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Beans to Brews: Explore Coffee Lady’s World of Brewing Excellence

Coffee lady

In the heartland of Nagaland, a captivating aroma wafts through the air, drawing coffee lovers and curious souls alike to a place where coffee isn’t just a beverage but a passionate journey curated by the Coffee Lady of Nagaland, Miss Atsi Jamir.

Atsi, the brainchild behind this extraordinary coffee venture, embarked on her odyssey into the world of coffee in 2019. It was then that she established her very own specialty coffee cafe in Medziphema, a quaint town nestled amidst Nagaland’s natural beauty. Fuelled by her unwavering enthusiasm for coffee, Atsi has transformed her pretty little cafe into a hub of coffee expertise.

With qualifications rooted in the deep knowledge of coffee from both the United States and India, Atsi’s journey has been a meticulous quest to perfect her craft. A notable feather in her cap is her certification from the Specialty Coffee Association in Irvine, California, an accolade that makes her Nagaland’s sole certified female coffee expert.

However, what truly sets Atsi apart is her commitment to nurturing coffee culture in her homeland. Atsi, who believes in “embracing the beauty of simplicity and nurturing community needs” has left her mark as a professional barista, sharing her wisdom in Kohima and Dimapur. At the same time, her current endeavors see her collaborating with and training coffee farmers in Mon, Mokokchung, and Dimapur districts. Atsi’s expertise spans the entire coffee value chain, from the cultivation and processing of coffee beans to the art of brewing and the diligent pursuit of quality control.

Here are the five core areas where the Coffee Lady brand shines:

Barista Training Programs

At the heart of Coffee Lady’s mission is the commitment to imparting knowledge. The brand offers comprehensive Barista Training Programs, equipping coffee enthusiasts with skills in brewing techniques, espresso preparation, latte art, and the art of exceptional customer service.

Business Planning for Coffee Cafes

Coffee Lady extends a helping hand to budding coffee entrepreneurs. Atsi and her team assist in developing effective strategies for coffee establishments. They optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and provide invaluable insights to drive profitability.

Special Services

Coffee Lady specializes in crafting unique and personalized brewing experiences. They guide sourcing high-quality coffee beans and curating exceptional coffee moments that leave a lasting impression.

In-Depth Equipment Recommendations

Choosing the right equipment is crucial in the world of coffee. Coffee Lady offers technical knowledge and guidance on selecting the perfect equipment for consistent quality and operational efficiency.

Virtual-Strategy and Training Sessions

Coffee Lady believes in continuous improvement. After project completion, they provide virtual sessions to track success and refine operations. Through strategy discussions and targeted training programs, they ensure that excellence becomes a habit.

Here’s What You Can Expect in a Pouch of Coffee Lady

Besides an aroma-filled cup and the freshness of the Naga hills, here are a few things that make Coffee Lady a distinctive brand.

  • A Passionate Pioneer: Atsi Jamir, the visionary behind Coffee Lady, isn’t just an entrepreneur; she’s a passionate pioneer. Her coffee journey started not as a business venture but as a genuine love affair with coffee. This authentic passion infuses every aspect of Coffee Lady’s operations, creating a brand deeply rooted in a love for the craft.
  • A Commitment to Community: Unlike many other coffee brands, Coffee Lady doesn’t merely source its beans; it nurtures them. Atsi’s involvement in training coffee farmers in Nagaland is a testament to the brand’s commitment to empowering local communities and ensuring the sustainability of coffee cultivation.
  • A Taste of Nagaland: Coffee Lady’s specialty blends and curated coffee experiences offer a taste of Nagaland’s rich culture and natural beauty. They seamlessly blend global coffee expertise with local flavors, creating a truly unique coffee experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

In a world where coffee brands can sometimes feel indistinguishable, Coffee Lady emerges as a shining example of what sets a brand apart. It’s not just about the coffee; it’s about the passion, community, and unwavering commitment to excellence that infuse every cup and every consultation. Coffee Lady isn’t just a brand; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the coffee world. With their expertise and attention to detail, they are dedicated to delivering results that speak of quality and excellence in every cup.

Currently, they are available in a few stores in Nagaland, however, you can also place your order by directly messaging them on their Instagram handle, @coffeelady_coffee.

Hope you have an amazing Coffee Lady experience.

Unique Gift Ideas That Will Blow Anyone’s Mind

gift box

It’s that time of year again when people feel pressure to buy the perfect gift for their friends and family. While buying a gift seems like an undemanding task, like gifting your mom a cookbook, your dad a bottle of wine, or your sister some chocolates, it is actually the toughest thing to do. Particularly, if that person seems to have everything and you are looking for different and unique gift ideas.

Luckily, we have compiled a few unique and quirky gift ideas that are sure to please anyone on your list!

What are some of the best gifts ever?

While there are a lot of great gifts out there, some stand out above the rest. These are the gifts that will blow anyone’s mind and make them remember you forever

  • The best gifts are those that are unique and personal. Something that shows you took the time to think about them and what they would love.
  • A gift that is both useful and beautiful is always a winner. Something they can use every day and treasure forever.
  • A gift that makes someone laugh is always a good choice.
  • A heartfelt gift from the heart is always cherished. Something that comes from a place of love and sincerity will be remembered forever.
  • Sometimes, the best gifts are those that we don’t even know we need until we have them.

