models who are confident, well groomed, and gained healthy knowledge about their profession are celebrating their career with apposite assignments and payments.

It may not be much of an arduous task for models with a good academic graph and communication skill to place themselves. But for the inefficient and untrained ones, it is equally challenging as well as distressing to survive in this industry.

Retaining the lost glory with appropriate measures

The people representing this industry should carry out strict scrutiny and measures of its members and representatives. While the fashion industry is evolving with several new faces, original ideas, fresh paths, offering vivid horizons to the generations, it is equally important to set certain limitations and standards to retain its glory.

Fashion and style exist in the DNA of northeastern people. However, people need to be practical, have knowledge about the profession and industry they are representing. If placed on the right track, this industry can create a revolution in India.

Photo Credits: Sualkuchi Utsav and Celebrating Northeast by Vikram Rai Medhi

Best fashion picks your wardrobe needs this spring



With the hit of spring comes new purview and refreshed thoughts. And along with it arises a leading-edge approach toward the peppy trends in fashion.

It’s high time to shed those thick layers because spring has knocked. Give a makeover to the worn-out closet that struggled a rigid battle holding all the heavy-long cardigans, sweaters, coats and knee-high ugg boots.

Because spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party,” playing with its myriad hues- a mix of pastels, florals, and of course sequins will definitely dazzle up one’s wardrobe. The mix and match between winter and summer fashion can be curled up elegantly with long and flowing, tights, maxis, and oh! more flares, laces, and blacks according to one’s preferences.

Below are some of the handful of spring picks to spark up one’s collection.

1. The Tee Tale:

There is no any piece of clothing so comfy like a tee. Call winter, summer, autumn, or spring, a favorite tee will always rule a girl’s closet. A graphic printed tee, or with stripes teamed with a pair of denim or shorts is a perfect pick to loiter comfortably in the heat and sweat. Don’t leave behind your scarves or caps. Expect few undesired monsoon winds as it is the onset of spring.


Tee, top
Source: wholesale7.net

2. Keep it high:

Keep your style and heels high. High slit ribbed dresses are the ones that fit every girl’s fashion needs. Deck up with knee-high boots and Bam! You are all ready to rule the spring scene.


High slit ribbed dresses, knee high boots
In Picture: Yashmin

3. Flare up the evenings:

Flared styles are back. Yay! Isn’t it a perfect idea to impress the evening aura with a pair of flared denim coupled with a bare midriff top? You can also try out sequin or a wild patterned top wear. Slip-on wedges or a peep-toe pair of heels for better compliments.


Flared jeans, midriff top
In Picture: Pranitaa Rai

4. Let it flow:

Allow the monsoon winds to flutter, ruffle, and tease you at its best. Light and flowing dresses accompanied by peep-toe pumps or gladiators are best-picks to stagger a sporty day and evenings as well.


long flowing dress, long dress
Source: jesselynch.com

5. Shorts rule:

Shorts are legit one’s fancies. Whether secretly or aloud, shorts are every girls’ favorite and every man’s fantasy. Boyfriend shorts, casual shorts, Bermuda shorts, denim shorts, and short dresses never go out of fashion. Connect it with your favorite top and enhance the look with a pair of sneakers. Voila! You are all set to enthrall the season.


Shorts, short dress, sneakers
In Picture: Yashmin


Which of these outfits are you going to pick for your spring wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below.