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Craving for your next adventure? Tired of doing the same old things? Want to try something different, something unusual? How about hitting the kingdom of sand, opulence, and adventure – Uh! Dubai?

If you want to try out something offbeat, Dubai has its doors open to tease your odd taste buds. So pack your bags and head over to Dubai. Oh hey, let’s check out the unusual things this fabulous city has in store for the wanderlust in you.

  1. Frost Away At The Chillout Lounge

In Dubai, temperatures of 41°C (105 °F) are quite common. Beat the heat by chilling out at the Chillout Lounge, built entirely from ice. Here you can cool down in temperatures of -6 °C (42 °F). Don’t worry, they’ll give all the thermals and winter wear you need while you sip your hot cocoa.

  1. Get Some Gold On

Pamper yourself with a facial treatment using 24 k gold leaf at any leading spa in Dubai. Yes, you’ll have real, pure, yellow gold on your face. Don’t worry, you’re worth it. This is one of the most unusual things to do in Dubai.

  1. Go Global

Between November and April, be sure to visit Global Village which has kiosks representing over 30 countries. It’s literally like visiting every country on the map. You can shop, dine, and check out cultural performances from around the world.

  1. Bathe In Goat’s Milk

Want to be Cleopatra? Bathe in pure goat’s milk at a special Jacuzzi at the Talisse Ottoman Spa. You’ll feel just like the Queen of the Nile after an hour or so.

  1. Go Fly-boarding

If you like waters ports, then try fly-boarding over the Persian Gulf. It’s all about flying high above the water, lying on a board that’s suspended on a hose connected to a boat.

  1. Defy Gravity

Head to iFly Dubai and experience one of the very first double vertical wind tunnels in the world. You’ll be floating inches and feet above the ground, defying gravity, while the wind power keeps pushing you further up.

  1. Skiing In The Desert

Ski Dubai, located in the Emirates Mall, is a 22,500 square meter indoor ski resort with ski slopes, penguin parks, toboggan slopes and more. Roll down a snow-covered hill while within a giant plastic hamster ball in Ski Dubai just for the heck of it.

  1. Jump On A Natural Rollercoaster

Sign up for a desert safari and go dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4×4. Ride the dunes as you search for that elusive treasure. Up and down you go, and up and down you go till you can barely stand.

  1. Go Formula 1!

Love Michael Schumacher? Put on your F1 helmet and speed around other super cars at Dubai’s Dream Racing, with other professionals screeching around. You’ll be driving a car that’s worth more than your house and having the time of your life!

  1. Wanna Eat Gold?

Love ice cream? How about gold ice cream? For $800 USD, you can enjoy a scoop of the decadent vanilla sundae with Iranian saffron and rare black Italian truffles. The best? The shavings of pure 24-carat gold on top of your ice-cream sundae.

  1. Ride A Camel

Riding a camel is not like riding a horse. But don’t take our word for it. Ride a camel in Dubai’s desert, or join a game of camel polo. You’ll love the cantankerous creatures with their drooling and snorting. Just stay away from those big teeth – they’ll chew anything!

  1. Try Some Russian Cabaret At Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky is an all-singing, all-dancing Russian club at Byblos Hotel in Dubai Marina. When you enter, you’ll be departing the Middle East for Russia in a sweep. Enjoy the traditional Russian food, the doo-wop dancing, and the retro disco lighting.

  1. Stay Underwater

Spend a night at the famous underwater suite At the Atlantis The Palm. Don’t sleep– just watch the over 65,000 marine species in the Ambassador Lagoon through your one-way glass windows.

  1. Sleep In The Highest Room In The World

The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel offers the highest room in the world, at 300 meters off the ground. There are four sumptuous suites on the 69th floor, so be sure to book in advance.

  1. Get To The Cirque Du Soir

Party with dwarves, jugglers, fire breathers, aerial artists, and funny people painted in weird colors. It’s Dubai’s fabulous answer to the Moulin Rouge at Fairmont Dubai.

  1. Check Out Some 6D Cinema

Visit Oasis Centre’s dinosaur-themed ‘6D’ cinema for a sensory experience at movie-watching. Watch 3D movies complete with wind effects, moving seats and other 3D sensory effects.

  1. Eat Three Base Pizza

Why be satisfied with a single base when you can have three? South African pizza chain Debonair’s offers a decadent triple-decker pie. Be sure to try the Chicken Triple-Decker with chicken, three kinds of cheese, sweet chili sauce and much more.

As you can see, Dubai is the capital of all things magnificent and all things wacky. When in Dubai, you’ll never tire of unusual and totally weird things to do. If you get tired of the usual sights and attractions, try out some of the items we’ve listed.

About the author: An avid trekker, explorer and a true foodie; Neha Singh finds happiness in small endeavours of life and loves to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”, Neha lives every moment to the fullest.

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