Choosing a good and useful gift

When it comes to choosing a gift, however, it is important to think about what the person you are gifting enjoys. A good gift is something that shows you have thought about the recipient and what they would like.

If you are struggling to think of a good gift, here are some tips:

  • Consider their hobbies and interests: What does the person like to do in their free time? Is there a hobby they are passionate about?
  • Think about their personality: What kind of personality do they have? Are they shy or outgoing? Do they prefer simple or luxurious things?
  • Take into account their age: Age can play a role in what kind of gifts people like. Such as, younger people may prefer something trendy or unique, while older people may appreciate a more classic gift.

By taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to choose a gift that the recipient is sure to love.

The Best and Unique Gifting Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift that will really wow your friends and loved ones, look no further than these unique gifts! From personalized items to one-of-a-kind experiences, these gifts are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

For the foodie in your life, why not give the gift of a gourmet meal delivery service? With this gift, they’ll be able to enjoy restaurant-quality meals without having to leave their home.

For the fashionista in your life, a custom-made piece of jewelry is sure to be a hit. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, they’ll love wearing something that’s been specifically designed for them.

Know someone who’s a couch potato and loves to snuggle under their blanket all day long? Gift them a Mermaid Tail Blanket. They’ll embrace this lovely gift throughout this winter and until the end of their Netflix subscription.

Is there someone in your life who loves to travel? Give them the gift of an all-expenses-paid trip to their dream destination. Whether it’s a city break or a beach vacation, they’re sure to appreciate this generous gift.

Do you have a friend who’s always complaining about how stressed they are? Why not give them the gift of relaxation with a spa day or weekend getaway? They’ll be able to forget all about their troubles and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

And here are a few more gifting ideas

Unique Gifts for Your Significant Other

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your significant other, think outside the box. Instead of opting for the usual suspects like flowers or chocolates, try something unique that will truly surprise them.

One option is to get them a piece of customized gift that reflects their personality. You can choose a personalized moon lamp or a piece of jewelry. Another is to get them a subscription to their favorite magazine or an online streaming service. Or, if you really want to go above and beyond, you could arrange for a private chef to come and cook a special meal for two in your home.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that they’ll truly appreciate and remember. A thoughtfully chosen gift will show them just how much you care about them – and that’s priceless.

Gifts for Men, Women, and Everything in Between

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, but with our unique gifts, you’re sure to impress anyone on your list. From men to women and everything in between, we have compiled a gift for everyone.

For the men in your life, Bigsmall.in has a great selection of gifts that will suit their style. Whether he’s a gearhead or a gadget guy, they have something that he’ll love. For the women in your life, you can select beautiful jewelry pieces and accessories that will make them feel special. And for the little ones, there are a variety of fun and educational toys that will keep them entertained for hours.

You can check their website here https://www.bigsmall.in/

Time-Honored Classics

There are some gifts that never go out of style. Whether it’s a hand-crafted piece of jewelry or a vintage book, these time-honored classics are sure to impress anyone on your list.

For the jewelry lover in your life, consider a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet. There are many talented artisans who create stunning pieces using unique materials and techniques. Support a local artist and give a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

For the reader on your list, look for a rare or first-edition book. You can also go for vintage bookends. You can often find these at thrift stores, estate sales, or online auctions. This is a gift that can be enjoyed now and passed down through the generations.

retro gifts, bookends

Whatever you choose, take the time to find something special that will be remembered long after the holiday season is over.

Quirky and Unique Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for gifts that are both unique and quirky, look no further! Our list of gift ideas is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. For the Harry Potter fan in your life, why not try a pair of socks or a quirky table clock? These eccentric merchandises are sure to put a smile on their face when they open it.

harry potter gift set

Is your friend working from home? Why not help them out with an office gift box? This little gift box has a charging cable keychain, light-up car charger, silicone mobile wallet, clock, air freshener, and a water bottle. Isn’t this perfect?

corporate gift set

These are just a few of the unique and quirky gift ideas that we think would be perfect for anyone on your list. So whether you’re shopping for a Harry Potter fan, a foodie, or just someone who loves unique gadgets, we hope you found something here that will make them smile.

You can also check these beautiful bags if you are looking for a useful gift for the woman of your life.

Why are Zouk’s bags an ideal choice for every trendsetter woman


Accessories within an accessory! Isn’t it just fascinating? Yes, Zouk’s bags are all about spacious compartments, elegance, and sturdiness.

Women, over time, have evolved with their possessions. They have become more precise and strident with their choices. Be it their life decisions or petty preferences, the color or quality of a particular product, they are much oriented than before.

You will hardly come across a woman who hasn’t matched her outfit with her accessories or paired her perfectly manicured nails with her jewelry. From their floral scrunchies to their motif handbags and plaid footwear, they cherish every belonging with pride. 

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, laptop bags, zouk bags

Conversely, with several prominent brands rolling in the market, there’s a gamut of options to embrace. While some may prefer contemporary quirky designs and colors, some may find classic patterns and shapes intriguing. There’s a sea of choices to favor. In any case, it has become a challenge for brands to meet the expectations and demands of their target group. 

However, Zouk’s timeless bags are unmatchable beauties. For the trendsetter woman, Zouk’s collection, ranging from pretty slings, backpacks, tote, office bags, laptop, and handbags are an absolute muse. Read on!

