Every family of a village in Arunachal Pradesh becomes Crorepati overnight

Bomja, a small village in Arunachal Pradesh, under Tawang District, becomes one of the richest villages in Asia overnight. The village came to limelight after the Defense Ministry allocated crores toward the acquisition of land for installing Key Location Plan Units of Tawang Garrison.

Chief Minister, Pema Khandu took to Twitter to announce the distribution of Rs 40,80,38,400 to the landowners of Bomja village whose lands were procured by the Indian Army. The distribution event was held in Wednesday at Lhou village in his home constituency Mukto where land compensation cheques were handed over to 31 landowners.

Among the 31 cheque holders, the highest compensation was handed with a cheque amount of Rs 6,73,29,925. Subsequently, followed by cheque amount of Rs 2,44,97,886 and Rs 1,09,03,813 to the 29 other beneficiaries.

Khandu further thanked defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for sanctioning the whopping compensation. He also stated that the state is now moving on the right track under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And with support from the center, Arunachal is now witnessing rapid development with a great focus on connectivity such as rail, air, digital, and road.

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