In recent times, social media marketing or digital media marketing has swirled every industry in a significant manner. From influencers marketing to affiliate marketers, brands, and companies from across the world look for people to promote their brands. However, in the process, it is imperative to know that content is a primary mechanism in driving the digital media world. Likely, he who knows the content strategy, reign the game. 

These 7 steps will give a great deal of ideas to a beginner who wants to know the basics of digital media marketing and how it works.

Know your audience

I know you’re excited to publish your first post. But before that, there are few things one need to master first. Knowing your audience stands at priority. Before you jump to publish your post, you must be well versed with the kind of people you are going to target – their tastes and interests, age group, geological location, and so forth. For example, if you are planning to start a travel page/blog, you ought to know your audiences’ preference, if they are regularly checking out international flight rate, if they are recently back from a trip, or are 18 years old merely checking out random stuff on the internet.

Know the kind of posts you should post

Now that you have got a grip over your audience, you need to clear your paths to the kind of posts for your social media page. Develop your storytelling skills because people love them. Your graphics should, alongside, speak the same. 

Set your content calendar

However, you need to have a really good plan that you can follow daily. Consistency is the key to successful social media management and gaining followers. Write down your goals and align your posts. A social media content calendar is the asset that can work wonder for you.  

Learn how social media algorithms work

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Each social media platform has its own set of algorithms. However, it is necessary for marketers to stay updated and informed about the latest changes, missing out will make them fail to bring their content before their audience. Also, you should know the number of posts to carry out per day. Apparently, less is more. Try to update not more than 2-4 posts a day or your posts will dissolve along with the other posts without reaching its right audience. 

Increase likes to your Page/Account

Increasing your page’s likes and engagement depends entirely on your content. Create content that best interests your audience. However, to begin with, start by inviting your social media friends, also ask your close ones to share it among their groups. Join related social media communities like Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, et al to promote your content. 

Know when you should post

Here lies the trick. There’s essentially no specific time bracket that can yield you more likes or engagement in your posts. The only way to succeed in this is to post on different times slots and with diverse content. Once you have the analytics, note down your high engagement timings and rich posts. There you go! You have your master key to gain more engagement and likes.

Tools to use

For a beginner, it becomes a tiring task to think of the graphics, content, posting, or schedule at the same time. However, these apps and websites will help to carry the chores smoothly.

  1. Unsplash, Pixabay– Free photos, illustration, videos, vector graphics
  2. Canva– For all your social media graphic designing needs
  3. Buffer, Hootsuite– For scheduling and content management

Things to remember

  • Post content that is relevant and interesting to your followers.
  • Share posts from authentic sources.
  • Maintain your consistency.
  • Share content that you would recommend to others.
  • Run a contest or host a giveaway to increase your followers from time to time.
  • Respond to people who have interacted with your posts.
  • Write tight posts- within 250-300 characters.
  • Don’t tag people in your posts (if they are no way related to it).
  • Do not flood the newsfeed.
  • Never post half-baked information.
  • Don’t forget that your audience is following you for your posts. Don’t sell too much, entertain and inspire them.
  • Never ever underestimate your insights.

I hope this article helps you reach your desired goals. Leave your feedbacks and reviews in the comment section below if this article is helpful to you.

You can also reach me at [email protected] for any questions or queries related to digital/ social media marketing.

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