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10 Best Restro-Bars of Guwahati


Best retro bars of Guwahati

Nightlife in Guwahati was shrouded in taboo for far too long until a string of restro bars, pubs, and lounges sprang up in the mid-2000s across the city, shattering age-old beliefs surrounding late-nights. The local populace that once frowned at the very idea of staying out late, especially after 7’ o clock in the evening, now welcomes the glitz and charm of a peppy night out in the Assam’s capital.

Whether you’re looking for a place to burst out your stress or want to replenish your energy for the weekday, you have a whole lot of options to pick.

Here are 10 of our favorites you should check out if you are clouded with confusion.


Dine Way Platz: 

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Dine Way Platz

When in doubt, knock Dine Way Platz. Oh, you got me right. This place holds an abundance of glamor. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee place, a lavish dinner date with your lover, a fancy hangout with your family, or an evening chill with your mates, Dine Way Platz is the answer. The warm ambiance and the perfectly stocked with spirit cocktails are the absolute cure to restore a worn-out day. Besides, they also host classic soft rock performances on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for its customers. This family pub, with its multifarious ingredients in its crust, tends to bring and build a safe nightlife scene in the city.

  • Special Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Band performances
  • What’s special in food:  Black Dal Makhani
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Xtreme sports bar and Grill:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Dine Way Platz

Amid their delectable desserts, stands smoothly and balanced cocktails that carry hues of fruity, nutty, and layered precision. This lavishly perky place is a bliss for every sports lover. Along with pool game, carom, table tennis, golf, and many others, you can also relish their assortment of Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. The restaurant believes in serving this generation with an exquisite space. Cautiously detailing everything- from a wooden floor which won’t, of course, make you uncomfortable grooving, to an extensive bar area, this place holds every charm to captivate its guests.

  • Special Days: Depends
  • What’s special in food:  Sushi and Pizza, buffet with a complimentary beer.
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Bulls and Beers:

You will always say how cozy and adorable this place is. Located in the heart of Guwahati, Bulls, and Beers has so much to offer its visitors. Besides providing a variety of flavors from across the globe, this dimly lit place has won over many hearts. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive place to dine-in with good food or want to grab a drink with your friends for some chill time, the place would love to welcome you. Furthermore, they also hold recognition for being the “First Bar Stock Exchange” of the city.

  • Special Days: Saturdays and Sundays- Band and DJ performances
  • What’s special in food:  Spicy Chilli Pork, Liver takatak
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Kalita Spectrum:

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a spot to work or schmooze with some new companions, Kalita Spectrum is an ideal place for all your hiccups. Acting as a fine-dine, a bistro, and a bar, this place is a conglomeration of flavors at its best. Oh, they even have a dedicated kitchen for pure vegetarian people. From finely baked desserts to handcrafted cocktails, you can experience a sumptuous feast without rooting out your wallet.

  • Special Days: No
  • What’s special in food:  Chicken Enchiladas, Kalita Spectrum Special Shot
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-underdoggs

This place emits a rad vibe every time. An amalgamation of good food, great beer, groovy ambiance, and a range of games and sports to pep up the sporty spirit, Underdoggs is the place to dandle A perfect place if you are looking for an elegant dinner. The huge 40-inch screens along with projector screening of live matches are sure to give you a stadium feel. Also, don’t forget to try out their liquid buffet on Fridays. Burp!

  • Special Days: Wednesday- Ladies Night, Thursday- Bollywood Night, Friday- Hip Hop Night, Saturdays- Band and Gigs, Sunday- VDJ: English and Bollywood
  • What’s special in food:  Chicken Wings in 10 different sauces
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until 7 pm)

Retro town:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-retro Town

From cutlery to décor, everything is patterned in period style here. You won’t find many colors in the lounge but the open-air area will definitely steal your interest. “Food tastes bland here,” said no one ever. The menu is mostly inspired by Indian, Italian, and continental cuisines while music is stirred with various club genres. Do give their roasted prawns a try!

  • Special Days: DJ and Acoustic nights throughout the week
  • What’s special in food:  Juicy Roasted Chicken, Mamtazi Murg, Chicken Liver Fry
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 2000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Urban Mantra:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-urban mantra

Serving the nightlife of the city dwellers since 2014, this restro lounge is a fun place to be around to catch up with your buddies and swirl to the grooves of classic rock. A restaurant by day and bar by night, you can hit up Urban Mantra at any time of the clock. Comparatively, this place is quite budget-friendly. Evenings here are mostly jam packed here. So, if you are looking for a table, you got to knock their doors early or ask them to book you a table.

