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Meghalaya, Abode of clouds

“Free the heart, and the trapped luscious soul craving to wander, and fly in its majestic manner. Let it explore the wilderness. Love the world”

Traveling is something that I adore, more than my NAKED Palette, my favorite iPhone, my preferred red wine, and everything a girl cuddles in prized possession. Call it my obsession to deal with my past, or maybe a way to escape my anhedonia.

Traveling sparked new horizons to a dark era

I was in a relationship, a toxic bond for nine years. A phase of my life was perfectly under the shadows of violence, abuse, torment, and harassment. As my lucky stars aligned on a particular day, I managed to break free from that bondage.

Over the years and amid the clutter of life, lucky are those who find a partner like Prasanta. Beside loving me, he also lusts exploring new places. And that’s how I probed into places that I could even imagine in my wildest desires.

But fate had its own surprises. My anhedonia was getting worse, with each passing day. I would often envision some magical bewitchment in my life. Spells that would transit me into a lost kingdom filled with butterflies, skylarks, and wild lilies.

Dawn of the desires


It was early autumn. The cherry trees were beginning to bloom. Prasanta insisted to join him on a bike ride to Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya). I agreed. It takes four hours to reach Cherrapunjee from Guwahati.

He accelerated the gears of his Himalayan. In no time we were floating abode of clouds. Abode of my fantasy kingdom where the butterflies were smearing colors to the grey fog and the skylarks, accompanying the sole travelers in the deserted highway.

We stayed at a guesthouse in lower Cherrapunjee. The owner brought us some traditionally made pork fry and pork sausages that we hogged with rice and dal alongside.

real pork sausage

Next morning, I woke up at the sluicing sound at a distant. Sleepy-eyed, I toddled toward the back door and saw Prasanta waving at me. The air was inundated with fog. As I walked closer, the gushing sound was growing clear. And so was my curiosity.

After a 10 minutes walk amidst the thick long grasses, a breath-taking view broke my drowsiness. I stood there bedazzled (Ah! I am running short of adjectives). Had Wordsworth or Shakespeare been there instead of me, they would have filled pages of musings in their diaries.

Some things are inexplicable. So was that eye-soothing valley, thronged with wild lilies, and a dancing stream that swayed elegantly, sweeping the pebbles, trying to match rhythms with the butterflies.

waterfall meghalaya

As we rode back to the city that evening, I realized, I was inhaling feelings, of joy. I smiled glaring at the age-old tired hills.

“They are still romantic. Nah?”

Prasanta nodded.


Meghalaya, hills

Oh yes, to the world! To its vastness, to the enormous, and the colossal experiences that rejuvenate, thrills, and heals all the past bruises of the heart.

I, at last, found the key to that magic door. The wings never stayed calm since then. I travel, I listen to people’s stories, good, bad, ugly, grief-stricken, or whatsoever. Feeding my inquisitiveness to explore places made me a storyteller. I travel- to seek my existence, to capture stories, to learn, to depress stress, as a weekend escapade, and to breath happiness.

I travel for me.

Post Script:

The world loves stories. Thus Lufthansa, in an attempt to fulfill every travel enthusiast’s dream, gives a reason to love the world.

Check out the video to unwind yours.


A wonderland called Chandubi


Snuggled beneath the greens and blues is Chandubi, a cozy stillness defined by a countryside impression and accepted by folks who felt its majestic charm. Being accurate, it is one escape from the rowdy city Guwahati.

Not defined by the wild grumble of the vehicles but by the boisterous yet placid sound of the waterfalls, not by the yells of people on streets but by the chirps of the seasonal birds, not of spicy oil dipped foods but of pure traditionally potpourri prepared delicacies, not by selfish mindsets but by a welcoming attitude toward people- of known and visitors.

What enthralled me toward the Chandubi Jungle camp is “Jungle Camp.” I remember hearing about this place during my graduation days. A decade back or two, the place was progressively swinging. Now, it has become another weekend escapade for the city dwellers.

