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Every time someone plans a trip, Google stands as the ultimate guide to extract the essence of a place. But beneath the thick suggestions and plate full of recommendations, it often becomes a bemusing plight to settle with the final to-do list.

While some travel to explore the culture of a place, some travel to shop, to capture stories, for thrilling adventures, to experience the varied recipes, and more. From exploring culture and ethnicity to grabbing exclusive arts and artifacts, here is a complete guide list that one can pick for an all-around trip while in Guwahati.

  •  Of mythical essence

    Guwahati is more than Kamakhya temple and Kalakhetra. Straddled on both sides of the Brahmaputra, Guwahati possesses a trail of engaging events for its guests. Apart from witnessing the mystic Kamakhya temple visit, one can plan a visit to the Madan Kamdev temple located around Gorchuk. Known for its archaeological ruins, the place is surrounded by a number of sculptures and other related parts of the medieval era.

  •  For some cozy time amidst nature

    Take a stroll along Deepor Beel and capture the jovial birds chirping happiness. Chandubi is another fine spot to relish your spirit. About 56km from the city, Chandubi is an idyllic getaway to take a trip of the countryside breeze. Besides engaging in camping or indulging in ethnic cuisines, one can also take a stroll to the nearby village. (Quick tip: Get an inhabitant and ask him/her to guide you to the hills. It’s a fine trekking area as well.)

  • Where to hang out in the evening

    Evenings in Guwahati are packed with beverages, starters, and music to gear for the night. The city owns a number of beautifully crafted cafes like 11th Avenue, Mocha, The Corner Café, The Zouq, and Café Brew Bakes that will sure leave its guests jam-packed throughout the evening.

  • Specialty beverages

    Tea is not just a beverage but an emotion for Indians. And when it comes to visiting Assam, how can one check out without taking a reinvigorating sip of Assam tea? Guwahati has a number of tea stops that not only pour aromatic saga but also speak volumes about the intact of its flavors. 11th Avenue, Tea Story, and Kesariya Chaiwala has the best stories to tell its guests. Chaiwala galli of Fancy Bazaar is another essential stop one must not forget to check out during their visit.

  • Where to shop

    Guwahati offers a range of shopping corners as per one’s needs and preferences. Fancy Bazaar, the popular commercial hub of the city, offers one with a range of options to bargain. The quite-well-organized market has numerous crowded alleys that takes one to the wholesale stops of apparels, stationaries, footwears, handloom, brass utensils, fruits, and more. Additionally, Central mall, Pantaloons, Roodraksh, Sohum Shoppe, Sohum Emporia, and Hub on the other end, gives one the privilege to revel with the numerous brands.

  • Nightlife in Guwahati

    Guwahati brims with some of the coolest clubs, bars, and pubs. Café Hendrix, Terra Mayaa, Sanghai Salsa, Sura Vie, Bulls & Beers, Urban Mantra are some of the finest ones that not only entertain its visitors with great food and drinks but also with music of different genres. The only glitch that lies in this structure of Guwahati is that nightlife in Guwahati lasts only till 10 pm. So make sure to order sufficient before the counter gets closed.

  • Knock for flavors

    The number of ethnic restaurants dwelling here abounds with traditional flavors. For quick chicken or pork bites, one can opt for Raja Mircha and Gogoi Pork, while locating Naga food court, Heritage Khorikaa, Missing kitchen, and Manipuri Hotels for a heavy meal.

Location of the places:

  • 11th Avenue: Dighalipukhuri and Rajgarh
  • Mocha: Anil Plaza, Christian Basti
  • The Corner Café: Uzan Bazaar
  • The Zouq: Beltola
  • Café Brew Bakes: Six mile
  • Tea Story: Uzan Bazaar
  • Kesariya Chaiwala: Chandmari
  • Central mall: Christian Basti and Zoo Road
  • Pantaloons: Lachit Nagar, Adabari, Inside Roodraksh Mall, and Dispur
  • Roodraksh: Bhangagarh
  • Sohum Shoppe: Christian Basti
  • Sohum Emporia: ABC, G.S. Road
  • Hub: Bhangagarh
  • Café Hendrix: Dispur
  • Terra Mayaa: Anil Plaza, G.S. Road
  • Sanghai Salsa: Zoo-Narengi Road
  • Sura Vie: Bhangagarh
  • Bulls & Beers: G.S. Road
  • Urban Mantra: Khanapara
  • Raja Mircha: Both the outlets in Rukmini Gaon
  • Gogoi Pork: Dispur Supermarket
  • Naga Food court: Opposite to Panbazaar Police Station
  • Heritage Khorikaa: Goswami Service Station
  • Missing kitchen: Hengrabari Road,
  • Manipuri hotels: Ulubari. There are about 5-8 Manipuri rice hotels located in the Arya Hospital lane.

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