If women are considered the complicated creatures, men can also be taken as the most clueless beings on earth. Women know what they want, well EVERYTHING! And yes, even men want and need almost everything that a woman does. You must have kissed dozens of toads to finally reach your prince charming but still the dilemma of whether he is really happy being with you, poke you quite often. Believe it or not, both men and women equally struggle to figure out what the other wants. But don’t you want to know what exactly men want?

Casual dating is effortless but carrying a relationship to a deeper level, requires a great deal of patience. However, in case of men, the itsy-bitsy tantrums are more complex. Getting a grasp of their desires are not only challenging but also tricky, as they stick to their personality of “not letting go of emotions.”

Highlighted below are some of the affairs that men look forward from their women and for women, hope these ingredients will help in making your desired recipe delectable:

1) All they want is love, attention, care, affection, intimacy, desire: And sex. Yes, sex would always rank first on their wish list. A man who doesn’t want sex is like a unicorn; that doesn’t exist. Whatsoever, this doesn’t mean that a woman has to jump onto bed on first date just to impress him; but at times, he may want her to take the first move.


2) Nurture your awesomeness: Men do look for certain traits and characteristics in a woman apart from warmth and coziness. Men want women who look great. But that doesn’t mean one have to be drop-dead gorgeous. Confidence is sexy. A great personality along with a speck of confidence would surely steal the show.


3) “I love a clingy woman,” said no man ever: Calling or texting your bae for every minuscule matter does not sound romantic, rather may build a pile of disgust that may backfire a relationship.

4) Give him his space: A common trait that is often observed in most women is that once they change their relationship status, they start hopping to the mommy’s status as well. “Don’t go out late night, don’t hang out with your friends,” can, on the contrary, devastate the bond. It is necessary to give him his space. Insecurities can deteriorate a healthy bond. Keep calm and grab your bucket of chicken because a real man knows how to carry his relationship.

5) Pamper your sweetheart: When he can go extra miles to drop you in office, doesn’t deny to carry all your shopping bags, skips his favorite match to be with you, don’t you think it is your moral duty to pamper that kind being with care and cuddliness?


6) Be his buddy: Men loves flaunting his woman, just like his favorite gadgets and machinery. Besides being smart and witty, men love women who listen to him, laugh with him, and above all, holds him when he stumbles.


7) Compliment him: Over time, people tend to take their partners for granted. While the initial dating days are filled with cheesy, lovely compliments and talks, the later days are doubtlessly thronged with boredom and complaints. Often seen in most relationships, the partners often complain about the significant other’s poor dressing sense, casual attitude toward their relationship, lack of spark, boredom, and so on. Worry not, a stitch in time saves nine. It doesn’t require much effort to chirk up your better half. The solution constantly revolves around mutual admiration. Admiring his new hairdo, appreciating his new dress, or encouraging each other’s achievements, are great ways to ease the jitters prevailing in a relationship.


Just like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to rule his mind along, lies in a woman’s emotional efflorescence. Men too want what women want; love, care, affection, attention, liberty, space, and so forth. It would extremely be cruel to take your guy for granted, especially when he had walked extra miles to drop you home safely, paid your bills, picked your shopping bags, or took you to your favorite restaurant. Why not admire him, cuddle him, praise him, surprise him, and make him feel special instead?

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