Zouk’s bags- the perfect piece to adorn any occasion

Create that seamless statement with the varied flo motif, Mughal motif, or abstract patterned bags that are just perfect to dazzle any occasion. Stylish yet affordable, the handbags give an absolute experience to express yourself amid the crowd. 

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, hand bags, zouk bags

Moreover, the bags are designed keeping in mind one’s daily convenience. So, don’t worry if you have to carry your beauty essentials, sanitizer, extra masks, wipes, chocolates, and more to the parties or office meetings. Zouk holds it all. 

What the modern women prefer vs what do Zouk offer

Accessories within an accessory! Isn’t it just fascinating? 

Gone are those days when women looked out for just bags to carry their essentials. Now, they lookout for a number of aspects. Of course, everyone loves pockets in their dresses and a lot more pockets and compartments in their bags!

From being the trendy pick to incorporating all the key features like being spacious, lightweight, sturdy handles, pretty designs, and having generous pockets, Zouk is simply the best choice for anyone who is looking to invest in a good handbag.

And more for the office goers

bags, product photography, bag photography, zouk bags, laptop bags, zouk bags

Most women spend their time out of home or in the office. Accordingly, a bag that is functional, sturdy, as well as elegant is something women always hunt for. This flo motif laptop bag comes with a detachable strap which makes it versatile. The padded laptop compartment inside along with front, back, and inbuilt pockets make it an ideal laptop bag, office bag, messenger bag, and daily use bag.

More about Zouk’s bags

Talking about sturdiness, Zouk’s bags are made of 100% vegan leather. That is, they are PETA-approved, completely cruelty-free, and responsible. So, when you are grabbing affordable handbags online from Zouk, you are buying ethically manufactured products that hurt no one.

Luxury to fast fashion, the trend of chicest handbags is bucking up. And Zouk, with its high-end styles in vogue, is reveling in all the attention. After all, won’t you cheer for a bag that holds your big club sandwich, a laptop, your scribble notepads, all your skin essentials, and also that pair of extra sleepwear for your weekend sleepover plan with your bestie!?

Note: Check out https://zouk.co.in for more bags and accessories.

Rebuilding the post COVID-19 economy- An analysis


The global shutdown has impacted numerous countries, countless industries, communities, economies, and people, leading toward a slow paced system. Due to this pandemic, it is quite evident that the economic damage will be far more challenging and devastating for most countries and rebuilding the post COVID-19 economy is no easy play. However, the hardest hit will be on countries like Turkey, India, South Korea, or Iran where the public health issues are a major concern. 

The corona crisis has exposed some major inline flaws of the international structure. From having the type of job, to the community people live in, or the country they reside, the pandemic has affected everyone differently. 

One of the biggest challenges the lockdown has endured is massive unemployment, which subsequently means reduced demand, supply, and consumption, thereby leading to slash in production and investment and a shrunk economy. Released data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics highlighted that the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 14.7 percent last month – the highest since the Great Depression.

Navigating the economic fallout- job loss, mental health condition, and more

There is no clear picture of a “normal life” in the horizon or how a “new normal” life will look like. Substantial job loss, looming mental health issues, inflated assets, healthcare deficiencies, are already murking the world with its ugly strain. With all these issues that every country is grappling with, analyzing the economic fallout caused by the pandemic will be massive and prolonged.

Aside this, the world economy is predicted to lose about $8.5 trillion output in the next two years. The pandemic is likely to expunge almost all gains of the previous four years, a study highlighted. This will subsequently push millions of people to extreme poverty by the end of 2020. A scientific report underlined that the disease could last for 18-24 months and will keep rolling until 60-70 percent of the human population is immune to the virus. This forecast may sound bleak but the only hope that exists amid this crisis is community resiliency to rebuild the neighborhoods, cities, and then the country at large. 

Rebuilding the post COVID-19 economy through sustainability

Fancy promises or believing in magic will not help in reviving the losses, rather, a sharp, flawless, and a long-term plan will diffuse the challenges and hurdles standing on the forefront.

Needless to mention, the post covid world will be distinct from the present setting. The “new normal” should focus primarily on building a better backbone to support such startling occurrences. A fundamental theme that we need to learn is to prepare ourselves physically, economically, and mentally to confront such a crisis. 

This pandemic is not the last one to affect humankind. There are several warning signs impending unprecedented economic disasters such as climate change, future virus outbreaks, biological warfare, and so forth. 

While an overwhelming recession is evident in most countries, it is also imperative to note that advanced sustainable goals and resilient societies are crucial to impede future catastrophe. To rebuild the lost economy, government and policy makers should build progressive economies, one that is clear, strong, and contains a long term sustainable plan. The strategy should focus on improving the past track records.

Focusing on the 2030 agenda for sustainable development can turn out to be a great action plan to strengthen universal prosperity and reduce extreme poverty. Besides, countries should strengthen the public health system, i.e., more affordable and accessible basic public health along with investment in education and skill development for the driving forces of the country.

Do you have a sustainable plan to revive the crisis? Let me know in the comments below.

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Craziest places to party in Guwahati for New year 2020


2020 is round the corner and how beautiful would it be to welcome in a grandeur manner. The party epicenter of Northeast India, Guwahati, has witnessed a rapid progression in the past few years in terms of food, fashion, nightlife, or lifestyle. The launch of numerous cafes, pubs, restaurants, and bars gives one a comfy space to celebrate. From offering special discounts to unlimited drinks, Guwahati has never failed to amaze its people and lure them out of the home to grace those parties.

