How to make your blog posts go viral on Pinterest?


The only reason I started Pinterest was that I wanted to create cute DIY things in my room. Back then, I barely had any idea about Pinterest’s multifarious features. Only when I came across an article that is when I learned how it can also help in boosting my blog readership; not just limited to a particular community or country but reaching a global audience.

Over time, I outlined numerous ways to grow my blog. Not all ran in vain but most of them did. Until I came across an article that explained how tremendously can one boost his/her blog traffic through Pinterest.

So, I tried, I did it, whoa! It worked.

Here’s a quick guide to all those who have been struggling to get their blog noticed.

A great way to make your blog posts viral

Choose Quirky Colors

Colors can have a powerful effect on the human mind. Choosing the right mix of colors can land you more clicks than not emphasizing on colors. Choose colors that are vibrant and warm. are easy to grasp. People perceive warm colors as being closer to them while cool colors pronounce distance.

Know The Size

Size matters a lot. There’s a definite size guide for all social mediums. You might have seen how most group boards mandate putting up a properly sized pin. So, yes, you have to work a little more to design sizes for all the social platforms. However, the ideal size for Pinterest is 735 px x 1102px.

Brand Your Blog

Before marketing, it is imperative to brand your blog. Design a logo that best describes the impulse of your blog and fill all the necessary sections like about the blog, contact information, disclaimer, providing essential links to your social accounts. Oh! Did I forget to mention about layouts? Beautify your blog using the right theme, color, font, and pictures. I will help you win more readers.

Draw a catchy line

A rich pin is the one that garners more attention of the people. But the question is how to create it? An easy way is to hit people’s eyes artfully. Choose a set of words and craft it into an alluring headline. Use smooth adjectives possible. While you may spend one hour writing an article, you have to spend two hours knitting your headline (until you find your perfect headline).

Pin It To Different Boards

Once you are done with all things above, it is now time to publicize your post. Group boards are a great help in reaching out to an extensive group of people at one go. You can also ask your friends to pin it on their boards. But hey, do not bombard your group boards.

Pin It From Time To Time

You cannot sit back and watch your pins grow once you have pinned it. You have to re-pin with intervals.

Here are some of the ways that helped me enhance my pins and also helped in getting my blog noticed. If this article helps you, don’t forget to share it. If you have used any other method to grow your blog, feel free to leave a comment stating it.

Happy Pinning!

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