There is magic in his music. Know how Guy J can entice people with his powerful tunes.



    Guy JGuy J was an alien name for me years back. And so, was progressive music. But over the years, the frequency at which his tracks began popping up in my social feed, prompted me to google few whereabouts about his works. As they say, he evokes emotive aspect to its listener, I firmly deem, he does.

    In this growing age of electronic music, distinguishing the different genres and sub-genres of music is indeed an arduous chore. But because curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning, I, out of no good reason, flared my curiosity to explore Guy J’s style of narrating house music to his audience.

    In course of time, I noticed another passionate heart (Debjit Kar), balancing beats with his musical notes. His eyes would fill with fanatic warmth every time he talks about his favorite Guy J. When asked about his zaniness, Debjit narrated how Guy J’s technique to create music attracted him. “He doesn’t stick around to a single genre, rather infuses numerous other genres to create a different style. He can make you smile, cry, and dance with his music,” he said.

    What sets the musician apart from his fellow peers?

    One of the pioneers of House Music, the Israeli musician Guy Judah, popularly known as Guy J, is known for serving his audience with an aura of sultry touch with music. Predominantly, the musician is widely admired for his state- of- the- art techniques that he tags along while molding a particular track.

    About his music making

    Ranked 525 on the official DJ rankings list, Guy J embraced success at a much younger age. His debuted single called Guy J and Sahar Z’s “Hazui, saw light in August 2006, was an incorporation with Sahar Zangilevich.  However, his debut album  “Esperanza” received much admiration worldwide. Some of the tracks like Indigo or Nebula speaks distinctively about his ethereal amalgamation of progressive house, techno, electro, and electronica in one universe.  In fact, the album is also, far and wide, celebrated as one of the finest albums to have bloomed from Tel Aviv so far.

    What spaces out the composer from his fellow peers is his remarkable stir of house and techno that he often garnishes with flavors of trance and ambient. For an electronic music enthusiast, his compositions are perfect cures for the ears. The established elements of house music, with minimal, progressive, deep and techno merged along with ambient and dubstep traced in his tracks are absolute picks for a music lover.

    Rhythmically rich, his dramatic and peppy compositions holds that essence to weave magic and would inevitably heal a distorted mind with a sense of gratification and contentment.

    Author’s Take:

    Worry not! Guy J is all set to knit magic with his music on 18th March in Guwahati. Collect your passes and gear yourself to witness the biggest house affair in Greenwood Resort. For any queries, knock us in the comment section below. We will reach out to you.

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