Regular feed about people checking in at this place would pop up. And that’s how my inquisitiveness toddled to adore this beauty.

What life looks like without technology

As I reach home late evening, an inquiry to reconnoiter their location knocked my text box. Added, an interaction day to celebrate with locale and the indigenous Rabha Hajong inhabitants residing there.

Can I say no?


People say the road via rani is least taken due to fear of wild elephant late night. Hence, a nod to the road via Mirza. I reached late. It was around 20:30 hrs. The phone signals were dead. Electricity too went out. After the initial conversation and allocating me a room, officials and workers in the guest house declared that the team had already reached the other end and I ought to cross the lake to join them.

A heavy shower had subsided. Another dark and cloudy night concealed the neighborhood. As I waited for the boatman to clear the logged water that had filled up his boat, a faint rhythm of flute traveled from the other end. Something soothing and unstained. He asked me to wait as it may be someone from the group who has returned.

I stood there, with a quickened heart rate, cursing my lazy gait. I could barely see the boat or the sailor; but the keenly composed tune engulfed me its aria, making me difficult to break free from its spell until it hit the thickly covered tall grasses.

Some barely distinct people walked toward me to convey that I spend my night at the lodge as there is suspicion of wild elephants invading the village.

A dinner to remember

My energy and strength ran to the drain after the three hours ride. I could barely move my limbs. Seeing the white- sheet- covered- bed was happiness, delighted yelled when the 4-inch AC glared at me from the corner of the room. And soon, I fall asleep, only to wake up at the knock on the door.

I picked my ceramic plate and approached toward the covered utensils. All of my favorites awaited to welcome me. There was pork cooked with elephant apple, fried dal, chickpeas chutney, pumpkin stir-fried, mashed potato, and another cuisine which they didn’t tell and that tasted magic.

Another adventure filled day 

Waking up early is indeed a mammoth task, especially for a forever sleep-deprived person like me. And snoozing the alarm has become a skill that I can add in my resume, without even looking at the phone.

But I woke up to surprise my alarm that next morning. The lodge looked deserted. The only living beings that opened eyes are the birds and the insects. I took the pathway that leads to the lake.

Mornings here are brimmed with liveliness. The world seems young and beautiful. Maybe, even the city looks beautiful in my darkest nightmares. How unfortunate of me to have not witnessed its majestic uncluttered mess.

The late morning had much to grab- a retreat for my deserted corner and a compassion for my anhedonia. Few 10kms from the jungle camp was a waterfall called Soloka Dare. As the jeep flange pass the narrow mucky lanes, Kaushik (Owner of the jungle camp) narrated few legendary tales from the village and that the village is inhabited by Christian locales mostly.

We parked the car at the untouched edges of a paddy field nearby. The sound of the waterfall accustomed us to meet the “much appraised” splendor of the village. And there she is, cascading in her own dramatic way with movements rarely noticed. Sometimes fiercely, at times graciously.

One might ditch his lover and surrender ages admiring her elegance, at times, taking her animosity. Decades passed since she has been gushing tirelessly, enticing her onlookers to want her more, in their wildest fancy. She is one such charm.

Sumptuous lunch at the other end of the lake

It was late afternoon. The boatman sailed us to the other end for lunch. It was one of those feasts one would pick up in every food gossips and discussions.

Chandubi is that one place “Where the grass is greener, Light is brighter, When friends surround, The nights become wonder.”

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Things To Do In Dubai 2019: Top Attractions And Activities


Written by Guest Author: Allen Walker

Dubai, an exotic destination with the world’s top luxury getaways is favorite among avid travelers. The city boasts a perfect balance between the new and the old, offering visitors plenty of attractions and activities to engage with.

Whether you want to spend the mornings sprawling along the Jumeirah Beach or shred the powder at the infamous Ski Dubai during the afternoons, the options are endless. Here we have also listed top attractions near to Arabian Ranches you can enjoy and it’s a one of the most famous communities in Dubai.