  • Special Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Band Performances
  • What’s special in food: Smoked pork
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Dicey’s Garden:

Picturesque walls, quirky ambiance, and vibrant lightening define Dicey’s Garden. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines, prepared with the perfect amount of love and dedication are worth drooling. This spacious lounge, installed with low and high sitting arrangements is an excellent spot for a family lunch or a corporate cocktail dinner.

  • Special Days: Wednesday: Ladies’ Night Out, Friday: Page 3 nights, Saturday: Weekend Dark Nights, Sunday: The Sun Day Blazer
  • What’s special in food: 
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until early evening)

Madiza Ultra Lounge:

While the lounge fragments its sitting area into different directions, you’re going love its ambiance- for its pleasant décor and softly played music during the day. So, if your mood swings to the edge of grabbing a drink during the day, this is absolutely your place. Tag a mate and celebrate your mood swings with few Bollywood and EDM commercial beats.

  • Special Days: Friday: Ladies Night, Sunday: Social Sunday Night
  • What’s special in food:  Crunchy Chicken, Angara Chicken, Mixed Sauce Pasta, Yong Chong Noodles
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until 7 pm)

Oriental Bistro:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Oriental Bistro

As the name suggests, you get all things oriental here. When you need a good beer with awesome munchies, this bistro is all you need to satiate your gluttony. A subtly decorated area, juicy dim sum, and a happy tummy are all you need to sway your hectic day blues.

  • Special Days: No
  • What’s special in food: Sushi, Kimchi
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Have you visited any of these? Let us know your favorite.

Keiko’s Japanese treat to the people of Guwahati


With Guwahati sprawling through the magical loops of nightlife, numerous establishments are adding to the growing competition. Chic parties, groovy music, and bustling eateries are adorning the city with their hip elements. One of such electric and happening place is the Keiko Ultra Lounge, a Japanese themed restaurant cum pub in Guwahati that is brimmed with surprises for its visitors.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati

For someone looking out to snuggle cozy moments with oneself or with a partner without much hustle and shrilling music, Keiko is the place to be. It’s not much hassle finding this pub for it is situated on the busy road of Christian Basti’s Kamakhya Towers, near Sohum Shoppe.

Let me take you inside the lounge

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati
Glimpse from the entrance

As I walked in, a beautiful smile greeted me to the large lounge arranged in an elegant fashion. There were tall-large-short-comfy-loungy sitting arrangements spread across the area. Added, the industrial decor complimented the overall theme of the restaurant.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati
The drinks bar counter of the restaurant

As you approach, the smart balance of urban, psychedelic, and rustic ambiance will join to thrill you; and gradually cuddle you as you take your seat. Embraced by a mellow vibe, this is also an absolute place for all kinds of get-togethers, corporate dinners, or family occasions.

From the menu

The aroma of the herbs and spices paving its way from the kitchen is tempting enough to elevate one’s mood

An array of choices- starters, soups, curry bowls, desserts, and quick-eats are arranged on the menu. However, for a Japanese food lover, Keiko has an assortment of succulent meals to devour. Ho wang tong soup, barbeque bao dimsum, tekka maki sushi, golden fried veg wasabi are few of the delectable picks among others. Besides, the pizza, pasta, and the sandwich section too hold a thick spread of fresh ingredients. 

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Another noteworthy section of the menu is the Bento Box and the Hot Pot. While Bento Box offers an “only delivery” option, Hot Pot makes the visitors cook its own food in the restaurant. The concept of Bento Box addresses the Japanese’s way of carrying a lunch box to the workplace that mostly consists of healthy meals. On the other hand, the Hot Pot part allows guests to choose its add-ons which are then put on the broth and placed on an induction. This is a popular eating habit across restaurants in Asia and Keiko is the first restaurant in Guwahati to adopt this culture.

Why you should consider Keiko

I have my own reasons to call this place amazing; for it gives me a café-like daze, a fine-dine restaurant, a loungy place with friends, and a go-gaga with food and drinks pub. If you want to experience food, music, and ambiance in one place, then Keiko should mark your list first.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati

This is undoubtedly the only pub in the city where I can rely on great music, sumptuous food, and warm hospitality. Drooling over the munchies to shaking a leg to the cherry acoustic, this space has so much to offer.

Well, these are my reasons to label this place amazingly-interesting. Let me know what are your favorites about Keiko in the comments below.


