A new addition to the neighborhood: Rigbyz Café


Rigbyz Cafe and bistro
A city that is bloomed with Mexican, Chinese, American, Cantonese, Korean and different other cafes, Rigbyz stirred as a good grace to the addition. An amalgamation of Mexican, American, and Indian, the café intends to cater to people of all age groups.

Strategically located on Bhangagarh, Guwahati, Rigbyz reaches out to office goers as well as students. From quick bites to corporate meetings, the café has earned quite a number of eyeballs. For it is a comfy little brightly-lit space, drawing the attention of the passerby has turned to be a favorite thing of the cafe.

Into the cafe

Best cafe in Guwahati, Rigbyz cafe and bistro

New incorporation into the neighborhood, Rigbyz Café opened its doors at the advent of autumn. As one walks in, the vibrant wall on the left decked with acrylic paintings on the plate is sure to enthrall the person.

Co-owner Parshita Chowdhury is fascinated with colors. When she’s not occupied with any work, she loves to utilize her hours splattering on the canvas. The vivacious shades of her creation reflected on the wall are worth-admiring. Capture some abstract perspectives or some cute yet peppy detailing that define the bistro’s atmosphere.

What’s in the menu

Rigbyz Cafe and bistro

A dribbling menu marks the presence of an array of pasta and pizza choice, a great variety of rice bowl options, a trail of sandwiches and burgers, and more. The bistro is designed for people with varied tastes; for it offers a series of quick bites preferences to an assortment of combos. To sparkle up the evenings, the menu announces its “sasta, sundar, tikaooo” part which narrates to a bunch of combos with coffee and tea.

This café in Guwahati also offers plenty of possibilities for meals. Right from breakfast to dinner and some quick grabs in between, this is a full-flavored classic choice. The “sticky rice bowl” segment has a great variety of chicken and pork options to pick for a packed lunch or dinner. The “Pulled Pork Rice Bowl” is another exclusive choice by the cafe.

Rigbyz cafe and bistro
The best cafe in Guwahati for pork lovers

However, for a pork fervent, Rigbyz has an exclusive number of dishes to tempt. Creamy smoked pork pasta, pulled pork rice bowl, and pork pizza is to mention a few among others. The carefully selected ingredients measure the zest and are seared to perfection. Furthermore, to enhance its flavor, the chefs make sure to pour love in every meal they serve.

Hovering on budget and more

Relatively, this café is quite budget-friendly. Whether you are a student with limited pocket bucks or have exhausted your monthly budget, Rigbyz still has plenty of options open for you. This is an apt place for someone who is searching for a space to work or have plans to schmooze with some new pals.

  • Cost for two: Rs. 300-400
  • Smoking / Outside sitting area: Yes
  • Location: Bhangagarh, Opposite Sohum Emporio

Is The Fashion Industry of Assam Losing Its Glory?


The fashion industry of Assam, compared to the past decade, has cultivated quite a positive ground in Assam. Numerous fashion personnel, whether they are designers, models, or consultants, have made a mark in the international scenario. Fashion designer like Sanjukta Dutta flaunted her creations at the Cannes Film Festival this year while models like Monikangana Dutta landed for numerous international brands, commercials, and magazines.

During the 1990s or early 2000s, there were a handful of models, about 15 to 20, who had to buckle down societal prejudices, redundant stigma, and all other odds to acclaim themselves as a model or land themselves in a music video, or a movie. The scenario has evolved with time.

Raaz Matazzo, the first fashion show of Assam, curated by Vikram Rai Medhi in 1994 was one of its kind that Guwahati witnessed. The show presented models like Miland Soman, Shyla Lopez, Shamolee Verma, Rohit Roy, among several others.

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

Poor pageants and shows affecting the industry

But amid this prosperity, it is not quite easy to build oneself in this industry, especially when the invasion of substandard beauty pageants and fashion shows have deteriorated the industry. Iconic magazine pages, a circle of followers, a glamorous lifestyle, and a glaring Instagram profile packed with glitzy party photographs tempt numerous young minds to pursue a career in the fashion industry. But beyond this glitziness, is the glamor industry of Guwahati smooth enough for a person seeking a career option here?