Read the top 5 attractions and activities in Dubai that you must not miss out on your next visit here.

  1. Burj Al Arab

Presenting pristine views of the Persian Gulf lying between the Palm Islands and the famous Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab is an architectural marvel that has been making waves since 1999 when it was first opened. The curved glass exterior shelters this uber-luxurious, world class hotel that’s one of the major attractions on the man-made island. World’s first 7-star hotel is home to the tallest atrium available today standing at almost 600 ft. Besides the beautiful architecture, there are some amazing amenities on offer including revolving beds – featured in some of the suites – and a helipad which definitely calls for a more luxury arrival than anything else.

  1. Dubai Mall

This gigantic mall takes pride in being the biggest shopping hub of the world where you can explore some amazing shopping opportunities at 1300-plus stores. In fact, even if you’re not willing to buy anything here, visiting the Dubai Mall will bring you some amazing opportunities for entertainment. Yes, the mall also houses a movie rink, some kids-friendly attractions, a movie theater, and an aquarium which houses lots of beautiful underwater creatures. Just outside this mall, you can experience world’s most beautiful Dubai Fountain where nightly shows are conducted and you can enjoy a hybrid of some eastern and western music.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

Take a stroll from the famous Burj Al Arab and you’ll explore some pristine white sand beaches at the Jumeirah. Enjoy a relaxing sun-bath lying on the lively shoreline of Dubai where bright sunrays will surely give you an amazing feel. And, if you have the love for water sports, it’s time you hit the turquoise and calm waters of Persian Gulf. The beach also gives access to children’s playground as well as some picnic and barbecue spots.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa remains on most travelers’ agenda when they visit Dubai even in 2019. Known popularly for being world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa offers a lot more than this under the belt. World’s tallest free-standing structure also hosts the world’s highest observation deck outdoors. Obviously, that makes for a perfect recipe for enjoying some stunning views of the Emirate’s shorelines and all the amazing landscaping that’s around.

  1. Bastakiya Quarter

Dubai is not just about its towering skyscrapers that are all concentrated into the Downtown Dubai. In fact, the modern city center is also home to Bastakiya Quarter, the historic district of the city. Formerly a fishing village, Bastakiya Quarter has been named after various Bastak traders who settled here somewhere in 19th century. The small neighborhood homes a popular outdoor café named “Arabian Tea House”. Besides, you can explore some art galleries here as well as masterpieces from international and local artists. There are also some restored buildings which you’d like to explore such as wind towers. Besides, Dubai Museum also gives you a look into the city’s history.

  1. Ski Dubai

If you love to explore the weirdest things in the world, you must visit “Ski Dubai.” Even in the months when it’s sizzling hot outside, this indoor Ski Resort allows you to have an amazing skiing experience on one of the 5 ski runs it houses. Besides, you can enjoy chairlift, freestyle snowboard zone, and there’s room for snowball fights and toboggan runs too.

So, if you’re planning to visit Dubai in 2019, make sure you don’t miss out on these top attractions and activities. It’s surely going to be an enthralling experience.

Things to do when you are in Guwahati


Every time someone plans a trip, Google stands as the ultimate guide to extract the essence of a place. But beneath the thick suggestions and plate full of recommendations, it often becomes a bemusing plight to settle with the final to-do list.

While some travel to explore the culture of a place, some travel to shop, to capture stories, for thrilling adventures, to experience the varied recipes, and more. From exploring culture and ethnicity to grabbing exclusive arts and artifacts, here is a complete guide list that one can pick for an all-around trip while in Guwahati.

  •  Of mythical essence

    Guwahati is more than Kamakhya temple and Kalakhetra. Straddled on both sides of the Brahmaputra, Guwahati possesses a trail of engaging events for its guests. Apart from witnessing the mystic Kamakhya temple visit, one can plan a visit to the Madan Kamdev temple located around Gorchuk. Known for its archaeological ruins, the place is surrounded by a number of sculptures and other related parts of the medieval era.