  • Location: Ground Floor, Sri Kamakhya Towers, Christian Basti, Guwahati
  • Theme: Japanese
  • Cost for two800-1000
  • Kid-Friendly: Yes
  • Parking: Yes

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Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati


Delectable cuisines from Assam that will tickle your taste buds


Assam, the gateway to the northeast, is a valley of luscious vegetation, fascinating wildlife, and a delectable ground that provides some of irresistibly tempting delicacies. While culture and traditions reflect the essence of a region, Assam holds in its core, a spectacularly huge list, along with a confluence of delectable cuisines that reflect its richness and distinctive style from the rest of the world.

Every time you visit their kitchen, you will be enthralled by the aroma of wild herbs and spices whirling up to your senses. The Assamese meal thali or plate usually comprises of different herbs and leafy vegetables, chutney, pitika, fries, pickles, and sweets.

Let us take you on a trip to some of the relishing delicacies that would allure your gluttonous senses to commit another flavoursome sin as you scroll down:

Image: Pranab Das

> Starters aka Jolpan: The day starts with poita bhaat (Cooked rice soaked overnight) served with onion, lemon, salt and chilli. Followed by jolpan of different choices such as Cheera (flattened rice), muri or akhoi (puffed rice), pitha Guri (pound rice), handoh guri (fried pound rice), kumol chaul (rice boiled and dried) and bora chaul (sticky rice) is usually served with yogurt, milk and sugar or juggery.

Image: Bold Sky

> Fish curry: Fish serves as an important dish of the Assamese cuisine. Masor tenga (sour fish curry), fish cooked with a sourness taste, often with outenga (elephant apple) or patot diya maas (steamed or baked fish), wrapped in banana leaves and baked, is often served with mustard paste for a meal.

Image- Khorisa.blogspot.com

> Khar: Khar khua axomiya, holding the literal meaning for the signature dish of the Assamese community, is a detoxifying appetizer. The khar or soda is prepared by burning stem of a banana tree or by roasting and soaking banana peels. The khar is also mixed with mustard paste to prepare Kharoli, a kind of chutney.

Image- Youtube

> Pitika: The easiest and convenient way to cover up a meal when you are not in the mood to cook. Of course, this is one of the most accepted preparations that is seldom rejected by people when offered. Pitika is a mash of various ingredients like potato, tomato, brinjal or other vegetables grilled or boiled and mixed with mustard oil, onion, chili, coriander, ginger or garlic.

Image: Mouth watering food recipes

> Khorisa: Khorisa is a pickle prepared from grated bamboo shoots preserved with mustard oil, salt, and chili. Khorisa is also used as a flavoring agent in preparing meat or fish curry.

Image: OnlineSibsagar

> Herbs and leafy vegetables: The Assamese meal plate is never complete without the mention of herbs and leafy vegetables, boiled or fried alongside. If you visit an Assamese house, don’t forget to grab the exotic taste of leafy vegetables like dhekiya, laai xaak (spinach), moricha, khutura xaak, or of wild herbs like bhedai lota, changmora, bet gaz, and more.

Image: AssamInfo

> Sunga chaul: It is a traditional method mostly circulated in the villages during winters. Rice placed on bamboo stems is roasted in a bonfire. The cooked rice is brought out of the bamboo stem and served hot with meat or fish. Sunga chaul is generally a special catch during the “feast of new rice”.

Image: Thousand Miles

> Duck or pigeon curry: Duck or pigeon curry is considered as authentic cuisines of the Assamese tradition. The dish is generally cooked with a meagre amount of oil and spices including cumin seeds, bay leaves, coriander, cardamom, ginger, garlic, etc. Duck curry, which is a signature dish of the Assamese culture, is often cooked with kumura (white gourd).

Image: NDTV

> Sewa diya bhaat: Bora chaul (sticky rice) soaked in water is steamed. The cooked rice is then served with yogurt or chicken curry.

Image: India the Destiny

> Polu leta: Polu Leta (silk cocoon) is first boiled and removed from its shell. The boiled cocoon is then fried and served with the meal.

Besides these scrumptious delicacies, other succulent sweets and desserts include, narikal laru (coconut laddoo), til pitha, ghila pitha, etc. Also don’t forget to wrap up your day with a rich taste of Haaz or Rohi or take that winey taste of Judima.

Best places to indulge with Pizza in Guwahati


With a vast variety of eateries and cuisines, Guwahati has surfaced as one of the fastest growing and diverse cities in India. Whether the ethnic flavors, aroma brewing cafes, region specials, continental or oriental exclusives, each restaurant carry its own set of flair to appease its admirers. Besides, one can not just indulge in flavor but can also relish a quality stretch with live music, football or cricket.

