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Thai green curry pasta, 11th Avenue, Cafe in guwahati, Best cafe in guwahatiI skip my breakfast and settled for a tall ice-cold glass of watermelon juice. Summers have become awful in Guwahati. I cannot even devour my favorite cappuccino or an awakening masala tea. Sigh!

Smoothies and juices have made my buds bland, sunscreens don’t work, damn! Why can’t winters stay forever?

“You hate winters as well, remember?” Prasanta poked.

As he gets ready for his office, I decide to switch off all my communicating devices and lie flat on the floor. I crashed, mulling over where to sabotage my fatigue; only to wake up at the scream from my tummy.

But sadly, the gloomy fridge has only butter and mayonnaise to chomp. And going to the kitchen means shoving myself into an oven. Instead of getting baked, dining out seems a better idea, and 11th Avenue, an intelligent one. Not just because they cook wonderfully flaky crust pizza but also serves the purpose of brimming one’s gut with contentment.

A heavenly delight awaits in the new menu

My tummy is screaming louder than the honking horns. I don’t know if Guwahati’s rise in temperature is directly proportional to its congested traffic. As I scroll my Instagram feed, I stumble up a post that describes how succulent their tortillas were. Tortillas, oh! I can die for a good bite.

The traffic blink green. I park my scooter and raced inside the café. Something is different. I gawk, watching the menu parade with its new makeover in every table, proudly. And I watch her flaunting and getting hold of people’s interest.

11th Avenue menu

It is now my turn to appraise her.



My thrill jumps in joy. While I wished for Thai Green Curry Pasta, my Tortilla tooth was seeking Roast Chicken Tortilla. Hence, a nod for both.





Laughter is brightest where food is best

Waiting for food to arrive is probably one of the world’s difficult tasks. Phew! I could barely wait for my order to walk from the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later, my order walked in. The Thai Green Curry Pasta, escorted by two pieces of garlic bread, rests elegantly on the white plate. My pasta plate looks gorgeous.

thai green curry pasta

It boasts a blend of mellow yet a robust smack of its varied spices. The recipe embraces an assortment of ingredients like coconut paste, vegetables, spaghetti, chicken, and Thai sauce.


The Tortilla, on the other hand, recounts a superior touch of taste and texture. Besides, the chicken bites were ladened with crispy and soft chicken sautéed in aromatic spices. Crumble of tomatoes garnished with chives and cheese added a refined feeling to the crunchy corn base. The sour cream and salsa dips, on the other hand, were goodness added to the glory.

Contentment contained and restored

While the service is friendly, they seem to have sauteed their food a bit “more” gently. I thought my order lost its way. 😀 But it was worth the wait. I was literally lost, amid the lush Thai Green Curry Pasta and Chicken Tortilla.

Post Script: The new menu has a number of tongue-teasing cuisines to munch on. Until I hit here for some Lamb Bolognese and Ramen Noodles next time, keep supporting for my next review.


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