  •  For some cozy time amidst nature

    Take a stroll along Deepor Beel and capture the jovial birds chirping happiness. Chandubi is another fine spot to relish your spirit. About 56km from the city, Chandubi is an idyllic getaway to take a trip of the countryside breeze. Besides engaging in camping or indulging in ethnic cuisines, one can also take a stroll to the nearby village. (Quick tip: Get an inhabitant and ask him/her to guide you to the hills. It’s a fine trekking area as well.)

  • Where to hang out in the evening

    Evenings in Guwahati are packed with beverages, starters, and music to gear for the night. The city owns a number of beautifully crafted cafes like 11th Avenue, Mocha, The Corner Café, The Zouq, and Café Brew Bakes that will sure leave its guests jam-packed throughout the evening.

  • Specialty beverages

    Tea is not just a beverage but an emotion for Indians. And when it comes to visiting Assam, how can one check out without taking a reinvigorating sip of Assam tea? Guwahati has a number of tea stops that not only pour aromatic saga but also speak volumes about the intact of its flavors. 11th Avenue, Tea Story, and Kesariya Chaiwala has the best stories to tell its guests. Chaiwala galli of Fancy Bazaar is another essential stop one must not forget to check out during their visit.

  • Where to shop

    Guwahati offers a range of shopping corners as per one’s needs and preferences. Fancy Bazaar, the popular commercial hub of the city, offers one with a range of options to bargain. The quite-well-organized market has numerous crowded alleys that takes one to the wholesale stops of apparels, stationaries, footwears, handloom, brass utensils, fruits, and more. Additionally, Central mall, Pantaloons, Roodraksh, Sohum Shoppe, Sohum Emporia, and Hub on the other end, gives one the privilege to revel with the numerous brands.

  • Nightlife in Guwahati

    Guwahati brims with some of the coolest clubs, bars, and pubs. Café Hendrix, Terra Mayaa, Sanghai Salsa, Sura Vie, Bulls & Beers, Urban Mantra are some of the finest ones that not only entertain its visitors with great food and drinks but also with music of different genres. The only glitch that lies in this structure of Guwahati is that nightlife in Guwahati lasts only till 10 pm. So make sure to order sufficient before the counter gets closed.

  • Knock for flavors

    The number of ethnic restaurants dwelling here abounds with traditional flavors. For quick chicken or pork bites, one can opt for Raja Mircha and Gogoi Pork, while locating Naga food court, Heritage Khorikaa, Missing kitchen, and Manipuri Hotels for a heavy meal.

Location of the places:

  • 11th Avenue: Dighalipukhuri and Rajgarh
  • Mocha: Anil Plaza, Christian Basti
  • The Corner Café: Uzan Bazaar
  • The Zouq: Beltola
  • Café Brew Bakes: Six mile
  • Tea Story: Uzan Bazaar
  • Kesariya Chaiwala: Chandmari
  • Central mall: Christian Basti and Zoo Road
  • Pantaloons: Lachit Nagar, Adabari, Inside Roodraksh Mall, and Dispur
  • Roodraksh: Bhangagarh
  • Sohum Shoppe: Christian Basti
  • Sohum Emporia: ABC, G.S. Road
  • Hub: Bhangagarh
  • Café Hendrix: Dispur
  • Terra Mayaa: Anil Plaza, G.S. Road
  • Sanghai Salsa: Zoo-Narengi Road
  • Sura Vie: Bhangagarh
  • Bulls & Beers: G.S. Road
  • Urban Mantra: Khanapara
  • Raja Mircha: Both the outlets in Rukmini Gaon
  • Gogoi Pork: Dispur Supermarket
  • Naga Food court: Opposite to Panbazaar Police Station
  • Heritage Khorikaa: Goswami Service Station
  • Missing kitchen: Hengrabari Road,
  • Manipuri hotels: Ulubari. There are about 5-8 Manipuri rice hotels located in the Arya Hospital lane.