However, amid the lavish cuisines, pizza found its way to every person’s heart. Be it someone’s birthday treat, increment party, 4 pm lunch, or football snack, pizza has remained as a forever favorite.

Here are some of the most admired pizza stops of Guwahati one must visit:

1. Pizza hut:

pizza hut guwahati- pizza in guwahati
Source: Trip Advisor

Ever since the Carney brothers opened its door in 1958, Pizza Hut became every countries’ favorite guest. The two outlets located in Ganeshguri and Dona Planet (Christian Basti) are the best takeout places. One can cool one’s heels over a Tangy Mary or a frothy glass of Hazelnut Cold Coffee without spending a tidy sum. Besides those aroma-floating magical hand-tossed pizzas, the Spicy Baked Chicken Wings are worth preying for.

2. 11th Avenue:

11th avenue, guwahati

Both the cafes (of Rajgarh and Dighalipukhuri) rejoices to serve its guests a trail of pan-healthy tempting pizzas. This is one of the bustling cafés of Guwahati that offers an assortment of better alternatives on food as well as beverages. Porkizza and Smoky Chicken Pizza are the unsurpassed lust that will arouse your pizza tooth with excitement.

I know I must not praise Burger in this context but it will be selfish to not edify people about a juicy and luscious view. Their Classic Burger is one of the most beautiful things to indulge in, trust me.

3. Foodie’s world:

restaurant of guwahati- foodies world- pizza

Located in Rehabari, this pizza paradise offers a pizza fanatic, a range of veg and non-veg options to delve into. The menu reflects a kind of comforting percept. As the spices, veggies, and meat infuse in cheese, ahhh…haa… (pick some assured notes from me), they burst in the aroma. Just succulent.

4. Kalita Café:

Restaurant of guwahati- Pizza- K-pop

Even a hip-hop fan, a Bollywood follower, a metal head, or an electronic devotee will romance with pizza in this K-pop styled café. Big Bang’s Feast and Monster Margherita are likely to console a cheese-starving soul with great comfort. Also, don’t forget to smooch their tantalizing smoothies. My God, Cheery Bomb was indeed a BOMB.

5. The Boho Roots café:

boho roots cafe- guwahati- pizza

Just like their every wall that narrates a unique tale, this artistically designed café has abundant of exclusive pizzas to tempt a visitor. Whether you take a plunge into their Roasted Pork Pizza or Sicilian Pizza or Roasted Bell Pepper Pizza, you are certainly going to take home a bouquet of flavors to cherish, until your next visit.

6. Chicago pizza:

pizza- guwahati

Ever since I started to grow dissatisfaction for Dominos’ pizza, Chicago Pizza stood as a rescue, to rejuvenate my dying taste for cheese pizza. Located in Central Mall (G.S. Road) and Bharalumukh, their pizzas are sure to release great levels of dopamine in you.

Sharing is caring. But sharing pizza is a pain that no medicine could heal. So, eat pizza, be happy.


What is your city’s best pizza stop? Drop your answers in the comment below.

Step-by-step g​uide to a perfect cup of cappuccino at home


Ask the coffee freaks how challenging it is to get hold of a perfect cup of cappuccino. It may seem as easy as boiling an egg; mixing all the ingredients—sugar, coffee, and milk—in a pan; bringing it to a boil, and bam! All done!


That’s how boring people drink coffee. Because obtaining that perfect cup of happiness is no child’s play. Even for many coffee connoisseurs, equating to an apt proportion is a big struggle. With a slight imbalance, the entire indulgence can be thrown into an unpalatable cup.Thus, a perfect cup has an agreement with sheer chary.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to end up drinking machine blends all your life. This step-by-step guide will help you brew your own aromatic cup with pride.

All you need is:
1 cup milk
2 teaspoon instant coffee powder
2 teaspoon sugar
10 minutes of dedication


amul milk

You can take any brand of milk. Here I am opting for Amul Taaza. (Tip: For better results, use powdered milk. Preferably Everyday milk powder. I found it helpful)


milk pouring

Pour milk into a pan and bring it to a boil.



Meanwhile, take 2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder in your favorite mug. For instant coffee powder, I use Nescafe.



Add another 2 teaspoons of sugar.



Mix both ingredients using a spoon.



Take one teaspoon of milk from the boiling pan and mix well.


coffee in cup

Consistency is the key. If the mixture is too dry, try adding a few more drops to it. But remember, each DROP counts. A slight imbalance can douse the entire mixture.