People here love to toast to every important day, which subsequently made the eateries and pubs here to relatively engage themselves to make those days special. However, it is finally the season of celebration and how joyful it would be for the nightclubs to host their guests with engaging activities every time. From treating one with the tastiest beers, sumptuous food, groovy DJs, and a cozy nightlife, Guwahati is all buckled up to thrill its guests with awe.

Here’s a handpicked list of 5 best places for you to hop around in Guwahati:

  1. Nuts and Brew:

    nuts and brew The quirky ambiance, delectable food, and groovy music is a perfect ingredient to welcome the new year. Yes, you got it right! Two stages, one venue, and six artists are all geared up to thrill you with their beats. Bring together your partners or come as a couple and celebrate the evening.

nuts and brew

  • Venue: Nuts and Brew, 3rd Floor & Rooftop, Novotel Galleria, Opp. Down Town Hospital, Guwahati
  • Time: 7 pm onwards.
  • Entry: IMFL Package– Stag: 3000 AI, Couple: 5000 AI FL Package- Stag: 5000 AI, Couple: 8000 AI
  • Bookings: 6901267854, 7002218274
  1. Taika Lounge and Bar:

    taika lounge and barLocated in the affluent sphere of Guwahati, Taika Lounge and Bar is the sums of all your new year party bafflement. A new entrance to the nightlife of Guwahati, this place holds in abundance the charm to entice its guests. Cherish a new year evening in its beautifully decorated space highlighting a Persian theme while you groove to the beats of your favorite music.

taika lounge and bar

  • Venue:1st Floor, Bibekananda Complex, ABC, opp Rajiv Bhawan
  • Time: 6 pm onwards
  • Entry: Unlimited Package: 3450/- couple, 2350/- stage, 1650/- girls A-la-carte: 1500/- couple, 1000/- stag, 500/- girls
  • Booking:8723083177, 6001631348
  1. The Whiskey:

    the whiskeyLocated above Central Mall, The Whiskey is a cozy and vibrant space that’s known for its exclusive choice in food, music, and interiors. An exclusive party vibe has set the lounge in excitement. To celebrate the new year’s eve, the lounge has planned an exhilarating party with appetizing starters and drinks.

the whiskey

  • Venue:191 Exotica Greens, 6th Floor, 604, North Block, R G Baruah Road
  • Time: Free walk-in for all till 8:30 pm.
  • Entry: Girls free entry!!! Rs.2000 (cover charge, fully redeemable with the bill)
  • Booking– 7578910263
  1. Hotel Palacio and NYX:

    NYX, hotel palacioNYX is not quite an unknown name for partygoers in Guwahati. Loved by many and cherished by Guwahati, this place has hosted some of the grandest and exclusive parties over time. However, this year, the hotel has organized two venues to host its guests. While Harmony Banquet is for family get-togethers with kids, NYX is more for a hard-core party lover.

For Harmony

  • Venue: Hotel Palacio, G.S. Road, Opp. Farm Gate, Khanapara
  • Time: 7pm – 12am
  • Entry: 3000/- couple, 2500/- Stag (Includes unlimited starters, 2 complimentary drinks, gala dinner). Kids below 8 years free
  • Booking:9508555554, 9508555558


  • Venue: Hotel Palacio, G.S. Road, Opp. Farm Gate, Khanapara
  • Time: 7pm – 12am
  • Entry: 6000/- couple, 4500/- stag (includes unlimited starters and drinks)
  • Booking:9508555554, 9508555558
  1. Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill

    underdoggsProviding a wide-space thronged with amusement for a sports lover, this trendy bar is located in Christian Basti, Guwahati. From offering a lavish surrounding to tickling one’s party senses, this is an apt place for youngsters, sports lover, foodie, and party freaks. Shivoham the Bollywood band from Mumbai is all geared up to enthrall the crowd for the NYE.


  • Venue: Central Mall, GS Road, Christian Basti
  • Time: 8 pm onwards
  • Entry: —
  • Booking:9864176636, 9954977862

Besides these, there are a number of other places in Guwahati hosting equally trendiest and striking new year parties. Xtreme Sports Bar and Grill, Brooklyn Blues, Bulls and Beers, Keiko Ultra Lounge, Madiza Ultra Lounge are to name a few. Explore, Hop, drink, eat, merry and make memories. But hey, don’t forget to share your experiences with these crazy places.


Is The Fashion Industry of Assam Losing Its Glory?


The fashion industry of Assam, compared to the past decade, has cultivated quite a positive ground in Assam. Numerous fashion personnel, whether they are designers, models, or consultants, have made a mark in the international scenario. Fashion designer like Sanjukta Dutta flaunted her creations at the Cannes Film Festival this year while models like Monikangana Dutta landed for numerous international brands, commercials, and magazines.

During the 1990s or early 2000s, there were a handful of models, about 15 to 20, who had to buckle down societal prejudices, redundant stigma, and all other odds to acclaim themselves as a model or land themselves in a music video, or a movie. The scenario has evolved with time.

Raaz Matazzo, the first fashion show of Assam, curated by Vikram Rai Medhi in 1994 was one of its kind that Guwahati witnessed. The show presented models like Miland Soman, Shyla Lopez, Shamolee Verma, Rohit Roy, among several others.