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12 Amazing Places of Northeast India you must visit


A treasure box of indigenous beauty, Northeast India is a paradise enveloped with
exotic scenic attraction, vibrant art, culture and tradition, historical significance, varied diversity, multiculturalism, and rich flora and fauna that have impeccably designed the region as an epicenter of pristine beauty. Moreover, the various tribes and communities dwelling with their traditional fables has made the region an enchanting hotspot of tourist attraction.

Exhilarating in all sense, Northeast India is an authentic reflection of Nature at its best experience that one shouldn’t dare to miss out. Let us gaze through some of the amazing scenic attraction of Northeast India:

1. Dzukhou and Japhu Valley:

Source: TNT

Northeast can be defined as a paradise on earth, unexplored and unconquered; and Nagaland is the gateway to that dream. Also known as the Valley of Flowers, the valley is shrouded with flowers, herbs, and shrubs that enhanced the vibrancy of its beauty to another level. If you are looking for some soothing balm for your eyes, take a stroll to this ethereal paradise.

2. Tawang:

The holiday India

Bordered by Tibet in the North and Bhutan in the South-West, Tawang is a land engulfed with mystery. The region is inhabited by the Monpa Tribe, who was one of the populous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The mesmerizing Gudpi and Chong-Chugmi ranges and the Tawang Chu River can leave its visitors awe in glee. Also, don’t forget to check-in at the Tawang monastery.

3. Yumthang:

Source: Tripadvisor

Located at a distance of 148 kilometers from Gangtok, Yumthang is a fascinating blend of flora and fauna bathing the valley with its hues. The gushing waterfalls and the gracefully flowing streams provide a breathtaking beauty to its landscape. Besides, the hot spring, located near the Yumthang River is a major tourist attraction.

4. Loktak Lake::

Source: NE Tourism

It is the world’s only floating national park located in Manipur. This enthralling lake is a lifeline for many people. Covering an area of 300 kilometers, the lake is a home to more than thousands of species of birds, animals and aquatic plants. Loktak is a paradise for bird watchers. Several species of birds like Jungle crow, Skylark, kingfisher, etc. can also be seen there.

5. Neermahal:

Source: Zoomnet

Neermahal, meaning the ‘Water Palace’ is a fairytale castle situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake, 53 kilometers from the capital city Agartala. The Lake Palace is divided into two parts, Andar Mahal on the west and an open theatre on the east, which is used for entertainment purposes like performing drama, theatre, dance etc.

6. Nathula Pass::

Source: India travel

Situated at 52kms from Gangtok, Nathula Pass was the trade route between India and Tibet through which the famous Silk Route used to operate until 1962. During winter, the pass is blocked by heavy snow. However, on the way to Nathula, there is a place called Thegu which has an ATM. This is known as the highest altitude ATM in the world which operates with a generator and a special fuel that does not freeze under any sort of extreme temperatures.

7. Majuli:

Source: Wikipedia

Majuli, meaning middle, is the largest riverine island in the world. The island is bounded by the Subansiri, Ranganodi, Dikrong, Dubla, Chici and Tuni rivers on the northwest and the Brahmaputra in the south and southwest. The island is also engulfed with numerous streams and lakes that offers its visitors a picturesque impression.

The assets of Majuli are,undoubtedly its satras. Satras are traditional centers for performing arts. Subsequently, Majuli has nearly 31 satras, some of which include, Auinati Satra, Dakshinpat Satra, Kamalabari Satra, Shamaguri Satra, Garamurh Satra, etc.

8. Dawki:

Source: Eccentric travels

A hidden paradise, Dawki is located in the Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. Dawki is a gateway to Bangladesh where the major transactions take place. 95 kilometers from Shillong, Dawki is a thrilling drive amidst the greens and grey.

9. Nohkalikai Falls:

Source: Travels pro

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls of India located in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. The waterfall cascade into a pool-like rocky base which is as blue as the sky during winter.