“In Assam, the fashion industry did not win much attention a decade back or two, albeit it was in the course of progression. The ones who surpassed that phase to reach this industry were strong models who know their work and its value. But now, there’s a beauty pageant or a fashion show almost every alternate day. Everyone is a model. This, unfortunately, bemused the industry. People began questioning the credibility of the people of this industry,” retorted Medhi, a senior fashion curator.

In another instance, an established model (anonymous) narrated, “The modeling ecosystem is turning faulty every day. Most newcomer models pay the organizers to walk the ramp and nobody seems to be complaining.”

model walking the ramp in assam, model walking on ramp, NEIFT

A career in modeling is observed as a selection of class, elegance, and excellence. Seemingly, people now looked down upon the same as a “clouded choice.”

“When the supply increases, demand drops. Similar is the situation here in this industry. Without proper eligibility or grooming, anyone and everyone have become a model and a pageant organizer these days. There should be a proper forum or an association to look into these things and safeguard the respect and identity of the ones who have been working hard for ages to build a name or help the industry grow in the true sense of the term ,” added Stuti Choudhury, former Miss North East, anchor, and an actor.

How does the payment aspect affect models’ growth

Compared to the tier I cities like Delhi or Mumbai where an established model gets up to Rs. 60,000/- per show, the payment here is mediocre. And oftentimes, it becomes difficult for an aspiring model to depend only on shows and assignments for their daily bread.


Whatsoever, Mr. Medhi further added that despite this imbalance, models who are confident, well groomed, and gained healthy knowledge about their profession are celebrating their career with apposite assignments and payments.

It may not be much of an arduous task for models with a good academic graph and communication skill to place themselves. But for the inefficient and untrained ones, it is equally challenging as well as distressing to survive in this industry.

Retaining the lost glory with appropriate measures

The people representing this industry should carry out strict scrutiny and measures of its members and representatives. While the fashion industry is evolving with several new faces, original ideas, fresh paths, offering vivid horizons to the generations, it is equally important to set certain limitations and standards to retain its glory.

Fashion and style exist in the DNA of northeastern people. However, people need to be practical, have knowledge about the profession and industry they are representing. If placed on the right track, this industry can create a revolution in India.

Photo Credits: Sualkuchi Utsav and Celebrating Northeast by Vikram Rai Medhi

When you should dump him: Know the signs


Olivia was starving for love, like everyone on this earth, a lasting love. Contrary, the only kind of love she bumped into was “sickly.” Numerous relationships, endless promises, all fragile. While some wanted her for physical pleasure, some hung around for her money. There was barely any guy who committed her a lasting love, a future.

She wanted an oak-solid relationship, one that lasts until the appearance of her freckles and wrinkles. But every time she’s in a new relationship, she walks a few excess miles that she regrets later, every time. She does not know when to take the pause to evaluate the right and the wrong when to dump him when to step back and say “No.”

Holding tight to a toxic relationship

Olivia never had a good dating experience. Probably because she turned cynical after her “many” breakups. She was in her late 30s. A phase that is dicey- to choose the one who loves you or to choose the one whom you love. An age where every experiential relationship burns to ashes and firm bonding sees light.

But love or compassion stayed poles apart from her. For years she’d bad choices. She was tortured, assaulted, attacked, smashed, torn apart, yet she sat tight with her abusers. She believed that the bunch of nice, normal, successful, chivalrous guys coming out of the woodwork lost their way to her.

When you should dump him?

While most men that she encountered did not promise her commitment, there was this one man who wanted to be with her forever, but without marriage. Some sweet-confusing knot? Absolutely not!

He seems to be the front runner. He’s cute, responsible, exciting, but not the future that she can fantasize. So, should she dump him and hunt for a new man?

  • Being monogamous: Yes? No?

    There’s no point in being monogamous to a guy who is not monogamous. If the man you love wants to step it up and act like a boyfriend, the opportunity is there. But if his commitments are too frail, know that you’re not going to narrate “happily ever after” stories to your grandchildren.

  • A good man but a bad boyfriend:

    When a good man breaks up with you, you question yourself. Past flashbacks of happy times with him haunt You almost put yourself in the circle of distress, agony, and hate. Because he was smart, cute, kind, and a good man for everyone, you repudiate seeing him as a bad boyfriend. But did he treat you well? If your answer has few wobbly points, consider looking out for a better partner.