After you have mastered the consistency stage, whip the mixture, faster, slower, and at regular intervals, until the sugar dissolves, leaving no lumps. The blend should look thick.


milk boiling

Once the milk starts frothing, switch off the burner. Now is the time for magic. But hey, wait. There is a rule involved in dribbling milk into a coffee mug.


milk pouring in cup

Make sure you pour milk from at least 15cms above and watch the blend form that desired froth.



Stir slowly making circular moves around the cup.



Whoa! There goes your aromatic cup of cappuccino.

Want to share your recipe? Write to us at [email protected]

Glamor of the hills- Meghalaya


The morning beams that penetrated through the gauzy curtains interrupted my dreams. It was late morning when I woke up. Although I was never a morning person, hectic job schedule and demand to maintain punctuality in office compelled me to dispose off my late-night routine.

And thus, weekends became my savior. I would sleep my heart out, keeping myself aloof from all the earthly pleasures. I would always ward-off the plans for joining someone for coffee, hanging out for parties or shopping, or mingling for a weekend getaway with friends with my lame excuses.

Likewise, it was another weekend of my life. I made a cup of hot chocolate, and augmented the tempo of my newly bought JBL Bluetooth speakers. Life would have been such a comfortable bed without any responsibilities, I wondered, trying to warble the Spanish lyrics of Despacito.

The phone’s beep depressed the sound of the song.

“Pack your bags; we are leaving at 6 pm,” Prasanta texted.

And before could I write my excuse text, he interrupted with another one.

“Don’t take it as a request. Because I am not going to listen to any of your post- menstrual mood flicks. Get ready; I am coming to pick you in an hour. Biswajit and Sarvanu will join us too.”

It was around 6.30 in the evening when we headed to, well, we did not have a map to Cherrapunjee or Dawki, so Meghalaya would be precise.

Meghalaya, as they say, is all about floating in abode of clouds. As we waved goodbye to Guwahati, a dark night, stirred with a blanket of mist and grey glimpses enveloped us in no time. Although I had been to this peppy paradise before, the experiences are vastly different on each call. Remarkably, every time I pick a trip to this paradise, I grab a story along with me.

It was late November. The roads were inundated with fog. Visibility of the surrounding dimmed with each rotation of the car’s tires. A little later we realized how terribly the clouds had convoluted us.

Prasanta uttered, “When confusion strikes, go left!” Unable to decide which way to take, we decided to pick the road less traveled.

Prasanta, deciding which way to take.

It was late midnight, around 2 o’ clock. Subsequently, we got the picture of a grey blanket of fog that had covered us, completely. Even the white divider line that we were following, became indiscernible.

The fog became denser with each passing moment. After much contemplation, we grasped that there was no way to surpass the thick mantle as one could barely see the other person or object standing near them.

Biswajit stopped the car. Everyone got down. It was a No Human Land where the hills came alive with its giant spells.

The sight of an indistinct light at a distant, landed us to an eerie-looking house at the cliff of a majestic hill. Being an ardent fan of horror movies, stroked me to envisage how the house carried every trait of an eerie scene. Dimmed lights, indistinct chirps of birds, drops of water tripping at a vessel from the roof, four torn-out couches at the veranda, a dog loitering around and sniffing, reminded me of psycho killers of the Wrong Turn movies.

Anxiety started knocking us, brutally. Before long could we wait for any of us to get hit with a panic attack, we rushed to our car. Although it was difficult and risky to drive with such hazy visuals, nevertheless, Biswajit decided to take the risk as it was a better option than getting our heads chopped and bodies minced.

After driving for nearly three hours, we saw some lodges, lights, and heard voices of people working. That was a huge heave of sigh for all. Biswajit halted the car and we decided to rest our weary eyes for some time.

I woke up at Sarvanu’s boisterous voice, “Yaay! We are finally in Dawki.”

It was an absolute respite for all. While Biswajit and Prasanta yearned for few minutes of rest, Sarvanu decided to get tea for us.

Morning tea at Dawki

The latter part of the day followed with a series of amusing adventures, capturing breathtaking views, gobbling with traditional delicacies and street food, and more. This was one of my wildest adventurous trip that snarled in my memoir cozily, until date.

Below are some of the snaps from the rest of our journey.


Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Dawki meghalaya

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Editor’s call: Do you have an adventurous story to tell? Write to us at [email protected].