10. Pelling:

Source: Tour my india

Pelling, the small town located in the picturesque state of Sikkim, is an ideal destination for adventure lovers. The Khangchendzonga Festival, held every year, offers a host of adventure activities like mountain biking, promotional trekking, bird- watching, white-water rafting, kayaking, traditional sports, and sightseeing. Besides, the Pemayangtse Monastery, which features wall paintings, sculptures and a gold-plated statue of Guru Padsambhava are worth praising.

11. Kisama::

Source- -Nagaland tourism

The Kisama Heritage Village which was built entirely to preserve the Naga culture serves as the ‘Window to Nagaland.’ The reminiscence of the World War II Museum, Bamboo Heritage Hall, Bamboo Pavilion, etc. is worth capturing. Known for hoisting the annual Hornbill Festival, which is a 10-days long journey of culture and ethnicity, is a colorful festival that displays the rich projection of eccentric culture of the various Naga tribes.

12. Root Bridge:

Source- Wikipedia

Deep in the dense forests of Meghalaya, there are enthralling man-made wonders called Root- Bridges. Also known as the living root bridges of Meghalaya, these are one of those fascinating glimpses one can never resist without taking a picture. The root bridges take over fifteen years to become functional and are formed from the roots of the rubber tree. A special root bridge, known as the Double-Decker Root Bridge, that is located in Umshiang, is an ideal location for trekking. However, there are about 11 root bridges in Meghalaya. Some of them are Ummunoi Root Bridge, Umkar Root Bridge, Ritymmen Root Bridge, Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge, Mawsaw Root Bridge, Mawlynnong Living Root Bridge, etc.

Besides these thrilling locations, there is an endless list of unexplored places for the adventurous and wild wanderlusts. We shall disclose it in our upcoming articles.

5 Places To Visit in Vancouver, Right After Lockdown


Vancouver is such a beautiful place – the perfect mix of a busy, metropolis city as well as a scenic place of nature. I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life, and from time to time, I’m still in awe of the gorgeous sights I stumble upon.

Whether you’re looking for some places to explore in your own city, or are traveling by, here are five places you need to visit in Vancouver, BC after quarantine – from parks to cute shops and more!

Places to visit in Vancouver, Vancouver, travel photos, skyscrapers of Vancouver, view of Vancouver

Cute Cafes 

Whether you need a nice, calming place to work or a creative background for a photoshoot, these following cafes are absolutely great! I rated each workspace out of five and pricing, with $ being the lowest to $$$ as most expensive. 

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver
Mr. Mustache Tea and Dessert – 110-6125 Sussex Ave, Burnaby

Workspace: 5/5 – usually a tranquil space, however, it can get crowded on weekends! Bright, aesthetic, and roomy. 

Prices: $$ – medium pricing, however, in my opinion, the design in the cakes and the workspace is worth the pricing. This cafe has cute sweets – such as cakes in the shapes of bees and various flavors of drinks – from bubble tea to coffees. 

La Foret – 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, V5J 4B3 

Workspace: ⅗ – although very spacey, it is a trendy space so it’s always quite busy. It’s not the best workspace as it’s quite loud, but if you don’t mind putting in headphones or if you can work in a loud space, then you’re all set.

Prices: $$$ – quite pricey, but they have very unique food items (such as squid ink waffle, and tiramisu cake) and their plates are very filling!

Laurence and Chico Cafe833 Bute St, Vancouver, V6E 3Y4 

Workspace: ⅘ – It’s a very cool and bizarre place – you would think that you’ve stepped into a whole new world. Everything from the furniture to the drinks, it all brings an otherworldly vibe. It is quite busy, though, and to get good seating, you may have to make reservations. 

Prices: $$ – medium pricing, a great place to grab coffee with a friend!

Nature Parks

Are you someone who’s into a good hike topped off with calm and relaxing scenery? Here are some great places to check out!