  • Know when to dump:

    The right man will claim you as his girlfriend. You don’t need to nudge him every hour. You don’t need to text him to have a conversation “about us”. You don’t need to be insecure about him. After months of dating if he still has not increased his efforts to get to know you or has not even come close to claim you as his girlfriend, then do the right thing – Dump. His. Ass.

Knowing when to dump a guy is crucial as it can literally save you years of wasted time on the wrong men. Have you ever thought about how much time you have spent on guys that you knew were NOT going to become your partners for life?

Never again.

Artist draws self portrait everyday under influence of different drugs


It has been 23 years, Bryan Saunders‘ Drug-Influenced Self Portraits still garner contemplation on the internet. The artist had locked on to create at least one self-portrait every day and continue until the rest of his life.

From March 30th, 1995 he has created over 11,200 of them. Like fingerprints, snowflakes, and DNA they possess disparate properties. No two of his daily-self-portraits evoke similar features.

Artists, for hundreds of years, put themselves to represent the world around them. Whereas, Saunders believes in creating a paradoxical world. He places the world around him to represent himself. As he says, “I am more concerned with channeling experiences than I am collecting memories but I do both and much more.”

What’s inside an artist’s mind?

Creative minds, call it of an artist, a poet, a musician, or of a writer’s, are rarely tidy. The road to producing something unparalleled or exclusive is stuffed with inexhaustible rumination. Consequently, taking that imagination to reality require chewing over several predicaments. Over time, they are trapped in a cycle of undiagnosed mental health issues and addiction with mind-altering substances.

Saunders was another such artist who channels his anxious mind to visual art and musical performances. A way to deal with his demons.

He experimented with different drugs each day and sketched his portraits under its influence. The portraits narrate a powerful message- the power of addiction.

Here are some of the illustrations from his “Near Death Experience” album.

  1. Crystal Methartist on drugs

  2. Ablifyartist on drugs

  3. Absinthartist on drugs

  4. Adderallartist on drugs

  5. Bath saltsartist on drugs

  6. Busparartist on drugs

  7. Butane Honey Oilartist on drugs

  8. Cocaineartist on drugs

  9. Dilaudidartist on drugs

  10. Hashartist on drugs

  11. Heroin (Snorted)artist on drugs

  12. Huffin Gasartist on drugs

  13. LSDartist on drugs

  14. Marijuanaartist on drugs

  15. Morphinartist on drugs

  16. Ritalinartist on drugs

  17. Salvia Divinorum

    artist on drugs

  18. Valiumartist on drugs

  19. Viagraartist on drugs

10 secrets to lure a man



impress a manMen will never entirely act the way you want them to because they are men. They may seem easy going, running after you, and even desperately wanting you. But they are not easy to understand. If women are considered complicated, men are the superlatives of it. Unlike women, men don’t open up their thoughts. They like preserving their emotions.

A woman may possess all the attributes of a “perfect life partner,” an amazing catch for any man, but when it comes to getting a picture of her man, she will, at some point, fail to discern his needs and wants.

Check out the mysterious facts and pick the most to impress your favorite man, whether online or offline.

1. Let him speak:

Men are good pretenders. They will never displease you if you ask them how you looked at his friend’s party or decide your favorite holiday destination instead of his’. Understand his mediocrity. Do not ask. Let him speak. Men don’t like clingy women. Inhale confidence, let him compliment you.


man complimenting woman


2. Enhance your profile:

I read somewhere that “Men don’t read profiles. They just check photos.” Men do read profiles and it’s not just about photographs. Intensify your skills. Because a profile consisting an enormous number of adjectives, hobbies, or self-praises barely attract an alpha man. On the other hand, an aesthetic profile with core adjectives, specifics, with the presence of humor will attract more quality men than the ones judging with photos.


woman's profile


3. Accept his flaws:

Do not be a complain box. He may love you as a woman but your lack of accepting his flaws and poking for every lock stock and barrel, nevertheless, will shun him off from you eventually.


woman complaining man
Source: Sheknow


4. Respect his needs:

Men love smart, strong, and successful women. They also want their needs to matter as well. Love isn’t a one-way street. Both the parties have to anticipate each other’s emotions. Men too want someone to take care of them, understand their needs, feed their egos, and complement their masculinity.



