A vibrant space for all your home-décor needs: Itokri is the place to be


If you are looking for pretty hangings, vivid curtains, folk and tribal art pieces, aromatic fragrances to keep your home delightful, and with more options on your list, then ITOKRI is the place you should check out. Not just that this platform also embraces apparel, pieces of jewelry, footwear, stationaries, personal and body care, and an array of accessories. 

ITOKRI celebrates the diversity of Indian trades. Artisans and entrepreneurs ranging from small to medium and emerging finds their place in this platform.

This space also nurtures ancient art forms and traditional crafts that we seldom find in today’s times. From tribal, modern, heritage, to crafts from across the nation, one can find it all under one roof.

ITOKRI for all your home decor needs

This is my first experience with ITOKRI. What caught my attention is the newspaper-wrapped box that contained my ordered products. As I tear the wrapper, there was another surprise. A beautiful handmade paper box cuddled my products. 

Tryst with personal care products 

Personal care products from itokri

If you are someone who loves to enter a sweet-smelling bathroom, you won’t need any additional fragrances to make it more aromatic. The sweet floral scents from the soaps, shampoo, and body wash will seal your bathroom with pleasant vibes throughout. Ah! And also, you!

Prepared using ayurvedic techniques, these products are free from harsh chemicals and ingredients that deteriorate one’s skin. The products contain pure essential oils, almond oil, wheat germ oil, herbs and botanicals, papaya enzyme, and the highest quality organic aloe vera to give a refreshing bathing experience.

The aroma that fills your home with happy vibes

A gift set from itokri

Conjure up the right atmosphere with incense sticks and cones. With a lingering aura of rose, musk, amber, and other fragrances, fill your home with pleasant notes without a hint of overpowering.

Light up your little spaces

Illuminate the cozy corners of your room with fragrant candles. These perfumed clay pots and floating candles are individually and carefully hand poured before pressing the dried florals.

Gift sets for all occasions

Check out https://www.itokri.com/ for more products.

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