10 Best Restro-Bars of Guwahati


Best retro bars of Guwahati

Nightlife in Guwahati was shrouded in taboo for far too long until a string of restro bars, pubs, and lounges sprang up in the mid-2000s across the city, shattering age-old beliefs surrounding late-nights. The local populace that once frowned at the very idea of staying out late, especially after 7’ o clock in the evening, now welcomes the glitz and charm of a peppy night out in the Assam’s capital.

Whether you’re looking for a place to burst out your stress or want to replenish your energy for the weekday, you have a whole lot of options to pick.

Here are 10 of our favorites you should check out if you are clouded with confusion.


Dine Way Platz: 

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Dine Way Platz

When in doubt, knock Dine Way Platz. Oh, you got me right. This place holds an abundance of glamor. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee place, a lavish dinner date with your lover, a fancy hangout with your family, or an evening chill with your mates, Dine Way Platz is the answer. The warm ambiance and the perfectly stocked with spirit cocktails are the absolute cure to restore a worn-out day. Besides, they also host classic soft rock performances on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for its customers. This family pub, with its multifarious ingredients in its crust, tends to bring and build a safe nightlife scene in the city.

  • Special Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Band performances
  • What’s special in food:  Black Dal Makhani
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Xtreme sports bar and Grill:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Dine Way Platz

Amid their delectable desserts, stands smoothly and balanced cocktails that carry hues of fruity, nutty, and layered precision. This lavishly perky place is a bliss for every sports lover. Along with pool game, carom, table tennis, golf, and many others, you can also relish their assortment of Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. The restaurant believes in serving this generation with an exquisite space. Cautiously detailing everything- from a wooden floor which won’t, of course, make you uncomfortable grooving, to an extensive bar area, this place holds every charm to captivate its guests.

  • Special Days: Depends
  • What’s special in food:  Sushi and Pizza, buffet with a complimentary beer.
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Bulls and Beers:

You will always say how cozy and adorable this place is. Located in the heart of Guwahati, Bulls, and Beers has so much to offer its visitors. Besides providing a variety of flavors from across the globe, this dimly lit place has won over many hearts. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive place to dine-in with good food or want to grab a drink with your friends for some chill time, the place would love to welcome you. Furthermore, they also hold recognition for being the “First Bar Stock Exchange” of the city.

  • Special Days: Saturdays and Sundays- Band and DJ performances
  • What’s special in food:  Spicy Chilli Pork, Liver takatak
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Kalita Spectrum:

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a spot to work or schmooze with some new companions, Kalita Spectrum is an ideal place for all your hiccups. Acting as a fine-dine, a bistro, and a bar, this place is a conglomeration of flavors at its best. Oh, they even have a dedicated kitchen for pure vegetarian people. From finely baked desserts to handcrafted cocktails, you can experience a sumptuous feast without rooting out your wallet.

  • Special Days: No
  • What’s special in food:  Chicken Enchiladas, Kalita Spectrum Special Shot
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-underdoggs

This place emits a rad vibe every time. An amalgamation of good food, great beer, groovy ambiance, and a range of games and sports to pep up the sporty spirit, Underdoggs is the place to dandle A perfect place if you are looking for an elegant dinner. The huge 40-inch screens along with projector screening of live matches are sure to give you a stadium feel. Also, don’t forget to try out their liquid buffet on Fridays. Burp!

  • Special Days: Wednesday- Ladies Night, Thursday- Bollywood Night, Friday- Hip Hop Night, Saturdays- Band and Gigs, Sunday- VDJ: English and Bollywood
  • What’s special in food:  Chicken Wings in 10 different sauces
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until 7 pm)

Retro town:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-retro Town

From cutlery to décor, everything is patterned in period style here. You won’t find many colors in the lounge but the open-air area will definitely steal your interest. “Food tastes bland here,” said no one ever. The menu is mostly inspired by Indian, Italian, and continental cuisines while music is stirred with various club genres. Do give their roasted prawns a try!

  • Special Days: DJ and Acoustic nights throughout the week
  • What’s special in food:  Juicy Roasted Chicken, Mamtazi Murg, Chicken Liver Fry
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 2000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Urban Mantra:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati-urban mantra

Serving the nightlife of the city dwellers since 2014, this restro lounge is a fun place to be around to catch up with your buddies and swirl to the grooves of classic rock. A restaurant by day and bar by night, you can hit up Urban Mantra at any time of the clock. Comparatively, this place is quite budget-friendly. Evenings here are mostly jam packed here. So, if you are looking for a table, you got to knock their doors early or ask them to book you a table.

  • Special Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Band Performances
  • What’s special in food: Smoked pork
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: No

Dicey’s Garden:

Picturesque walls, quirky ambiance, and vibrant lightening define Dicey’s Garden. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines, prepared with the perfect amount of love and dedication are worth drooling. This spacious lounge, installed with low and high sitting arrangements is an excellent spot for a family lunch or a corporate cocktail dinner.

  • Special Days: Wednesday: Ladies’ Night Out, Friday: Page 3 nights, Saturday: Weekend Dark Nights, Sunday: The Sun Day Blazer
  • What’s special in food: 
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1000/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until early evening)

Madiza Ultra Lounge:

While the lounge fragments its sitting area into different directions, you’re going love its ambiance- for its pleasant décor and softly played music during the day. So, if your mood swings to the edge of grabbing a drink during the day, this is absolutely your place. Tag a mate and celebrate your mood swings with few Bollywood and EDM commercial beats.

  • Special Days: Friday: Ladies Night, Sunday: Social Sunday Night
  • What’s special in food:  Crunchy Chicken, Angara Chicken, Mixed Sauce Pasta, Yong Chong Noodles
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes (Until 7 pm)

Oriental Bistro:

Best Restro Bar in Guwahati- Oriental Bistro

As the name suggests, you get all things oriental here. When you need a good beer with awesome munchies, this bistro is all you need to satiate your gluttony. A subtly decorated area, juicy dim sum, and a happy tummy are all you need to sway your hectic day blues.

  • Special Days: No
  • What’s special in food: Sushi, Kimchi
  • Cost for two (Including alcohol): Rs. 1200/-
  • Kid-friendly: Yes

Have you visited any of these? Let us know your favorite.

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