Source: ienglish


5. Peep up your brain:

Man gravitates towards confidence, self-awareness, intelligence, sex appeal, kindness, and specificity.  A woman’s beauty can be a variegated affair when teamed with a skillfully crafted brain. Instead of a girl with disguised attributes, a woman possessing these traits will win more hearts.


woman thinking
Source: Simplemost


6. Beauty rules the world:

Beauty provokes a different kind of radiance. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to own a very fair skin or be drop dead gorgeous. He doesn’t often judge beauty by the parameter of your skin color or the length of your skirt. Inner brightness attracts. But no, you do not look good with your obese stomach. Chubby is cute but being obese is unattractive and ugly. Ditch your daily dose of fast foods and groom yourself with a healthy diet and proper exercises.


fat Woman-eating-junk-food
Source: Fossils remedy


7. Build your personality:

You may be amused to know that men do look for certain traits in a woman, from physical appearance to inner aspects. They do notice your chapped fingernails, your worn-out shoes during a They do notice your mismatched color and choice of dress. In fact, they notice everything. Be careful while picking your choice (only if you want to impress him) and never forget to wear a good fragrance. Remember, men are attracted to good smells.


man checking a woman


8. Gulp some classiness and culture:

Men love classy and cultured women. While they may hang out with myriad numbers, they will take home only the finely stuffed ones. A half-nude dress may not excite him but a well- cultured lady with her behavior definitely will steal his heart.


classy woman
Source: Anne cohen


9. Tame your emotions:

Hate, revenge, reprisals, jealousy, envy, and selfishness often pushes a person down into the drain of degradation. Cultivate positivism. Be a lady of wits and wisdom than hatching evil plots to win them. Men love humorous women.


jealous woman
Source: Girls Gone Strong


10. Two to tango:

The two things man care about are- Are you sexy? Are you fun to be around? While women have a catalog of wants and needs about her dream man, men ask for two things. If they really want to sleep with you, or if they feel good about themselves when they are around you.


man thinking
Source: Pixels

Men do value intelligence and beauty but they also crave for certain things which they can’t get from their business associates- warmth, affection, and thoughtfulness. So, you know what to do next!


Best fashion picks your wardrobe needs this spring



With the hit of spring comes new purview and refreshed thoughts. And along with it arises a leading-edge approach toward the peppy trends in fashion.

It’s high time to shed those thick layers because spring has knocked. Give a makeover to the worn-out closet that struggled a rigid battle holding all the heavy-long cardigans, sweaters, coats and knee-high ugg boots.

Because spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party,” playing with its myriad hues- a mix of pastels, florals, and of course sequins will definitely dazzle up one’s wardrobe. The mix and match between winter and summer fashion can be curled up elegantly with long and flowing, tights, maxis, and oh! more flares, laces, and blacks according to one’s preferences.

Below are some of the handful of spring picks to spark up one’s collection.

1. The Tee Tale:

There is no any piece of clothing so comfy like a tee. Call winter, summer, autumn, or spring, a favorite tee will always rule a girl’s closet. A graphic printed tee, or with stripes teamed with a pair of denim or shorts is a perfect pick to loiter comfortably in the heat and sweat. Don’t leave behind your scarves or caps. Expect few undesired monsoon winds as it is the onset of spring.


Tee, top

2. Keep it high:

Keep your style and heels high. High slit ribbed dresses are the ones that fit every girl’s fashion needs. Deck up with knee-high boots and Bam! You are all ready to rule the spring scene.


High slit ribbed dresses, knee high boots
In Picture: Yashmin

3. Flare up the evenings:

Flared styles are back. Yay! Isn’t it a perfect idea to impress the evening aura with a pair of flared denim coupled with a bare midriff top? You can also try out sequin or a wild patterned top wear. Slip-on wedges or a peep-toe pair of heels for better compliments.


