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Glamor of the hills- Meghalaya


The morning beams that penetrated through the gauzy curtains interrupted my dreams. It was late morning when I woke up. Although I was never a morning person, hectic job schedule and demand to maintain punctuality in office compelled me to dispose off my late-night routine.

And thus, weekends became my savior. I would sleep my heart out, keeping myself aloof from all the earthly pleasures. I would always ward-off the plans for joining someone for coffee, hanging out for parties or shopping, or mingling for a weekend getaway with friends with my lame excuses.

Likewise, it was another weekend of my life. I made a cup of hot chocolate, and augmented the tempo of my newly bought JBL Bluetooth speakers. Life would have been such a comfortable bed without any responsibilities, I wondered, trying to warble the Spanish lyrics of Despacito.

The phone’s beep depressed the sound of the song.

“Pack your bags; we are leaving at 6 pm,” Prasanta texted.

And before could I write my excuse text, he interrupted with another one.

“Don’t take it as a request. Because I am not going to listen to any of your post- menstrual mood flicks. Get ready; I am coming to pick you in an hour. Biswajit and Sarvanu will join us too.”

It was around 6.30 in the evening when we headed to, well, we did not have a map to Cherrapunjee or Dawki, so Meghalaya would be precise.

Meghalaya, as they say, is all about floating in abode of clouds. As we waved goodbye to Guwahati, a dark night, stirred with a blanket of mist and grey glimpses enveloped us in no time. Although I had been to this peppy paradise before, the experiences are vastly different on each call. Remarkably, every time I pick a trip to this paradise, I grab a story along with me.

It was late November. The roads were inundated with fog. Visibility of the surrounding dimmed with each rotation of the car’s tires. A little later we realized how terribly the clouds had convoluted us.

Prasanta uttered, “When confusion strikes, go left!” Unable to decide which way to take, we decided to pick the road less traveled.

Prasanta, deciding which way to take.

It was late midnight, around 2 o’ clock. Subsequently, we got the picture of a grey blanket of fog that had covered us, completely. Even the white divider line that we were following, became indiscernible.

The fog became denser with each passing moment. After much contemplation, we grasped that there was no way to surpass the thick mantle as one could barely see the other person or object standing near them.

Biswajit stopped the car. Everyone got down. It was a No Human Land where the hills came alive with its giant spells.

The sight of an indistinct light at a distant, landed us to an eerie-looking house at the cliff of a majestic hill. Being an ardent fan of horror movies, stroked me to envisage how the house carried every trait of an eerie scene. Dimmed lights, indistinct chirps of birds, drops of water tripping at a vessel from the roof, four torn-out couches at the veranda, a dog loitering around and sniffing, reminded me of psycho killers of the Wrong Turn movies.

Anxiety started knocking us, brutally. Before long could we wait for any of us to get hit with a panic attack, we rushed to our car. Although it was difficult and risky to drive with such hazy visuals, nevertheless, Biswajit decided to take the risk as it was a better option than getting our heads chopped and bodies minced.

After driving for nearly three hours, we saw some lodges, lights, and heard voices of people working. That was a huge heave of sigh for all. Biswajit halted the car and we decided to rest our weary eyes for some time.

I woke up at Sarvanu’s boisterous voice, “Yaay! We are finally in Dawki.”

It was an absolute respite for all. While Biswajit and Prasanta yearned for few minutes of rest, Sarvanu decided to get tea for us.

Morning tea at Dawki

The latter part of the day followed with a series of amusing adventures, capturing breathtaking views, gobbling with traditional delicacies and street food, and more. This was one of my wildest adventurous trip that snarled in my memoir cozily, until date.

Below are some of the snaps from the rest of our journey.


Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Dawki meghalaya

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

Meghalaya Dawki

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Coffee Lady’s Artistry of Peaberry Coffee


Affordable, Accessible & Available

Have you ever heard of the Peaberry coffee? It’s an exclusive and highly sought-after coffee that comes from a rare type of coffee bean that grows mostly in Africa, Latin America, and some parts of Asia. Recently, a brand called Coffeelady from Nagaland introduced its own version of Peaberry coffee, and it has been creating quite a stir in the coffee world.

Let’s take a closer look at Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee

• Body: Light-Medium
• Acidity: Tangy/Medium
• Aroma: Fruity with notes of peaches and grapefruit
• Aftertaste: A delightful sweetness reminiscent of candy

Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee stands out with its light-to-medium body, striking a delicate balance that brings out the best of its flavors. The tangy and medium acidity adds a lively and refreshing touch, making each sip an invigorating experience. The aroma of this coffee is delightful, featuring fruity notes of peaches and grapefruit that intertwine to create a vivid and lingering scent.

However, what truly sets Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee apart is its captivating aftertaste. It leaves behind a sweet and satisfying lingering sensation, reminiscent of indulging in your favorite childhood candy. This unique aftertaste is sure to keep you coming back for more, offering an added layer of enjoyment to your coffee experience.

Peaberry coffee, in general, is known for its distinct flavor profile. Unlike traditional coffee beans, where two halves develop inside the coffee cherry, the Peaberry is formed when only one bean grows, allowing it to absorb more nutrients and develop a richer taste.

Coffeelady has capitalized on these rare and distinctive beans to create their Peaberry coffee, resulting in a coffee that offers an exclusive and unparalleled flavor experience.
Moreover, nestled in the northeastern region of India, Nagaland boasts a favorable geographical location for growing exquisite coffee. With its hilly terrain, optimal altitude, and a climate characterized by cool winters and moderate summers, Nagaland provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Over the years, the region has emerged as a thriving coffee-growing region, known for producing high-quality beans of various types, including the sought-after Peaberry coffee. The unique combination of the region’s soil, climate, and diligent farming practices results in coffee with exceptional flavors and characteristics.

Peaberry coffee from Nagaland stands out even further, as it is cultivated from rare, single beans that encapsulate the concentrated essence of flavor within their distinct shape. This makes Peaberry coffee from Nagaland a truly remarkable and delightful choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a memorable and exquisite cup of coffee.

If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado who appreciates exploring new and extraordinary flavors, Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee is a must-try. With its harmonious combination of light-medium body, tangy acidity, fruity aroma with hints of peaches and grapefruit, and a sweet candy-like aftertaste, this coffee delivers a remarkable and unforgettable coffee experience.

To savor the exceptional taste of Coffeelady’s Peaberry coffee, you can DM Coffeelady on their Instagram page or call +91 9863931357.

Indulge in a cup of this exclusive brew and allow it to take you on a flavorful journey like no other.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the world of Peaberry coffee with Coffeelady – a truly remarkable discovery in the coffee industry!