When you should dump him: Know the signs


Olivia was starving for love, like everyone on this earth, a lasting love. Contrary, the only kind of love she bumped into was “sickly.” Numerous relationships, endless promises, all fragile. While some wanted her for physical pleasure, some hung around for her money. There was barely any guy who committed her a lasting love, a future.

She wanted an oak-solid relationship, one that lasts until the appearance of her freckles and wrinkles. But every time she’s in a new relationship, she walks a few excess miles that she regrets later, every time. She does not know when to take the pause to evaluate the right and the wrong when to dump him when to step back and say “No.”

Holding tight to a toxic relationship

Olivia never had a good dating experience. Probably because she turned cynical after her “many” breakups. She was in her late 30s. A phase that is dicey- to choose the one who loves you or to choose the one whom you love. An age where every experiential relationship burns to ashes and firm bonding sees light.

But love or compassion stayed poles apart from her. For years she’d bad choices. She was tortured, assaulted, attacked, smashed, torn apart, yet she sat tight with her abusers. She believed that the bunch of nice, normal, successful, chivalrous guys coming out of the woodwork lost their way to her.

When you should dump him?

While most men that she encountered did not promise her commitment, there was this one man who wanted to be with her forever, but without marriage. Some sweet-confusing knot? Absolutely not!

He seems to be the front runner. He’s cute, responsible, exciting, but not the future that she can fantasize. So, should she dump him and hunt for a new man?

  • Being monogamous: Yes? No?

    There’s no point in being monogamous to a guy who is not monogamous. If the man you love wants to step it up and act like a boyfriend, the opportunity is there. But if his commitments are too frail, know that you’re not going to narrate “happily ever after” stories to your grandchildren.

  • A good man but a bad boyfriend:

    When a good man breaks up with you, you question yourself. Past flashbacks of happy times with him haunt You almost put yourself in the circle of distress, agony, and hate. Because he was smart, cute, kind, and a good man for everyone, you repudiate seeing him as a bad boyfriend. But did he treat you well? If your answer has few wobbly points, consider looking out for a better partner.

  • Know when to dump:

    The right man will claim you as his girlfriend. You don’t need to nudge him every hour. You don’t need to text him to have a conversation “about us”. You don’t need to be insecure about him. After months of dating if he still has not increased his efforts to get to know you or has not even come close to claim you as his girlfriend, then do the right thing – Dump. His. Ass.

Knowing when to dump a guy is crucial as it can literally save you years of wasted time on the wrong men. Have you ever thought about how much time you have spent on guys that you knew were NOT going to become your partners for life?

Never again.

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