Flared jeans, midriff top
In Picture: Pranitaa Rai

4. Let it flow:

Allow the monsoon winds to flutter, ruffle, and tease you at its best. Light and flowing dresses accompanied by peep-toe pumps or gladiators are best-picks to stagger a sporty day and evenings as well.


long flowing dress, long dress

5. Shorts rule:

Shorts are legit one’s fancies. Whether secretly or aloud, shorts are every girls’ favorite and every man’s fantasy. Boyfriend shorts, casual shorts, Bermuda shorts, denim shorts, and short dresses never go out of fashion. Connect it with your favorite top and enhance the look with a pair of sneakers. Voila! You are all set to enthrall the season.


Shorts, short dress, sneakers
In Picture: Yashmin


Which of these outfits are you going to pick for your spring wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below.

Italian Artist Creates Improbable Art From Everyday Objects


These impossible, rather improbable photographs of an Italian artist would, nevertheless irk one, make them wonder, reconsider, or probably bewitch them to scroll for the next.

Artist and photographer, Giuseppe Colarusso’s bizarre series of artwork titled, Unlikely, depict off-the-wall envisions of his mind. He weaves fantastic, singular, and strange fictive in each of his art. His peculiar, rather curiously fabricated pieces would, beyond doubt, trigger inquisitiveness to its viewer.

As the artist says, he trusts each of his pictures and they would definitely influence one to stop, stare, and ideally, bring smile on one’s face. Oh! Obviously worth it right?

Check out some of his amazing arts.

unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso

Who needs this?unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


Giuseppe Colarusso Giuseppe Colarusso


Giuseppe Colarusso

Looks like a visual interpretation of Painful Death.

Giuseppe Colarusso

Can you imagine an ice candle?

unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso

Oh that’s an enormous penne.

unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso

Marry me?

unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso

Whaaaat!? 😮
unusual things, Giuseppe Colarusso


You can also check out rest of his works in his website.

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Massive mistakes people commit in a relationship


“A true relationship happens between two imperfect people who refuse to give up on the other.” But oftentimes, the two imperfect persons hold their partners’ imperfections with such high regard that they silt their relationship with ego, arguments, and misunderstandings. Healthy relationships are the ones where both the partners walk on parallel tracks, build healthy communication mediums, and importantly, listen to each other’s needs and nags.

Relationships are fragile subsistence that tend to breathe only when it is nurtured by both the partners. They seldom exist with one-way support. Below are some of the frivolous edges that people trespasses and in turn, deteriorate the beautiful bond:

1. Deteriorating the communication flow:

Lacking communication
Source: Pinterest

Most healthy bondings fail due of dearth of communication between couples, furthermore, exacerbating the string. Lack of which will pave new ways for doubts and misunderstandings.

2. Augmenting insecurities and doubts:

Angry couple
Source: Alldaychic

If you love them, trust them. If you feel that your partner is not worthy of your trust, let him/her go. Get rid of your obsession over them. But if your partner fits your shoe perfectly, STOP creating miseries with your foolish doubts. Because, A relationship that is built with doubts will fall apart, sooner or later.

3. Polishing flirting skills:

Man whistling while with girlfriend
Source: Shutterstock

No, don’t fuel your flirting skills with another man/woman. Those few minutes of your Tinder joy can devastate your partner’s dream of building a home with you.

4. Feeding wrath:

angry chennai express
Source: Magnamags

Because when there is anger, there is always pain underneath. An angry mind can never grasp things, instead, will dissipate the half-mold discussion. Hence holding the discourse to a peaceful state can yield positive outcomes.

5. Pricing possessiveness:

jealous woman better research
Source: Picquotes

Where there is love, there is possessiveness. Sometimes less, at times, more. Possessiveness is like a taste-maker. Too much can spoil the whole dish. However, understanding the pulled line in between can help in retaining the charms of a relationship.

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Glamor of the hills- Meghalaya


The morning beams that penetrated through the gauzy curtains interrupted my dreams. It was late morning when I woke up. Although I was never a morning person, hectic job schedule and demand to maintain punctuality in office compelled me to dispose off my late-night routine.

And thus, weekends became my savior. I would sleep my heart out, keeping myself aloof from all the earthly pleasures. I would always ward-off the plans for joining someone for coffee, hanging out for parties or shopping, or mingling for a weekend getaway with friends with my lame excuses.