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver, Travel in Vancouver, Parks in Vancouver,
Deep Cove – Vancouver

This is a challenging hike with tons of natural stairs, which will get your legs burning (in a good way, of course)! At the top, the view is incredible, perched on a rock with mountains and the lakes below. It truly feels like you’re on top of the world. 

Watershed Park – Delta

This is a very calming stroll through the woods, and the park is pretty big so you can take a long hike. There’s a bright sunny field in the middle of the park, it’s great for basking in the sun or letting your pet run free.

Central Park – Burnaby:

This is a super family-friendly place – a well-constructed hike in the forest with a lake in the middle! There used to be tons of little critters and animals in the forest, even today, you can glimpse tons of squirrels and chipmunks!


If you’re someone who enjoys browsing through stores, here are some big malls throughout the greater Vancouver area.

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver, Places to visit in Vancouver, shop in Vancouver, Malls in Vancouver
  • Metrotown – Burnaby
  • Guildford Mall – Surrey
  • Richmond Center – Richmond
  • Pacific Center – Downtown
  • New Westminster Skytrain Station Area – tons of stores to browse, one after the next – outfit stores, thrift stores, local businesses, etc.

Places To Eat

Here are some yummy eats, rated with price and taste.

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver, places to eat in Vancouver
Jinya Ramen (541 Robson St, Vancouver, V6B 1A6)- $$$

Pricey but very delicious, often has a long wait time so make sure you make some reservations in advance!

Tako (601 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, V6B 0J5) – $

Mexican and Korean food mix, very unique but amazing taste. They offer tacos, burritos, bibimbop bowls as well as poutines. 

Sushi & Roll (10241 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W6) – $

great prices for how much food is served. for example, a big bowl of ramen is only around $6-7, which is insane as most ramen places are $10-20!

Authentic and local places

If you love browsing local stores and little businesses that support greater causes, here are some places to check out.

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver, authentic and local places in Vancouver
New West Riverside Market

Individual shop owners such as jewelry, skincare, and gelato. Also, Angelina’s Dutch Corner (810 Quayside Drive Unit 122, V3M 6B9) is a great place to stop by for brunch! Their waffles and crepes are so delicious and filling.

Cat cafe

(2035-88 Pender St W International Village Mall, Vancouver V6B 6N9) – all the cats can be adopted, you can make a $10 reservation for one hour to play with the cats and purchase merch! I paid a visit there with my friend a while back, the cats were adorable and the building is very high up and open. I loved the experience!

Vancouver, cafes in Vancouver
School fairs

With school carnivals and fundraisers at the end of the year, there are great opportunities to support local grads and revisit fun childhood memories! Look out for posters around your neighborhood/coffee shops to see what events local schools are hosting. 

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for things to do and places to visit in Vancouver. If you ever go to any of these places, I’d love to connect with you and hear about your experience!

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Karen Chen from Rosethorns and Honeydew. Karen is an aspiring author from beautiful BC, Canada, and her purpose is to help her readers achieve success in their academics, self-love, and creating a productive lifestyle. She also documents her life through her YouTube channel, which you can find here.

You can find Karen here:

17 Unusual Things to Do In Dubai | Guest Post       


Craving for your next adventure? Tired of doing the same old things? Want to try something different, something unusual? How about hitting the kingdom of sand, opulence, and adventure – Uh! Dubai?

If you want to try out something offbeat, Dubai has its doors open to tease your odd taste buds. So pack your bags and head over to Dubai. Oh hey, let’s check out the unusual things this fabulous city has in store for the wanderlust in you.

  1. Frost Away At The Chillout Lounge

In Dubai, temperatures of 41°C (105 °F) are quite common. Beat the heat by chilling out at the Chillout Lounge, built entirely from ice. Here you can cool down in temperatures of -6 °C (42 °F). Don’t worry, they’ll give all the thermals and winter wear you need while you sip your hot cocoa.

  1. Get Some Gold On

Pamper yourself with a facial treatment using 24 k gold leaf at any leading spa in Dubai. Yes, you’ll have real, pure, yellow gold on your face. Don’t worry, you’re worth it. This is one of the most unusual things to do in Dubai.

