Best fashion picks your wardrobe needs this spring



With the hit of spring comes new purview and refreshed thoughts. And along with it arises a leading-edge approach toward the peppy trends in fashion.

It’s high time to shed those thick layers because spring has knocked. Give a makeover to the worn-out closet that struggled a rigid battle holding all the heavy-long cardigans, sweaters, coats and knee-high ugg boots.

Because spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party,” playing with its myriad hues- a mix of pastels, florals, and of course sequins will definitely dazzle up one’s wardrobe. The mix and match between winter and summer fashion can be curled up elegantly with long and flowing, tights, maxis, and oh! more flares, laces, and blacks according to one’s preferences.

Below are some of the handful of spring picks to spark up one’s collection.

1. The Tee Tale:

There is no any piece of clothing so comfy like a tee. Call winter, summer, autumn, or spring, a favorite tee will always rule a girl’s closet. A graphic printed tee, or with stripes teamed with a pair of denim or shorts is a perfect pick to loiter comfortably in the heat and sweat. Don’t leave behind your scarves or caps. Expect few undesired monsoon winds as it is the onset of spring.


Tee, top

2. Keep it high:

Keep your style and heels high. High slit ribbed dresses are the ones that fit every girl’s fashion needs. Deck up with knee-high boots and Bam! You are all ready to rule the spring scene.


High slit ribbed dresses, knee high boots
In Picture: Yashmin

3. Flare up the evenings:

Flared styles are back. Yay! Isn’t it a perfect idea to impress the evening aura with a pair of flared denim coupled with a bare midriff top? You can also try out sequin or a wild patterned top wear. Slip-on wedges or a peep-toe pair of heels for better compliments.


Flared jeans, midriff top
In Picture: Pranitaa Rai

4. Let it flow:

Allow the monsoon winds to flutter, ruffle, and tease you at its best. Light and flowing dresses accompanied by peep-toe pumps or gladiators are best-picks to stagger a sporty day and evenings as well.


long flowing dress, long dress

5. Shorts rule:

Shorts are legit one’s fancies. Whether secretly or aloud, shorts are every girls’ favorite and every man’s fantasy. Boyfriend shorts, casual shorts, Bermuda shorts, denim shorts, and short dresses never go out of fashion. Connect it with your favorite top and enhance the look with a pair of sneakers. Voila! You are all set to enthrall the season.


Shorts, short dress, sneakers
In Picture: Yashmin


Which of these outfits are you going to pick for your spring wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below.

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