Creamy fruit tart recipe- Beetroot, mango, chocolate, and cream cheese tart recipe


The luxuriance of pastry cream is heavenly. The amazing blend of egg yolks, corn starch, milk, cream, and sweetness is just the right snack for your craves. While there lies a number of tricks and tips to make a really succulent tart, the path doesn’t seem too crammed with sweat. Just the right amount of ingredients are important to rule the recipe. Nevertheless, to make this beetroot, mango, chocolate, and cream cheese tart recipe, it was one incredible experience. 

At one moment, I would plan to mix the mango and cream cheese, while on the other, I would wonder how a combination of chocolate and mango would taste like.

But you will gladly love this creamy fruit tart recipe- whether for munching or to round up as a dinner dessert.

Jump to Recipe

Making an authentic French Tart Recipe 

A tart is usually a baked recipe, consisting of a crumbly firm pastry shell with a sweet, savory, or fruity base. Nonetheless, for a French fruit tart recipe, the 4 essential ingredients include:

  • A sweet pastry crust
  • The vanilla pastry cream filling
  • Fresh fruits
  • A tart glaze

Seemingly, most French tart recipes call for berries and fruits on top. I preferred to play the fruit inside. 

Drawing everything from scratch is arduous and time-consuming, but it is worth the results. However, for an impatient person like me, things can often spill over. Luckily, I rescued the dessert from falling apart.

I was literally out of my mind (and body) when all at once, I decided to bake this tart. Not out of a great mood but out of frustration.

I set the gelatin to bloom and began curdling the milk. It was the creamiest of cream cheese that I had ever tasted. Even my chocolate ganache was ready. Sigh!

I was almost ready with my fillings when I realized I hadn’t even set the pastry dough.

I opened the cupboard to reach for the Marie biscuit packet. And wow! My biscuit tart shell turned out as an absolute complement to the incredible layers of sweetness.

Making of the crust and filling

This tart cake is the summary of a rich, creamy, chocolaty, and nutty taste at one bite. Like a classic French chocolate tart, it has the lusciousness of chocolate, graced by the tanginess of mango, and at the same time, the sublime flavor and silkiness of cream cheese. Just the right recipe to appease all moods.

For the tart base (or shortcrust), I used a packet of Marie biscuits. You can use any biscuits.

For the filling, I used three layers of cream cheese, mango, and beetroot and white chocolate base. This fresh fruit tart is the ultimate beauty you will ever make. 

Follow the tart crust recipe here:

4-in-one tart recipe- beetroot, mango, chocolate, and ricotta tart recipe

A good blend of different flavors, this french tart is your call for all kinds of snacking.
Prep Time30 minutes
Active Time1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time2 hours
Course: Dessert
Keyword: baked recipe, dessert recipe, French chocolate tart, French fruit tart, mango tart cake, tart at home, tart recipe
Yield: 3


  • Tart mould
  • Heating pan
  • Food processor
  • Glass bowl
  • Spatula


For the tart crust/ shell

  • 1 packet Marie Biscuit You can opt for coconut or digestive biscuits also
  • 1 whole Egg
  • 3-4 tbsp Butter
  • 3 tbsp Sugar

For the filling

  • 1 cup Cream cheese
  • 1 tsp Vanilla essence
  • 2-3 Ripe Mangoes I took the small variety of mangoes
  • 5 grams White chocolate
  • 1 Beetroot
  • 2 tbsp Gelatin
  • 2 tbsp Melted butter
  • 1 tsp Corn starch


  • Grind the biscuits to a fine powder 
  • Add the egg and the melted butter. Mix thoroughly.
  • Add the granulated sugar and mix again
  • Spread into a tart mould and press the ends firmly.
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Remove from the oven and brush the shell with egg wash
  • Put it back in the oven for another five minutes

Layer 1- Cream Cheese Filling

  • Add the cream cheese, vanilla essence, and sugar in a bowl and beat it until the sugar completely dissolves with the cheese. Keep aside.

Layer 2- Mango Filling

  • For the mango pastry cream, add the mango cubes into a blender and make a fine smooth pulp.

Layer 3- Beetroot and white chocolate filling

  • Add 5 tbsp water to the 2 tbsp gelatin. Set aside for 10-15 minutes.
  • Grind or grate the beetroot and extract the juice using a sieve. Keep in a separate bowl.
  • Add a tsp of corn starch to half a cup of water, and stir. 
  • On medium heat, pour the mixture into a pan.
  • Now pour the bloomed gelatin into the corn starch mixture.
  • Add the vanilla and the beetroot extract. Bring it to boil. Sieve and keep aside. 
  • In another pan, heat water and place the white chocolate and butter on a glass bowl to melt.
  • Now fold the melted chocolate into beetroot extract.