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

Poor pageants and shows affecting the industry

But amid this prosperity, it is not quite easy to build oneself in this industry, especially when the invasion of substandard beauty pageants and fashion shows have deteriorated the industry. Iconic magazine pages, a circle of followers, a glamorous lifestyle, and a glaring Instagram profile packed with glitzy party photographs tempt numerous young minds to pursue a career in the fashion industry. But beyond this glitziness, is the glamor industry of Guwahati smooth enough for a person seeking a career option here?

“In Assam, the fashion industry did not win much attention a decade back or two, albeit it was in the course of progression. The ones who surpassed that phase to reach this industry were strong models who know their work and its value. But now, there’s a beauty pageant or a fashion show almost every alternate day. Everyone is a model. This, unfortunately, bemused the industry. People began questioning the credibility of the people of this industry,” retorted Medhi, a senior fashion curator.

In another instance, an established model (anonymous) narrated, “The modeling ecosystem is turning faulty every day. Most newcomer models pay the organizers to walk the ramp and nobody seems to be complaining.”

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

A career in modeling is observed as a selection of class, elegance, and excellence. Seemingly, people now looked down upon the same as a “clouded choice.”

“When the supply increases, demand drops. Similar is the situation here in this industry. Without proper eligibility or grooming, anyone and everyone have become a model and a pageant organizer these days. There should be a proper forum or an association to look into these things and safeguard the respect and identity of the ones who have been working hard for ages to build a name or help the industry grow in the true sense of the term ,” added Stuti Choudhury, former Miss North East, anchor, and an actor.

How does the payment aspect affect models’ growth

Compared to the tier I cities like Delhi or Mumbai where an established model gets up to Rs. 60,000/- per show, the payment here is mediocre. And oftentimes, it becomes difficult for an aspiring model to depend only on shows and assignments for their daily bread.


Whatsoever, Mr. Medhi further added that despite this imbalance, models who are confident, well groomed, and gained healthy knowledge about their profession are celebrating their career with apposite assignments and payments.

It may not be much of an arduous task for models with a good academic graph and communication skill to place themselves. But for the inefficient and untrained ones, it is equally challenging as well as distressing to survive in this industry.

Retaining the lost glory with appropriate measures

The people representing this industry should carry out strict scrutiny and measures of its members and representatives. While the fashion industry is evolving with several new faces, original ideas, fresh paths, offering vivid horizons to the generations, it is equally important to set certain limitations and standards to retain its glory.

Fashion and style exist in the DNA of northeastern people. However, people need to be practical, have knowledge about the profession and industry they are representing. If placed on the right track, this industry can create a revolution in India.

Photo Credits: Sualkuchi Utsav and Celebrating Northeast by Vikram Rai Medhi

Health Issues That Can Affect Your Oral Health


oral health, girl smiling, dental issue

Our overall and oral health is tightly connected, even if it may not seem so. Both can affect the other, whether it be positively or negatively. To lead a healthy, fulfilling life, we must take care of not only our body but also our mouth! Contacting your dentist for more information regarding different health issues you have and their effects on your oral health can help you get your health back on track and have you feeling better than ever before.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux, also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, can have detrimental effects on our dental health.  It is a condition which entails stomach acids travelling up the oesophagus (throat), sometimes ending in the mouth. These acids can be dangerous, and in extreme cases, can even lead to oesophageal cancer.

Within the confines of the mouth, acid reflux could lead to tooth erosion as well as periodontal issues.

After being diagnosed with acid reflux, patients should follow their physician’s advice and instructions when it comes to controlling their stomach acid. In many cases, medical professionals will recommend avoiding citrus or acidic foods like tomatoes, raw onions, chocolate, alcohol, and coffee. If the condition is particularly severe and your dental health is suffering, a physician may also prescribe medication to get your reflux under control, decreasing the amount of acid produced in excess.

Stomach ulcers

Health professionals previously believed that stomach ulcers were only the direct result of an overproduction of stomach acid, which destroyed the stomach’s walls. Previous treatment for ulcers entailed only controlling the amount of acid produced.

But recently, researchers discovered that certain bacteria in the mouth, caused by poor dental hygiene, may actually lead to stomach ulcers. The bacteria believed to play a role in stomach ulcer production are common among individuals with infected gum tissue.

Therefore, it is crucial to take care of our dental health to avoid any further, seemingly unrelated health conditions. Destructive bacteria that forms in the mouth can spread across the body and harm our well-being.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is a hard condition to live with on its own, paired with chronic dental issues such as cavities or gum disease; it only gets harder. As another infection grows in your mouth, your body will have to take and use some of its valuable resources towards fighting the dental disease, instead of working to improve the status of your kidneys. While fighting off additional dental disease, you may end up in the hospital more often than normal since your immune system is impaired.

Patients with kidney disease on dialysis may receive blood-thinning medications to prevent clotting. But this can pose problems during dental surgeries and make getting dental work more dangerous.


Diabetes is another medical condition that can wreak havoc on our smiles and general dental health. Diabetics are 3 to 4 times more likely to develop periodontal disease in their lifetimes. Periodontal disease is when various bacteria severely infect the gum tissue.

Diabetes, especially when undetected, can cause persistent bad breath resulting in low self-confidence.

