Keiko’s Japanese treat to the people of Guwahati


With Guwahati sprawling through the magical loops of nightlife, numerous establishments are adding to the growing competition. Chic parties, groovy music, and bustling eateries are adorning the city with their hip elements. One of such electric and happening place is the Keiko Ultra Lounge, a Japanese themed restaurant cum pub in Guwahati that is brimmed with surprises for its visitors.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati

For someone looking out to snuggle cozy moments with oneself or with a partner without much hustle and shrilling music, Keiko is the place to be. It’s not much hassle finding this pub for it is situated on the busy road of Christian Basti’s Kamakhya Towers, near Sohum Shoppe.

Let me take you inside the lounge

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati
Glimpse from the entrance

As I walked in, a beautiful smile greeted me to the large lounge arranged in an elegant fashion. There were tall-large-short-comfy-loungy sitting arrangements spread across the area. Added, the industrial decor complimented the overall theme of the restaurant.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati
The drinks bar counter of the restaurant

As you approach, the smart balance of urban, psychedelic, and rustic ambiance will join to thrill you; and gradually cuddle you as you take your seat. Embraced by a mellow vibe, this is also an absolute place for all kinds of get-togethers, corporate dinners, or family occasions.

From the menu

The aroma of the herbs and spices paving its way from the kitchen is tempting enough to elevate one’s mood

An array of choices- starters, soups, curry bowls, desserts, and quick-eats are arranged on the menu. However, for a Japanese food lover, Keiko has an assortment of succulent meals to devour. Ho wang tong soup, barbeque bao dimsum, tekka maki sushi, golden fried veg wasabi are few of the delectable picks among others. Besides, the pizza, pasta, and the sandwich section too hold a thick spread of fresh ingredients. 

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Keiko Japanese restaurant in Guwahati

Another noteworthy section of the menu is the Bento Box and the Hot Pot. While Bento Box offers an “only delivery” option, Hot Pot makes the visitors cook its own food in the restaurant. The concept of Bento Box addresses the Japanese’s way of carrying a lunch box to the workplace that mostly consists of healthy meals. On the other hand, the Hot Pot part allows guests to choose its add-ons which are then put on the broth and placed on an induction. This is a popular eating habit across restaurants in Asia and Keiko is the first restaurant in Guwahati to adopt this culture.

Why you should consider Keiko

I have my own reasons to call this place amazing; for it gives me a café-like daze, a fine-dine restaurant, a loungy place with friends, and a go-gaga with food and drinks pub. If you want to experience food, music, and ambiance in one place, then Keiko should mark your list first.

Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati

This is undoubtedly the only pub in the city where I can rely on great music, sumptuous food, and warm hospitality. Drooling over the munchies to shaking a leg to the cherry acoustic, this space has so much to offer.

Well, these are my reasons to label this place amazingly-interesting. Let me know what are your favorites about Keiko in the comments below.


  • Location: Ground Floor, Sri Kamakhya Towers, Christian Basti, Guwahati
  • Theme: Japanese
  • Cost for two800-1000
  • Kid-Friendly: Yes
  • Parking: Yes

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Keiko japanese restaurant in guwahati


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