For the assembly

  • Add the cream cheese layer in the cooled tart mold. Spread it evenly using a spatula. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Pour the second layer of mango pulp once the first filling cools. Let it set for five minutes in the fridge.
  • Now add the beetroot and chocolate layer. 
  • Refrigerate for 4-5 hours.

A good balance of a mango cheesecake and a French chocolate tart, this fruit tart contis is an amazing pick for all your dessert choices.

Let me know in the comments how your tart recipe goes.

A new addition to the neighborhood: Rigbyz Café


Rigbyz Cafe and bistro
A city that is bloomed with Mexican, Chinese, American, Cantonese, Korean and different other cafes, Rigbyz stirred as a good grace to the addition. An amalgamation of Mexican, American, and Indian, the café intends to cater to people of all age groups.

Strategically located on Bhangagarh, Guwahati, Rigbyz reaches out to office goers as well as students. From quick bites to corporate meetings, the café has earned quite a number of eyeballs. For it is a comfy little brightly-lit space, drawing the attention of the passerby has turned to be a favorite thing of the cafe.

Into the cafe

Best cafe in Guwahati, Rigbyz cafe and bistro

New incorporation into the neighborhood, Rigbyz Café opened its doors at the advent of autumn. As one walks in, the vibrant wall on the left decked with acrylic paintings on the plate is sure to enthrall the person.

Co-owner Parshita Chowdhury is fascinated with colors. When she’s not occupied with any work, she loves to utilize her hours splattering on the canvas. The vivacious shades of her creation reflected on the wall are worth-admiring. Capture some abstract perspectives or some cute yet peppy detailing that define the bistro’s atmosphere.

What’s in the menu

Rigbyz Cafe and bistro

A dribbling menu marks the presence of an array of pasta and pizza choice, a great variety of rice bowl options, a trail of sandwiches and burgers, and more. The bistro is designed for people with varied tastes; for it offers a series of quick bites preferences to an assortment of combos. To sparkle up the evenings, the menu announces its “sasta, sundar, tikaooo” part which narrates to a bunch of combos with coffee and tea.

This café in Guwahati also offers plenty of possibilities for meals. Right from breakfast to dinner and some quick grabs in between, this is a full-flavored classic choice. The “sticky rice bowl” segment has a great variety of chicken and pork options to pick for a packed lunch or dinner. The “Pulled Pork Rice Bowl” is another exclusive choice by the cafe.

Rigbyz cafe and bistro
The best cafe in Guwahati for pork lovers

However, for a pork fervent, Rigbyz has an exclusive number of dishes to tempt. Creamy smoked pork pasta, pulled pork rice bowl, and pork pizza is to mention a few among others. The carefully selected ingredients measure the zest and are seared to perfection. Furthermore, to enhance its flavor, the chefs make sure to pour love in every meal they serve.

Hovering on budget and more

Relatively, this café is quite budget-friendly. Whether you are a student with limited pocket bucks or have exhausted your monthly budget, Rigbyz still has plenty of options open for you. This is an apt place for someone who is searching for a space to work or have plans to schmooze with some new pals.

  • Cost for two: Rs. 300-400
  • Smoking / Outside sitting area: Yes
  • Location: Bhangagarh, Opposite Sohum Emporio

Easy way to make watermelon halwa


The arrival of Bihu always fascinates me. Likely because I love seeing my mother prepare 100s of til pitha (a kind of traditional rice cake made with sesame and sugar), tel pitha (a traditional rice cake), and narikol laru (coconut balls). I would wait for her until late midnight, watch her prepare the delicacies wholeheartedly. I was always attracted to her way of preparing the coconut balls. She teaches me how delicately I must handle the preparation, a slight mistake and the balls would not take its desired shape. I would listen and watch her patiently, as she molds the balls. And apparently, I have applied a similar method while making this pudding. This is easy to make dessert recipe and consumes less time to prepare.

watermelon halwa, dessert recipe, watermelon pudding recipe, food photography, beautiful food photography

While I use to throw away the rind of watermelon every time, I choose to prepare something out of the inutile pieces (these were supposed to go right into the bin). After grinding to a good paste, I had decided to cook it the way my mother used to prepare the coconut balls, i.e., pour the mush directly to the pan and stir until the water dries up. After that, you can gradually add the other ingredients.

Here, I have also used some leftover red mesh of the watermelon that I had used for juice. You can skip that completely. Subsequently, I also made a few watermelon rind balls the next day. For making that, I applied a similar method of evaporating the excess water and adding a cup of roasted semolina. The rest of the steps remains the same apart from adding the liquid milk.