If you have diabetes and notice that your gums are red, swollen, and sore to the touch, inform your dentist in Milton Keynes right away. They will schedule an emergency check up to see if you have gum disease. Should you, in fact, have periodontal disease, your dentist will create a treatment plan with your kidney disease in mind. In most cases, complex surgeries will be avoided as much as possible, and certainly when the patient is on dialysis.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure and related cardiovascular diseases have a strong connection with periodontal disease. When the gum tissue is inflamed, the blood vessels thicken and are filled with plaque, effectively decreasing your blood flow.

A decreased blood flow, along with high blood pressure, dramatically increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

If you have any medical conditions, tell your dentist at your check-up so your medical records can be updated. Armoured with your complete medical history, your dentist can make informed decisions about your future treatment plans as well as look for any developing issues. 

Guest Post by Susan Louisa

The Boy With a Rainbow Heart


Gay, LGBT, Guwahati


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Amid the dark alleys and illuminated cities, there is a section of folk trapped in the woes of prejudices, humiliation, and stigma. They are often interrogated with bizarre curiosities, gawked at their appearance and gestures, judged for carrying themselves uniquely, and particularly, for not matching rhythms with the general public. Yes, I am talking about the LGBTQ community.

“The presence of the third gender has numerous evidence throughout history. Significant books like Kamasutra or the Rig Veda holds accounts on such, yet people of the present day do not want to accept us.” Romi muttered with a long sigh.

As I take my second bite of paratha, Annie ba (Romi’s sister) narrated how ruthlessly passerby rebuke or look down upon at her brother, as if he were an alien. She, despite knowing about her brother’s interest in makeup, dolls, and pink, acknowledges his preferences and treasure his needs wholeheartedly.

Gay, LGBT, Guwahati, romi

Unlike his peers, who confine themselves to certain limitations in regard to their sexuality, Chow Poran J. Gogoi, also known as Romi, despise leading a pretentious life.

“My life holds a series of unfortunate events interlaced by melancholy.” As he talked in detail about others from his niche, I didn’t lose the chance to learn in-depth about his life, about this life- often unheard, secretive, and full of mystery and myths.

Here is the not-so-quick question set that he replied without any hesitation.

A very basic question, when did you first realize that you are a gay?

I never realized or had this idea that I was different from the rest. It is a feeling that was given to me by this society. According to them, I did not fit in their shoes. For them, I was neither a straight man nor a straight woman.

Precisely, during my growing stage, I felt an inclination toward my feminine side more. I felt I am trapped in a wrong body. Things were very indistinct. I was in class 9 or 10 when the internet came in Guwahati. After I researched numerous websites, finally found out that I am different from others or probably others are different from me.

How was the struggle during those initial times?

It was like fighting with your own self. You have an inner feeling that constantly tells you that you are normal and absolutely all right. But then when you have to prove yourself or act a certain way to make others happy, a perpetual battle between your own psyche and existence drink you down entirely. It was such a depressing phase. It broke me completely. I even tried to kill myself. I would just do anything to be invisible.

My parents’ demise, on the other hand, compounded more fuel to the flames. When people ask me about my happy moments from childhood, I literally have to think. It’s a phase that I don’t want to recall.

Gay men are often projected or considered hyper-sexual. Is it true?

Gay men are more visible. Men, compared to a woman, are much more active, sexually. While heterosexuals celebrate their sexuality openly, gay men do not have the same liberty. They have to put the kibosh on their desires and wants. Thus, in an attempt to convey their feelings, they often end up being perceived as sexual connotation by others.

How is the scenario in Guwahati?

We have a very strong community in Guwahati but not everyone wants to come out. Some are open, some are not. We even gather for get together to share our spaces. Gay men from different background attend these meetings, talk about their issues, and discuss about creating awareness among general public.

What happens in such gatherings?

Gatherings like these are mostly about empowering this community with emotional support. People talk about their feelings and celebrate this life. Here, the members of LGBTQ break all restrains and connect to their own self.

Do straight men approach you?

Oh, very much. *giggles* Almost 98% of men who had flirted with me, are straight men. Maybe because they consider me a girl or probably find me trustworthy. I enjoy those attention very much. *laughs*

Have you tried making out with a girl? How did it go?

Well, yes. I did this social experiment when I was 18. She said it will be fun. After the initial step, it became difficult for me to hold on to it and we dropped the idea halfway.

Why do gay men talk or act with gestures that are too much feminine?  Are there any rules that gays have to act in a certain way? Is it attention seeking? Or is it some sort of practice?

This is no rule, practice, or attention seeking. Not all, but some gay men feel that their body is very fragile and soft. Even if they speak or move, it will be very rhythmic and soft. They are way too soft. That’s extreme girly and happens naturally, mostly with gay men who are overmuch in touch with their feminine side.

I have seen that most makeup artists or fashion designers who are gay are loud, rebellious, and emphatic. Why is it so?

Initially, I was vulnerable and angry, made both jaded and wary by my solitary life. But with time, I have learned to depress and ignore those mocks and taunts. But some gay men are fed up with regular suppression and ridicules. Eventually, they become boisterous and loud and are laced with profanity. They don’t give a damn. If they like someone, they will profess, no matter how obscene it appears to the other person.

Some are being patient, waiting for a miracle to happen whereas some have accepted the fact that no miracle is going to happen. Society is never going to change so they should be as bad to them as they are.

How helpful is Assam Government toward the LGBT community?

*Laughs* Assam government doesn’t even have a freaking clue about LGBT. There is no help from the government. They don’t know about LGBTQ. The pride rally that happens every year, is nothing less than a joke for them. And louse Assamese media, for the sake of creating a sensational news, would bombard with obnoxious questions like “What are you doing? Why are you parading? What are all these masks and makeups about? Oh, these guys want their rights.”