  1. Go Global

Between November and April, be sure to visit Global Village which has kiosks representing over 30 countries. It’s literally like visiting every country on the map. You can shop, dine, and check out cultural performances from around the world.

  1. Bathe In Goat’s Milk

Want to be Cleopatra? Bathe in pure goat’s milk at a special Jacuzzi at the Talisse Ottoman Spa. You’ll feel just like the Queen of the Nile after an hour or so.

  1. Go Fly-boarding

If you like waters ports, then try fly-boarding over the Persian Gulf. It’s all about flying high above the water, lying on a board that’s suspended on a hose connected to a boat.

  1. Defy Gravity

Head to iFly Dubai and experience one of the very first double vertical wind tunnels in the world. You’ll be floating inches and feet above the ground, defying gravity, while the wind power keeps pushing you further up.

  1. Skiing In The Desert

Ski Dubai, located in the Emirates Mall, is a 22,500 square meter indoor ski resort with ski slopes, penguin parks, toboggan slopes and more. Roll down a snow-covered hill while within a giant plastic hamster ball in Ski Dubai just for the heck of it.

  1. Jump On A Natural Rollercoaster

Sign up for a desert safari and go dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4×4. Ride the dunes as you search for that elusive treasure. Up and down you go, and up and down you go till you can barely stand.

  1. Go Formula 1!

Love Michael Schumacher? Put on your F1 helmet and speed around other super cars at Dubai’s Dream Racing, with other professionals screeching around. You’ll be driving a car that’s worth more than your house and having the time of your life!

  1. Wanna Eat Gold?

Love ice cream? How about gold ice cream? For $800 USD, you can enjoy a scoop of the decadent vanilla sundae with Iranian saffron and rare black Italian truffles. The best? The shavings of pure 24-carat gold on top of your ice-cream sundae.

  1. Ride A Camel

Riding a camel is not like riding a horse. But don’t take our word for it. Ride a camel in Dubai’s desert, or join a game of camel polo. You’ll love the cantankerous creatures with their drooling and snorting. Just stay away from those big teeth – they’ll chew anything!

  1. Try Some Russian Cabaret At Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky is an all-singing, all-dancing Russian club at Byblos Hotel in Dubai Marina. When you enter, you’ll be departing the Middle East for Russia in a sweep. Enjoy the traditional Russian food, the doo-wop dancing, and the retro disco lighting.

  1. Stay Underwater

Spend a night at the famous underwater suite At the Atlantis The Palm. Don’t sleep– just watch the over 65,000 marine species in the Ambassador Lagoon through your one-way glass windows.

  1. Sleep In The Highest Room In The World

The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel offers the highest room in the world, at 300 meters off the ground. There are four sumptuous suites on the 69th floor, so be sure to book in advance.

  1. Get To The Cirque Du Soir

Party with dwarves, jugglers, fire breathers, aerial artists, and funny people painted in weird colors. It’s Dubai’s fabulous answer to the Moulin Rouge at Fairmont Dubai.

  1. Check Out Some 6D Cinema

Visit Oasis Centre’s dinosaur-themed ‘6D’ cinema for a sensory experience at movie-watching. Watch 3D movies complete with wind effects, moving seats and other 3D sensory effects.

  1. Eat Three Base Pizza

Why be satisfied with a single base when you can have three? South African pizza chain Debonair’s offers a decadent triple-decker pie. Be sure to try the Chicken Triple-Decker with chicken, three kinds of cheese, sweet chili sauce and much more.

As you can see, Dubai is the capital of all things magnificent and all things wacky. When in Dubai, you’ll never tire of unusual and totally weird things to do. If you get tired of the usual sights and attractions, try out some of the items we’ve listed.

About the author: An avid trekker, explorer and a true foodie; Neha Singh finds happiness in small endeavours of life and loves to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”, Neha lives every moment to the fullest.