Oral health is of utmost significance. Not only because the smile is the first thing that people see in you but also because your oral health has a great impact on the overall health.

In order to ensure that your kid has a great oral health throughout life, you have to start early. In fact, it is a myth that kids do not need to see the dentist until the first permanent tooth makes an appearance.

The oral health of your child starts in infancy and you should begin caring for the kid’s teeth and gums early and continue it throughout the teenage years if you want to ensure that she has a great oral health throughout life.

Here is a parent’s guide to tackling some of the early childhood dental issues. Just read on.

  • Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

    – This occurs when the kid’s teeth get decayed on being exposed to sugars frequently. This sugar exposure can occur from the drinks like milk, juice, and The sugar in the mouth offers sufficient bacteria to the space to cause tooth decay. The decayed and damaged baby teeth can also lead to dental issues later in life. If your baby wants to go to sleep with a bottle you should just give her a small amount of water instead of any sugary drinks.

  • Thrusting of Tongue

    – This occurs when the tongue is pushed forward during swallowing against the lips. The thrusting can even throw the front teeth out of alignment. This can lead to speech development issues and even create an overbite. This situation can be controlled with the help of a speech pathologist and a dentist. You can teach the baby a new swallowing method with the help of your dentist for controlling the problem.

  • Sucking of Thumbs

    – It is acceptable and normal for the young infants to keep sucking on their thumbs. Beyond 5 years of age, if the thumb sucking still continues, then it can give rise to some serious dental issues. An overbite can be created as a result of this as the teeth can get misaligned. This can also lead to issues with the way the upper and lower jaws are aligned. So if your child is over 5 years and is continuing with this habit you should use positive reinforcements to make her quit this habit.

  • Loss of Teeth

    – There can be a variety of issues for which the baby teeth can be lost. This may include decay, inadequate space in the jaw and injury. The neighboring teeth can shift if your baby loses her teeth too soon. Apart from that, when the permanent teeth arrive, they can appear in an angle. TMJ and improper chewing can be the result of crooked teeth. The dentist can help under such circumstances. The space for the lost tooth is held open with the help of a space maintainer often suggested by the dentist until the arrival of a permanent tooth.

  • Not Being Able to Brush Properly

    – As soon as the child is able to brush their teeth, they are also ready to take care of their pearly whites. To make sure that proper oral care is being followed, adult supervision is required. Let the kid observe as you brush your teeth followed by rinsing and flossing. Choose the right toothpaste so that it can benefit your child’s teeth truly. Avoid any kind of toothpaste that is formulated for adults such as whitening toothpaste for the child. Go for a child-sized toothbrush that comes with soft bristles and make it a point to replace it on a monthly basis. Another way to make your kid learn to brush is by singing the alphabet song as they brush in the head. This is will provide ample time for completing the process of brushing thoroughly.

Visiting the kid’s dentist is as essential for the child as cleaning the teeth on a regular basis and developing healthy eating habits.  To keep oral issues at bay, you should start early. A dentist can look at your kid’s oral health when she is just 6-12 months of age and by the age of 2-3 years ensure that your kid has a full check-up. By laying a strong foundation, you can rest assured that your kid will face no oral problems for years to come.

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