That’s it.

Ever given a chance, will you prefer a sex change operation?

There are numerous risks associated with such surgeries. And even if you get your sex change operation done, you won’t be considered a woman. You will be considered a trans woman, leading to only a fistful of men approaching you for marriage.

Sex change operation is something that not every gay men desires. It is a personal choice. I would not want to opt for sex change. I am happy with my body. But kudos to the ones who dare to take such risks.

What kind of remarks do you receive from people while stepping out of home?

People stare at me, every time. And staring is something I can’t stand. I even tried putting on the beard, still, people stare. Even when I am not putting makeup or wearing my pink skirt with a pink pouch, people gawk at me.

There was a time when I badly wanted to be popular, wanted to be seen, wanted people to know me. But now, I literally want to be invisible.

How do you respond to people’s curiosities?

Oftentimes, people ask me how it feels like being a gay. I say I feel like a mutant, I feel fantastic. People are so much curious to know what I do in bed, how I do it. People even ask me how I perform in bed. It was so uncomfortable when in an interview I was asked how sexual intercourse takes place between two men.

Would you like to mention a humiliating moment of your life?

I was called to judge a fashion show. As always, I was dressed up in a flamboyant manner. While the other two judges were duly felicitated, I was overlooked. They forgot to felicitate me, and I was standing there for nearly 20 minutes. Then later, they are like “Oh we have one more judge with us.” It was such humiliating for me. Had I not been open about my sexuality, I would have got the same amount of respect as the rest. Such things, when they occur at the initial stages of one’s career, breaks their self-esteem completely.

Gays are often assumed as predators of sex. Can you explain this why?

If people see a girl and a boy holding hands or kissing in public, they will let it fall between the cracks. But in cases of gays or transgenders, if people find them holding hands, they will create a huge ruckus.

If I like a guy and try to pass a comment or flirt with him, like any other human, it is so normal for me. I was only trying to make a connection. Trying to tell him that look at me, I am interested in you. But to the other person, it appears as if I am approaching him for sex. At times, when I compliment a guy that he’s cute or hot, he’ll be like “How dare you to call me hot.” But if a girl says that, he will take it as a compliment.

Do you think people’s mindset toward this community has changed over the years?

Things have rather turned sour with time, largely due to its grotty projection and people’s ignorance. Gay men are frequently being exhibited in the Indian entertainment industry as a travesty. Whenever there’s a funny, hilarious, or embarrassing moment, gays are being placed with a funny background music. We were never projected in a respectable manner. People think gay men are nothing but an object of ridicule or mockery.

What do you expect from the government?

Create more awareness about LGBTQ. If the government start speaking about it, the mass will follow anyway. There should be certain public forums or mediums where people from urban or rural areas both, can know about the difference and division. If section 377 get abolished and people start talking about it openly, they will get to know about our existence and in fact, several traditional beliefs will get dissolved over time.

Gay, LGBT, Guwahati

People should know that being a gay (a lesbian, bisexual, or a transgender) is not contagious. It is not a disease, a phase, a decision, or a life choice. We are born this way.

And supporting gay rights will not make anyone a gay. People should be more tolerant, kinder, and acceptable. They should broaden up and accept us because we have and want to offer so much to this society.

Describe your life.

My life is nothing less than a melodramatic movie. It is such unfortunate that even if I like someone or want to make out with him, things have to be under wraps. I can’t talk about my love life. If I like someone, I can’t express it. Had I put my love life on social media, I would be slapped with criticisms and insults. It has become tiresome now. Eventually, I feel deserted. Whatever stamina or energy is left, I apply it in my chores.

What gives you happiness?

Being honest with myself and sleeping sound at the end of the day, knowing that I haven’t lied to the people around me, knowing that I am pure and true to my very existence. For me, breathing with layers of lies and secrets underneath is frightful.

Gay, LGBT, Guwahati, romi


Dejected, depressed, and oppressed, people from the LGBTQ community often face the wrath of societal prejudices. This community has an abundance to offer the world. But despite their substantial attributes in numerous grounds, they always have to crawl in the vicious cycle of abuse and mere mockery at the end of the day.

Every time you see a loud and rebellious person from this community, remember, it’s you who made him/ her like this. Everyone deserves to be loved. Respect and see magic happen.


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The Sunshine Blogger Award- 2018




The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those bloggers who are creative, optimistic, and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community. And, Yass…!!! This is my first nomination to Sunshine Bloggers Award.

Oh, won’t it be rude if I do not offer my gratitude to my nominator?

So, thank you so much, Rahul, the man behind this mesmerizing travel blog, Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi. This is truly overwhelming.

But before rolling over my 11 super-duper answers asked by my fellow blogger, why not brush through the rules once?

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you in the blog post add their link in your post.
  2. Answer the 11 questions which your nominator asked you.
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  5. List the rules and add the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.

And, here goes my answers:

Q.1 Why exactly did you took to blogging?

Ans- During my school days, I was inclined toward my grammar classes more than the other subjects. There are also instances when I failed to score even the minimum marks in the other subjects while scoring full marks in dictation and grammar.

Gradually, I started scribbling my life events in the form of poetries and stories, adding fictional elements of interest. With time and introduction to numerous blogs, I decided to store my mind in the virtual world of words.