Watermelon Halwa Recipe

This is an easy to make watermelon halwa that is filled with nutrition and goodness of mik and nuts.
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time25 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: dessert recipe, watermelon halwa, Watermelon recipe
Author: Madhuri Saikia


  • Saucepan
  • Food Processor/ Grinder


  • 2 tbsp Vegetable oil, ghee, or butter
  • 1/2 piece Cubes of watermelon shell the inside green shell
  • 1 cup Nuts, raisin, berries of your choice
  • 1 piece Cardamom
  • 3 tbsp Powdered Milk
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1 pinch Salt


  • Peel off the outer green layer of the watermelon (You can use the inside red part for juices or other purposes)
  • Cut it into small cubes and add the pieces in a grinder.
  • Heat a pan and put the grinded paste to the pan and keep stiring.
  • Make sure to stir frequently, until the water dries up.
  • Now add the powdered milk and crushed cardamom.
  • Mix thoroughly so that no lumps are formed.
  • Now add the sugar and salt and blend it until the water evaporates.
  • Add the milk and crushed nuts and stir evenly.
  • Add the ghee or butter
  • Voila! Your watermelon halwa is ready. Serve hot with sprinkled nuts or seeds.

Make sure you cook the recipe in medium to low flame

    Will you make this recipe?

    Let me know how it turned out in the comments below. Or share a picture on your Instagram or Facebook and tag us.

    Foodie’s World | A Paradise for Pizza Lovers


    Foodie's World Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Because food brings people together,” so how can I draw blank from my favorite belief that the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It was a late winter Thursday when I decided to bunk office and treat my sweetheart with some toothsome affair.

    Oh! Did I miss to tell you that we had an agreement. Any sort of argument and the offender, in order to propitiate the other, have to a console with a treat. It was my turn this time. And that’s how we slipped into Foodie’s World.

    It was around 6 o’clock. The winter winds grinned rhymes with the banyan tree situated at the other side of the road. A perfect evening to cuddle with pizza. We parked the bike. But because my better half was a little more exasperated with his other half, I had to dispose of that thought in the trash bin as I walked inside.

    restaurant of guwahati

    The Introductory Bowl Menu poster hung outside caught my attention. It was a small and lively joint located at a distance from the busy area of Rehabari, Guwahati. The staff, comprising of 6-7 people, seemed quite occupied serving their customers. We grabbed a corner table.

    Interior of a café or a restaurant is that one element that decides my pursuit to see the place next time. Undoubtedly, this place captured me. Their stunning interiors would surely leave a visitor engaged while waiting for their order to arrive.

    Oh those tempting smoothies!

    As I skimmed the menu, Rs. 25 against coffee “whoa’d” me. Coffee is my strength as well as my weakness. In fact, any place that serves good coffee, automatically becomes my favorite.

    As I wondered with the reasonable prices on the menu, our order of Strawberry and Chocolate smoothie arrived.

    restaurant of guwahati, coffee shakerestaurant of guwahati, strawberry shake

    His eyes sparkled.

    The creamy blend of strawberry crush, keeping intact its flavor, is perfect to swing back one’s stress and of course, all the furies. And so was the thick chocolate shake.


    Let’s stress on pizza and burger

    A little while, our savory Paneer Sev Do Piyaza Pizza, Chicken Tandoori Pizza, and Chicken Burger landed on our table. “Such a breathtaking view,” I sighed.

    restaurant of guwahati, pizza

    Favoring vegetarian food while eating out is against my law. But because curiosity is the cause of new discoveries, I dared to break my rules and introduce few vegetarian smacks to my taste buds. They were delighted, I did.

    Unlike most rough pizza base which subsequently tears the soft lining of mouth, this joint serves a soft and spongy base. The chicken and paneer toppings were elegantly placed along with the neatly cut olives, tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper.

    restaurant of guwahati, burger with fries

    The puffy burger, on the other hand, was luscious, holding the essence of heavenly flavor. The juicy and tender chicken pattie embraced by the spongy bun was crunchier enough to compel its owner to seek for one more bite. Served along with crispy fries, the king burger at this stop is a must-try for all burger fans.

    Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a savory delight at this peppy joint. They will not disappoint you, neither your sweethearts.

    • Location: Rishav Plaza, A. K. Azad Road, Near Artfed, Rehabari, Gauhati
    • Serving time:10- 20 minutes
    • Pocket-Friendly: Yes


    Have a question or query? Comment below or reach us at [email protected]We shall be happy to help. 🙂