Likewise, it was another weekend of my life. I made a cup of hot chocolate, and augmented the tempo of my newly bought JBL Bluetooth speakers. Life would have been such a comfortable bed without any responsibilities, I wondered, trying to warble the Spanish lyrics of Despacito.

The phone’s beep depressed the sound of the song.

“Pack your bags; we are leaving at 6 pm,” Prasanta texted.

And before could I write my excuse text, he interrupted with another one.

“Don’t take it as a request. Because I am not going to listen to any of your post- menstrual mood flicks. Get ready; I am coming to pick you in an hour. Biswajit and Sarvanu will join us too.”

It was around 6.30 in the evening when we headed to, well, we did not have a map to Cherrapunjee or Dawki, so Meghalaya would be precise.

Meghalaya, as they say, is all about floating in abode of clouds. As we waved goodbye to Guwahati, a dark night, stirred with a blanket of mist and grey glimpses enveloped us in no time. Although I had been to this peppy paradise before, the experiences are vastly different on each call. Remarkably, every time I pick a trip to this paradise, I grab a story along with me.

It was late November. The roads were inundated with fog. Visibility of the surrounding dimmed with each rotation of the car’s tires. A little later we realized how terribly the clouds had convoluted us.

Prasanta uttered, “When confusion strikes, go left!” Unable to decide which way to take, we decided to pick the road less traveled.

Prasanta, deciding which way to take.

It was late midnight, around 2 o’ clock. Subsequently, we got the picture of a grey blanket of fog that had covered us, completely. Even the white divider line that we were following, became indiscernible.

The fog became denser with each passing moment. After much contemplation, we grasped that there was no way to surpass the thick mantle as one could barely see the other person or object standing near them.

Biswajit stopped the car. Everyone got down. It was a No Human Land where the hills came alive with its giant spells.

The sight of an indistinct light at a distant, landed us to an eerie-looking house at the cliff of a majestic hill. Being an ardent fan of horror movies, stroked me to envisage how the house carried every trait of an eerie scene. Dimmed lights, indistinct chirps of birds, drops of water tripping at a vessel from the roof, four torn-out couches at the veranda, a dog loitering around and sniffing, reminded me of psycho killers of the Wrong Turn movies.

Anxiety started knocking us, brutally. Before long could we wait for any of us to get hit with a panic attack, we rushed to our car. Although it was difficult and risky to drive with such hazy visuals, nevertheless, Biswajit decided to take the risk as it was a better option than getting our heads chopped and bodies minced.

After driving for nearly three hours, we saw some lodges, lights, and heard voices of people working. That was a huge heave of sigh for all. Biswajit halted the car and we decided to rest our weary eyes for some time.

I woke up at Sarvanu’s boisterous voice, “Yaay! We are finally in Dawki.”

It was an absolute respite for all. While Biswajit and Prasanta yearned for few minutes of rest, Sarvanu decided to get tea for us.

Morning tea at Dawki

The latter part of the day followed with a series of amusing adventures, capturing breathtaking views, gobbling with traditional delicacies and street food, and more. This was one of my wildest adventurous trip that snarled in my memoir cozily, until date.

Below are some of the snaps from the rest of our journey.


Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Dawki meghalaya

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

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Check out these awestruck doodles by Kerby Rosanes


Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes, who mainly works with ink, fine lines and markers to illustrate his doodle world, considers his art as a personal hobby. Subsequently, his art became his part-time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs, international magazines, and online art communities.

In 2014, Kerby left his job as a graphic designer in order to pursue his passion for art. He started working on personal projects, as well as for clients, while at the same time also collaborated with other artists, global brands and design agencies around the world.

At the age of 25, Kerby had already published five books including The New York Times’ best-seller, Animorphia in 2015. The success of his books paved way for him to travel the world making art and appear on television shows like in BBC World News and ABC’s Good Morning America.

Take a stroll through some of his amazing skilled works of art:

1) This is known as the EXPEDITION

2) This one is called PERFORMANCE

3) This is RED

4) Here goes the GREEN MAN from mythomorphia

5) He named this BEYOND THE WAVES


7) Some more intricate multiliners

8) My gosh!

9) Oh wait, there are more

10) *Slow claps*

Besides being known for his splendid work, he is also recognized for his reflection of vibrancy in his art. You can check out more of his works at Kerby Rosanes

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