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Debunking the distorted tale of Namrata

Ever since the suicide news of a 13 YO girl, Namrata, from St. Mary’s School, Naharkatia (Assam), burst forth, it dispersed like a wildfire, became the buzz of every household and newsrooms. But amid the tumult and roars of camouflaged conspiracies, the real picture got overshadowed by its numerous sequels. Because sensationalism sells, the myriad media houses, instead of digging...

Transformative Power of Rare Chemistry’s Skincare Range

As “Rare” as it is! I am an absolute skin fanatic. More than just a hobby, it's a delightful obsession that fills me with contentment-- just like eating that perfect slice of pizza with the right amount of pepperoni and cheese. My bedtime ritual? A luxurious double cleansing session that lulls me to a deep rejuvenating sleep. Yes, I am...

Beans to Brews: Explore Coffee Lady’s World of Brewing Excellence

Coffee lady
In the heartland of Nagaland, a captivating aroma wafts through the air, drawing coffee lovers and curious souls alike to a place where coffee isn't just a beverage but a passionate journey curated by the Coffee Lady of Nagaland, Miss Atsi Jamir. Atsi, the brainchild behind this extraordinary coffee venture, embarked on her odyssey into the world of coffee in...

These Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Will Make the Modern Couple Feel Special

unique gift ideas
The best gifts are the ones that are bought with love! Your best friend or family member is getting married and you're struggling to find the perfect wedding gift. While traditional gifts like dinnerware and linens are always appreciated, can we just think outside the box and surprise the happy couple with a unique and personalized gift? In this post,...

Unique Gift Ideas That Will Blow Anyone’s Mind

gift box
It's that time of year again when people feel pressure to buy the perfect gift for their friends and family. While buying a gift seems like an undemanding task, like gifting your mom a cookbook, your dad a bottle of wine, or your sister some chocolates, it is actually the toughest thing to do. Particularly, if that person seems...

5 Significant Mens Street Fashion Trends for 2022

street fashion men
As we move further into 2022, it’s only natural to start looking ahead to the next year and what mens street fashion trends might be big then. And while we can’t say for certain what will happen in the world of fashion, we can take a look at some of the trends that have been bubbling under the surface...

Warning signs of suicide you should not ignore

In every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide, leading to over 800,000 suicides every year. Albeit every suicide is a personal tragedy, its effect on family, friends, and communities are far-reaching and devastating. As per World Health Organization (WHO), it is the second leading, yet preventable cause of death among 15-29-year-old globally. Despite the unprecedented increase in the number of...

Affordable Skincare Basics: A proven 28-day nighttime routine

Blue nectar, affordable skincare basics
Natural radiance is an important indicator of healthy skin. The skin’s natural radiance comes from the many layers that make up your epidermis and dermis, as well as the blood vessels underneath. However, factors like lack of adequate sleep, stress, aging, and even your diet may strip your skin of its brightness. Moreover, a hectic schedule, laziness, and not...

3 Ultimate Reasons Why Men Need a Skincare Routine

Man skincare, Men skincare routine
Here's a guy approaching you; he's dressed with just the right amount of casual and whimsy, has accessories that perfectly match his outfit, a style that would amaze anybody in a crowded room, and a charm that would fascinate any lady. He appeared a little scruffy, but that's okay. But hey! Wait! Those bags under his eyes resemble a...

How To Choose The Right Necklaces For Necklines

necklaces for necklies
One of the most important accessories in your wardrobe is a neckpiece. It can give you that extra bit of glamour, or just help you look more put together. But not all necklaces are created equal, and it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're trying to choose which neckpiece is right for you! Necklaces are a style staple, and...

The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase
You may have heard about the health benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases, but did you know that there are even more? Besides helping prevent wrinkles, sleeping on silk pillowcases can also improve your skin's hydration levels. Read on to learn more.  Wrinkle Prevention A silk pillowcase can do more than prevent wrinkles. Unlike traditional cotton pillowcases, silk does not create...