Q.2 How has blogging changed you as an individual?

Ans– Blogging enhanced my writing style. It introduced me to numerous methods, use of proper punctuations, grammar, and so on. But more importantly, it helped dispatch my thoughts to the world.

Q.3 Name 1 blogger in your friend circle who you think has got best writing skills?

Ans– I do not have a friend whom I can consider a good blogger. But there are many great content writers in my circle.

Q.4 Do you plan to earn through your blogs in near future? If yes, then what are best strategies that you gonna deploy for your subject plan to be successful?

Ans– I am already earning. However, further strategies would include maintaining my consistency in writing every day and give my viewers better content to keep them engaged.

Q.5 How do you keep yourself motivated for writing at the time when the traffic at your blog is really low?

Ans– That’s where the real game lies. There are times when my blog’s traffic goes extremely down. But I never get disappointed during those times. Self-motivation is the key.

Q.6 What according to you is best and why – a blog should be unilateral (say exclusively Travel or exclusively Food) or it should be flexible with multi – categories?

Ans– Depends on the blogger/writer whether he/she wants to keep it exclusive or be open to numerous categories.

Q.7 What is average monthly traffic on your blog? How do you plan to increase the same?

Ans– It keeps fluctuating. I don’t want to share it right now. ?

Q.8 Tell a little about who you exactly are (150 words max.)


-Sometimes sane, mostly in my dilapidated mind, wondering about things that barely matters.

-A caffeine craver who wants her coffee and husband, hot.

– A procrastinator who has mastered the subject

– A layman artist who hates perfection

Q.9 How would you rate my Blog “Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi ” on a scale on 10? Mention a few words in support of your ratings.

Ans– 7.5. Noticed few grammatical errors and unnecessary lengthy sentences. But you have a long way to go. My best wishes for your further endeavors, dear blogger.

Q.10 Do you plan to quit the job and take to full-time blogging? If Yes, then what are your survival plans? If No, then why not?

Ans– I am already a full-time blogger. The initial days were brimmed with hopelessness and totally zero motivation. I was afraid to speak my mind. Precisely, was afraid of being judged by the world.

Over time, I learned how to handle things with patience and importantly, how to face criticisms. So now, it’s all about jumping into the ocean and search for treasures (without getting drowned of course).

Q.11 Name 3 best bloggers  (mention link to their blogs) that you have come across so far.

Ans– I am yet to discover those three. But I really enjoy reading Living Foodz’s articles.

And here, I nominate 11 other bloggers whose works are indeed worth reading.

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  9. The Urban Minstrels
  10. Super Mom
  11. Memsahib In India

Congratulations to all the nominees

Please Refer to the Rules  mentioned above once again before proceeding

Here are your questions:

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What strategies do you implement to increase your blog’s visibility to your audience?
  3. What is important- good content or lengthy content/long post?
  4. Favorite blog post you’ve ever written
  5. Have you collaborated with any brand yet? If not, who would you like to have on board with you?
  6. What are you good at? Mention at least three characteristics
  7. How often do you update your blog?
  8. Who do you look up to as an inspiration? (Can mention blogger, friend, acquaintance, website, or anything)
  9. Which social media is best to boost your blog according to you?
  10. What is your biggest regret from life?
  11. How will you describe my blog (in a sentence or two)?

I look forward to reading all of my nominee’s posts.

Until next time,

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Humanity is dead. Take care.


Skimming the morning newspaper and at the same time, scrolling the Facebook newsfeed is my daily bustle. As I quaff my morning tea, curiously, I asked my husband if he has any idea about what is taking both our newsfeed to a storm. I did not bother to read or click the links people had shared. When he swiped right to an office call, I leaf through the links, the shared posts, photos, and videos.

What grabbed my attention is the word “xupadhora,” in one of the posts. Subsequently, this reminds me of those afternoons at granny’s place when she would ask me to sleep. Refraining which, she would narrate stories about a xupadhora that roams the streets during afternoons and pick kids who disobey their elders. Quite a decade and I have bumbled on this word today.

Welcome to the rotten world of humanity

I didn’t watch the video because I could not. Because it was atrocious, because it narrated degraded humanity, because it exhibited a blood-starved lowbrow breed of beasts lynching two faultless youths.

Were they kidnappers? Or terrorists? Or did they rape anyone?


Their only fault was to visit a graceful village in Karbi Anglong (Assam) that was thronged with illiterate and uncultured psychopaths.

In conjunction, one will exasperate to learn that the duo was whipped to grave because the perpetrators “assumed” them to be (xupadhora) child traffickers.

Gruesome, how the two budding artists had to yell their identity, had to plead for their lives in their own land. How merciless have people become!

Wake up before time flies

The appalling incident of Nilutpol Das and Abhijit Nath pronounces not just the bitterness people hold for their fellow beings but also the dread of fabricated social media propaganda. This is disheartening to see how a culture of fear, abuse, bitterness, and retaliation that permeates too little of harmony, have prevailed in this society.

I will not mind if robots take over this planet in near future because humanity has given up the ghost. Those last words, “Moi Axomiya,” will haunt Assam in perpetuity.

Today it is someone’s son, tomorrow it might be your sibling, parent, or a friend. It is never too late for a noble stand. Fight against cruelty, against hatred, against violence, not against free minds. If this doesn’t wake you up, what will?

nilutpol Das Abhijit Nath