Debunking the distorted tale of Namrata

Ever since the suicide news of a 13 YO girl, Namrata, from St. Mary’s School, Naharkatia (Assam), burst forth, it dispersed like a wildfire, became the buzz of every...
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3 Ultimate Reasons Why Men Need a Skincare Routine

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How To Choose The Right Necklaces For Necklines

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The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

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Everything You Need To Know About Throw Pillows: Sizes, Shapes, and More

When shopping for a throw pillow, one must consider the shape of the pillow and the size. Throw pillows come in different shapes, including Square, Bolster, Lumbar, and Round....

Fatfatiya- A quirky store for all your contemporary needs

Vibrant colors, quirky designs, reasonable prices, a one-stop collection, and what more do you need? Oftentimes, it becomes a trouble for many to swap from physical shops to online...

Why is caffeine body exfoliation essential for your skin

In recent times, coffee, as a beauty ingredient has garnered much admiration. Whether you sip it or apply it to your skin, coffee, with its countless benefits will surely...